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The Good, Bad and Ugly:  My AC thoughts after watching (SPOILERS)

The Good, Bad and Ugly: My AC thoughts after watching (SPOILERS)

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FacehuggerMember320 XPMay-20-2017 11:39 AM

Oh yay another fan review ;) I know, but where else could I do this?! I'm literally just back from the cinema and have been dying to get into this since it was Premiered so . . .

The good:  Visually stunning!  I expected nothing less but it looked gorgeous.  Top marks, Ridley & Co.  Acting was good and despite how other fans see it I thought the crew's actions, in the main, were fairly believable - I put a lot down to shock, fear etc - who knows how we'd act in that situation.  Didn't feel I had to suspend disbelief any more than usual as it was consistent.

Fassbender was excellent and I liked how his 'emotional' dysfunction was portrayed; quite surprising, actually!  Shaw and Tennessee were also pretty good, as was Bichir.

I liked how they set it up:  I was concerned that the crews discovery of Paradise would be a bit of a hack job but I thought they did it well.  A lot of ambiguity for us as the viewer but enough of a reason for the crew to investigate, given what had just happened.  Franco's fate was also quite surprising, and for me, probably the most horrific part of the film 

I also liked the new aliens and the teasing glimpses we got of the culture on Paradise.

Bad:  Well, bad's a bit strong but like many fans it seems I thought more could, and probably should, have been covered regarding the engineer culture, Shaw's fate and David's attempts at gardening.  I think this will be covered in the next film though (bloody well hope so . . .)

The pace was good, similar to Prom, but I felt it would have benefited from slowing towards the middle to flesh out the points I mention above, even if just a little.

I also thought the bursting scenes could have been more graphic, there I've said it.  I thought they were good, don't get me wrong, but if your aim is to make a body shock film then crank it right up to 11 for me - I'd say it was about 8 - 9 ;) 

Ugly:  Not a lot but some of the CGI wasn't great (one Protomorph scene in particular) but it never seems that great to me so a minor quibble, really

Summary:  It pretty much did what I expected; deliver huge creature feature 'shocks' (fan boy service), a fast paced thriller that sets up the next film(s) nicely.


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FacehuggerMember380 XPMay-20-2017 12:36 PM

It moved similarly to Alien in the beginning and when the first attacks happened; that pace should have kept going (like Black Hawk Down) but Ridley put it to sleep in the middle and the third act was gratuitous homage to Alien.  Which the original Alien and Aliens did much better in the final act.  Even Alien 3 until her suicide.

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