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Space Jeebus!

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Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPJul-23-2013 6:11 PM

I've recently been thinking about engineer Jeebus

The poster was good though!


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Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPJul-23-2013 6:14 PMSorry for the poor image quality. Cheap camera.

The poster was good though!


Major Noob

OvomorphMember0 XPJul-23-2013 6:54 PMWell the image quality is sufficient to know that YOU ROCK.

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPJul-23-2013 6:57 PMHahaha! Thanx my friend!

The poster was good though!



OvomorphMember1 XPJul-23-2013 9:44 PMIts a good picture really neat how you were able to use the Engineer aspects with Biblical history like his long flowing hair. I do believe Ridley said in last quote that the 2,000 years prior to LV223 wasnt going to be about that particular part of our history. Ridley said he was gonna leave it out but people seem to be drawn (pun not indended) to it. To me its difficult because I am man with faith but for me I am more spiritual and I know that all religions no matter how similar they are, man made set of rules.

The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno

Cerulean Blue

FacehuggerMember446 XPJul-25-2013 8:58 AMI love it!


DeaconMember10416 XPJul-25-2013 10:16 AMNice Image... Very Well done... @Anunnaki50 Yeah Ridley is hinting that route now but he did suggest that something we did 2000 years ago to a Emissary they sent down to Earth got the Engineers upset and was the last Straw... And that in those Roman Empire days mankind had been doing all sorts of things that did not settle well with the Engineers.... He has a habit of making contradictory comments about this franchise, i usually just ignore his comments and make my own mind via the evidences we see on screen... lol

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


PraetorianMember2674 XPJul-26-2013 3:27 PMHell yes, I like it..........SUPERB!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

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