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Prometheus “Black Goo” Infographic!

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MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 1:53 AM
20th Century Fox has released a new infographic viral piece today via their Facebook page. The graphic is designed to inform about the chemical A0-3959x.91 – 15. Aka the black goo in Prometheus. [img][/img] “In researching the aftermath of Project Prometheus, Weyland Industries managed to uncover an information manual written by the Engineers concerning a chemical agent found by the Prometheus crew. Linguistic components from the original document translated by a Weyland Industries’ cybernetic individual.“
22 Replies


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 1:57 AM
Hmmm hopefully we can get some official intel on the black goo from that

Stay Frosty

MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 2:45 AM
Can you put up a bigger pic?


MemberPraetorianOct-10-2012 3:42 AM
Very interesting! Thanks Shambs.


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MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 5:01 AM

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 5:16 AM
Here you guys and gals: Follow the link below this image, to get a closer look at this wonderful infograph [img][/img] [url=]Click to zoom in[/url]


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 5:39 AM
The Inhalation effects are interesting... David said it wasn't the air that infected Holloway, so why are they (Fox) giving us data on inhalation effects. We didn't even know it could be inhaled. Seems even stranger because It sounds more like the morphing effects that Fifield experiences. So did the black liquid get in his lungs somehow?? Was Fifield inhaling more than cosmic chronic? I don't get exactly why they're talking about that kind of infection data. So when Fifield goes down he gets the black liquid in his lungs? Or is this something different but similar to how Fifield got infected. When you look at the effects it really seems like it's talking about Fifield.

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 5:51 AM
Fifield inhaled the liquid. Holloway ingested it.


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 5:52 AM
Also interesting that this cybernetic individual D939.1WEY was only able to interpolate 61.2% of the data and there's an accuracy score given. Does this mean some things have been improperly translated, or is there just data that's been left out. At the bottom it says data analysis incomplete, i'm leaning towards the latter but could be a little of both. They translated it to the best of their ability and got all the info they could out of it. So maybe there was no info on the way Fifield got morphed and the Engineers sometimes use an inhalant form of it? I'm loving this thing. Why D939.1WEY? Is this a David? Which David is this? I'm assuming it could be a David because it starts with a D, but it also says classified Edit: yeah he must have inhaled it during that scene somehow.

Oneironaut 717

MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 6:08 AM
It could be new David model, as we had David 8 in the film.


MemberDeaconOct-10-2012 7:57 AM
I would not even take this information with a pinch of salt, even though its from Fox, as they made errors in the location of LV 223 the Star Map and relation to Zeta Reticuli. Lets look what they are saying, this chemical can be inhaled, ok so why did we not see other crew have any effects? Fifield fell face down into the Black Goo while his mask was melting thus the substance would have reacted with the acid and burnt into his skin. Not inhale. This says when ingested the Goo breaks down the victim which then means that was what was happening with Holloway, which is what happened to the Sacrificial Engineer but much faster... maybe due to the increased dosage he took. But then how come life on Earth has no Xeno DNA, yet Holloway passed it to Shaw, the Worms or Eels became mutated with Xeno DNA and Fifield? It also says they must be stored up right and apart from each other..... so does that mean that the Urns on the Juggernaut in the Cargo Hold were Empty? As they was stored touching each other and some on their sides. Again none of it adds up logically at all.... Never mind if Weyland found this evidence then surely they could go to LV 223 to investigate and thus why send the Nostromo to LV 426 and why have they not come across or so it appears in Alien/Aliens any similar Bio Weapons until Alien?

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MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 9:11 AM
Could the liquid that the engineer ingested at the beginning be a different variation of the goo, I mean wouldn't he have began to mutate? I don't believe quantity has anything to do with breaking the subject down. Perhaps the engineers have goo for weaponry and for seeding which is why humans carry no Xeno DNA. Xeno DNA is only used as a weapon as it was breed to absorb foreign DNA in any life form it comes into contact with and spread like a cancer until the host species is wiped out. But Xeno DNA will continue to carry all foreign DNA it has picked up along its evolution. So I don't believe that The engineer drank the same substance at the start, although I maybe wrong.


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 10:20 AM
Big Dave, it's all a real mess, isn't it.
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Cerulean Blue

MemberFacehuggerOct-10-2012 11:48 AM
Is Xeno DNA the same as ours?

Major Noob

MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 12:21 PM
@ Custodian: its not a mess! Fox is trying to entertain you. Clearly Fox they underestimate the skepticism and scrutiny of their audience. Maybe there are different types of goo. I should think anyone in possession of such a substance and with the ability to manipulate it would ultimately attempt to tailor its function to various applications, as it seems unlikely it would just know what you want. Or maybe it does. Or maybe it decides for itself? Maybe Weyland is incorrect about certain characteristics of the goo and its storage. That would stand to reason, yes? Maybe this somehow ties in to the sequel. Maybe it's just for fun ( that it is) Maybe Fox is trying to hold our interest. One thing is certain: it's a fictional substance.


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 2:17 PM
M.N., ah, that old devil called 'consistency' again., eh? LOL well, at least PARADISE node has opened on aka 10.11.12
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MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 3:56 PM
realmente sería una pena si el black goo resulta ser un arma biológica, algo sin sentido alguno! ( caca de toro ) cueek!


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 4:46 PM
I really think the black goo is not the same material that we see in the beginning of the film. The engineers in the beginning of the film are look human like us. They were our fathers and were responsible for the creation of man. I think the website below is the back story (in a way) that explains what the engineers were doing and what was in the cup. Ridley Scott may have borrowed this idea from the Mesopotamian myth. Being Gods, over time, some of the engineers altered what was in the cup because they are engineers, and engineers love to change things. All the engineers were killed in the pyramid by someone or something. I believe the engineers have been in the process of creating an ultimate being when they created man. We were part of the experiment, and earth was the petri dish. That maybe explains why the engineers in the pyramid are a hybrid of the original engineers. For some reason they wanted us DEAD. Either somebody or some thing got between the engineers and their want to kill us, or their BIG plan took a nosedive because of a mistake at the plant.. Either way, the black goo, and Shaw had a baby. That baby and the last engineer had a baby, and that baby sure looks like what is on the mural in the pyramid. I guess we need to go to Paradise to find out what happens next....this is fun


MemberOvomorphOct-10-2012 8:21 PM
so the diagrams show that they have tested the substance on a planet?


MemberOvomorphOct-11-2012 9:11 AM
is highly contradictory information (I do not remember that worms had died after having been in direct contact with the organic fluid Black) It would really be a shame if this turns out to be a biological weapon, I expected something more original, more authentic. Well if this is the information, it is certain that what you drank the first engineer in the beginning of the story, I'm sure! is not the same as what is in the pots! . Crazy ideas, misinformation, Well I guess you have to wait for the story to continue! Paradise!


MemberOvomorphOct-11-2012 11:18 AM
Hey Mr L ...un poco de comprensión de lectura... y de paso me puedes explicar ¿En que lugar de el post dice que el Black Goo de las urnas es el mismo que en el de el inicio? De hecho no recuerdo haber visto que alguien de los personajes de la pelicula saque esas conclusiones (sera por que aquello ocurrió hace millones de años tal vez? LOL). Por otro lado, y ya que es posible de que sean diferentes, no me parece tan descabellado que las urnas sean armas biológicas. Osea después de ver los resultados ¿Que mas podrían ser? Lo siento...pero la mística de [url=]"El árbol de la vida y del conocimiento"[/url] es una total [url=]Pareidolia[/url] de tu parte. [img][/img] Sin embargo es una idea interesante para el primer tipo de liquido y el cual es un gran misterio por ahora...pero no deja de ser pareidolia hasta que no sepamos mas de ello. Saludos :)


MemberOvomorphOct-11-2012 11:54 AM
and TY for the zoom @Oneironaut 717, That helped a lot :)


MemberXenomorphOct-15-2012 2:41 PM
Shambs thanks you so much for posting !!!!! its really apreaciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if it is airborne also then there is the possibility the engineers wear the suits as a way to prevent from getting infected ? then shaw was infected and from the data provided it is clear that the infection from inhalation takes a lot longer then ingesting. so whats my point ? was david lying right from the start or did he really not know that it was airborne ? also might shaw have injected herself with antibiotics ? might this also explain why they were both "horny" ? they had sex and her ovaries were healed ? and she got pregnant because she was jnfected but after removing cuddles might she have injected herself with antibiotics that killed the virus or AT LEAST slowed it down ? might that be the reason shaw was healing so fast from the c section ? some little bit of the virus that changed her genes maybe made her stronger and faster and then after she injected herself (i am assuming with antibiotics and painkillers) it killed the virus but she remained stronger? maybe thats why she was able to jump like an athlete from one moving plate to the next ?? what was the time span from them getting into the ampule room to the time everyone was dead ? i dont think it was more than 30 to 36 hours ? but ford showed no signs of infection at any stage. i dunno......
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