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The Arcturians - who is this guys?

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ChestbursterMember666 XPJan-06-2018 7:31 AM

Some information:
1) From Aliens we know what their gender doesn't matter.
2) From AvP: Rage Wars book series we know what they are "finally lost human traits".
3) From the River of Pain, we know what Weyland-Yutani have trading with the Arcturians. And what the Arcturians is alien race.
4) Maybe in the Sea of Sorrow book I read about the Arcturians, but I do not remember.

Ok. That's all information what I have.

My conclusions?
1) In Aliens I thought that it was a joke. Arcturians are humans. Maybe transgender.
2) In Rage Wars I thought that they was be mutated. Too much. But still humans.
3) In RoP clearly says what the Arcturians is alien race. And more - civilization (because they can trade).

Too much conflicting information.


Alien fans - if you know anything about this mysterious race, please - share this: knowledge, links, images, sites, about this race. In the Alien context, of course. Because the name "the Arcturians" is so much banal in Sci-Fi.

p.s. Sorry my bad English, but I hope - you understand me.

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OvomorphMember40 XPMar-20-2018 10:54 AM

I was disappointed that the Aliens: Bug Hunt book did not even reference them.


DeaconMember10416 XPMay-22-2019 4:00 PM

I missed this Topic, so its interesting to bring up.

I think this is also a case of how we dont have to have the Franchise Centered around Xenomorphs...

If Disney did a TV Series we could explore the Arcturians, i have not and do-not really read the Expanded Novels so cant really speak about them.

From ALIENS it was quite Ambiguous, it could have been that this was a Colony of Humans that is a World thats some kind of Get Away Break for Humans a kind of Relaxation/Holiday Resort and a Pleasure Planet if you would like say RISA is in the Star Trek Franchise.

But on the other hand we could Ponder if it was a actual different Alien Humanoid Species/World.  It remained very Ambiguous were we could ponder  why SEX did not matter for Frost as far as Arcturian Poontang

This must indicate the Species are Very Attractive and Sexually very Satisfying that its easy to mistake a Male and Female or that Frost was so under the Influence of Substances/Alcohol that he failed to realize.

It seems that the indication is they are a Separate Species and it would be interesting to explore them, and see WHY such a mistake could be made, maybe their is something Aesthetically that can cause a Mix-up?  Or Frost was Drunk or simply Bi-Sexual, we just dont know for sure.

Maybe its a Question for James Cameron ;)  Maybe they are what became his Navi from Avatar lol

Joke aside, it would be interesting to see what they was like, in context to away from Alien... Arcturians are seen by some as a Alien Species from the Arcturus Star System some 36+ Light Years from Earth, that appear to be described as being Blue in Color.  (of course their is No 100% Proof of this Species much like the Alien Greys)

So it would be interesting to wonder how they could have looked, and maybe it could be that BOTH species are Similar, we cant assume EVERY Humanoid Race would be like us, we cant for example assume every Alien Race would Give Birth and Raise their Young like Mammals and so maybe they DONT have Breast?  Maybe Both Male/Female have Breast so they could Share Breast Feeding Duties?

The Arcturian Poontang comment would imply their Species are visited for Sexual Pleasure so we have to ask WHY bother when there are Human Females.

So this can allow us to Imagine the Biology of such a Species, i had a IDEA a while back how to explore this Species and WHY they would have relations with Humans.  But maybe this would have been a bit complicated.

Looking into this Alien Wiki Page Xenopedia Arcturian a which i have only just checked out, i assume this is from the Novels Sources and it just sounds like a Cameron's Alien Queen meets Avatar Navi.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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