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Corporate Behind the Scenes

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XenomorphMember1261 XP01/31/2012This is more for Snorky, but anyone is welcome to jump in if they wish. Ok, I have a theory about some things that don't add up from Alien through to Alien3. Corporate Knowledge of the Derelict Signal and possibly the payload is almost a given anymore. Then take in the aspect of Prometheus coming out and how in the hell do you tie in all the Alien Franchise with the movie; the answer is corporate knowledge. Alien - Aliens What doesn't add up, no corp knowledge in Alien? Not a chance: Ash sends corporate the information he was gathering from the facehugger and the xeno. When Special Order 937 comes in and he's put in survey mode to only watch and report what happens. So the Corporation knows about LV-426 and sends in the shake and bake colony in Aliens but the coordinates are smoked with the Nostromo Aliens What doesn't add up here. 1. Bishop: 40 Minutes to crawl down there, 1 hour to patch in and align the antenna, and 50 minutes flight time. Thats 2.5 hours, not a chance, you'll see why. At this time Bishop has already gathered all of the data from his biopsy's of face huggers, and I am sure there were bodies in the morgue that he was examining. 2. Burke: Ok right before the full on assault Burke, where is Burke? I don't think Burke dumped the hugger flasks I will exaplain in detail once I get to Aliens 2.5. We all know he covered it up by shutting off the screen for the camera. Now during the full on assault by the xeno's of operations Burke hauls tail through the corridor and then locks the door and starts heading out like he's going somewhere, hmm...... Now on to Aliens 2.5 The corporation had full blown knowledge of the xeno during the entire movie series Alien - Alien 3, but could never get a live specimen. I think they had a ship tailing the Nostromo to record and analyze what happened once the Nostromo returned from the surface with an infected crew member. Then why wouldn't the company also have a secondary science vessel already in orbit or arriving shortly after the Sulaco? Its there Multi-million dollar atmosphere processor and a multi-million dollar prize for the bio-weapons division, then to send a lowly henchman like Burke, c'mon really? Burke sent them to look for the ship and that was probably to get his cut of some crazy amount of money from one of his superiors. I think there was a science team at Hadley's hope that was in contact with Burke and Bishop this explains the amount of time it takes for Bishop to get the drop ship, why he disappeared with the ship, and why Burke was runnign like he had somewhere to go when the xeno's came. Alot of the idiosyncrancies make sense when you look at it from the perspective that the corporation knew everything from day one. Regards, Rick

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OvomorphMember6 XPJan-17-2024 4:09 AM

The prequels take place. The company knows about the aliens but can't find any.

They detect a signal on LV-426. They don't tell the Nostromo crew, which will be flying by it, and change the science officer while it's docked.

When it flies by, Mother re-routes the ship to it and wakes the crew.

The catch with this is that the company already has the coordinates to the signal, which means it didn't need to wait to rescue Ripley to get the location of the derelict ship. And yet it didn't bother to investigate it across the decades the Nostromo was lost.


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