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Alien Mural - amazing detail

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MemberOvomorphJun-23-2012 2:34 AM
exactly: [img][/img] my question is, "What does the rest of the mural, resolve?" :) and that little EGG theme at the top of the mural reminds ME of the egg theme in the artwork of A ANdrew Gonzales, an artist I've always considered the anti-thesis to HR Giger's work. [img][/img] for me, this is how a FEMALE CREATOR might be depicted in PARADISE.
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14 Replies


MemberOvomorphJun-26-2012 12:44 AM
CBT thanks - that's the detail that was missing from earlier threads on this door, having now looked at both of them. :)
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Co-AdminMemberOvomorphJun-23-2012 3:07 AM
Used the search option, first one that showed up, was Alien Life cycle and Original Facehugger on Mural ^^ what Shaw said... [url=]Your text to link here...[/url]
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MemberOvomorphJun-23-2012 2:39 AM
Gah, fine, I did the 'search' before posting, found two threads, not this one. Ah, well. :)
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MemberOvomorphJun-23-2012 2:37 AM
please view [url=]this thread[/url] for more on this topic! moving to media section...


MemberOvomorphJun-23-2012 4:56 AM
That would be an inspirational mural FreePlanet [img][/img] Just like I would imagine the Queen Mother to be... full of grace and power. Thanks for sharing. [img][/img]


MemberOvomorphJun-23-2012 5:54 AM
Interesting detail in both lower corners where u can see facehuggers Impregnating humanoid host! the face of the host is not really facehugged but u can see The sting leading into the mouth Of the humanoid hosts. too bad it could not be seen In the movie.


MemberOvomorphJun-27-2012 4:51 AM
Patch, I think the FEMALE ENGINEERS really should be the antithesis of the Alien-grey-hooded AND the hairless muscular part-morphed Pilot/Engineers we've seen thus far. Have a look at my [url=]Prometheus 2 - Mother Nature[/url] thread for more on my thoughts of where this (visually) should/might go. I want to see a connection between the BLACK GOO and the eyes of those Female Engineers 'tears of Olympus?' is where my X-files-trained mind is going... look, if Lindelof is attached to Paradise, that's where his mind'll go, too. He (like me) can't help our PROGRAMMING. :)
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MemberOvomorphOct-07-2012 3:28 PM
Bump!! Thank you for introducing this artist, OP. Thank you!!


MemberOvomorphOct-07-2012 3:30 PM
Ah, I don't believe in the 'queen mother' baloney. I just believe Ridley Scott has ideas that's going to turn all of our heads inside out and around.


MemberOvomorphOct-07-2012 5:53 PM
Do u believe we may see a King Alien then like I've been hinting? So far we've come to see that the characters are almost finding the opposite of what they're looking for. Weyland wants eternal life-- they find the bio-weapons: "full of only death". They expect to meet gods-- and they find human-like beings who may be better to compare to fallen angels. Shaw thinks it's an invitation and some of us initially thought warning-- when really it seems like more of a trap, a deception. People were expecting LV 426 and the Alien-- but what we got was LV-223 and the Deacon. People were expecting the original jockeys' story and a direct prequel, but what we got was a parallel story. One that occurs before but isn't a direct prequel. And it's about different Jockeys. Ridley has hinted Paradise isn't what it sounds like. Are you seeing the patterns I'm seeing? Finding the opposite of what we're expecting on multiple levels. And seeing things that are slightly different, or reversals of what we were expecting. Reusing familiar images and concepts but turning to new ideas and turning the old ruling ideas on their "head" as you said. People who are expecting to see a Queen Alien and the eggs emerge may only see a new type of morphing + what will come to be known as a King Alien... There are no females so far in the Engineer' culture and their biology indicates the genetic/biochemical influence of the x chromosomes all males have may have been altered. Thus they have no nipples and are extra male. Higher levels of testosterone etc. Now the Alien genetics inherit some of the characteristics of what they burst out of. So we have the morphed sperm cell (male side), then a morphed infertile egg on the partially female side-- because the Sperm/Black liquid does the reanimating and morphing of the egg. It most likely destroys and recreates it... Therefore when the Trilobite hugs the Engineer the Deacon is picking up even more of a male influence that's been genetically designed to supress the female side. It picks this up along with the size characteristics and sticks mainly to a morphing based side of the life-cycle used when Queens, eggs, and a hive are not present. I'm strongly suggesting this all ties into Weyland's preference for a son + Vickers not being allowed to lead the company and dying, the fact all the Davids are male, and the king themes themselves. A king has his reign.


MemberOvomorphOct-07-2012 10:23 PM
'King alien'??? 'Queen alien'???? Good grief. Everyone has been trying to guess and TOTALLY FAIL what Prometheus would be about before the trailers and (reliable) spoiler information broke out the real details.


MemberOvomorphNov-14-2012 9:14 AM
difficult to separate the image forms from what represents background swirly/goo but under her? arms theres and odd symmetrical curved shape could it be.... lower wing tips?


MemberOvomorphNov-14-2012 5:38 PM
I have no time, but I just make a copy paste of this article (see below), because I find it something logical, in few words, Satan, Evil, Death, they left in cave painting as a warning call, as a warning symbol. The Big Head has a great prophetic power, as in mythology ORPHEO. It is an oracle! How knows! TEXT: [img][/img] [img][/img]


AdminEngineerNov-15-2012 4:01 PM
Such a cool mural, and wow it's huge! That would be extremely cool to have on your wall for people to see when they come visit, haha. I hope they don't simply trash it, I imagine a collector would love to own this piece of memorabilia.
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