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The Craziest Alien-Spin Off Games You Can Find Online!
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Aliens have been a component of our video games since the beginning, having a long and illustrious history. Few cinematic series have made the transition to video games as smoothly as Alien. The Aliens series has had a significant effect on Alien spin-off games in particular. 

The film is engraved into the very foundations of many video games, and it's simple to understand why. The plays are well-made, feature complicated and frightening themes, and are simply fantastic.

 There are several craziest alien spin-off games you can find online. You can get more information on these games and the other best online slots below.


  • Mass Effect Andromeda


Andromeda is the latest instalment into the alien series, and its players can enjoy it even if they have never had experience with it. Andromeda is a combination of sophisticated, engaging combat and a gripping story, brought to us by the titans behind Dragon Age and KotOR. 

Mass Effect manages to depict the met aliens as unique and nuanced characters while injecting a cosmic politics aspect into a personal tale. They resemble humans, but their numerous governments are distinct, and they manage to express some very fantastic science fiction themes. 

On top of that, there's an epic narrative about a cosmic war. Any enthusiast of space should check out this game. Some of the key features of Andromeda include an updated best rendition of the series fighting system, alien environments that can be freely explored, and adaptable character development.


  • Stellaris


Stellaris is a grand strategy game by Paradox that focuses on developing your space-faring civilization, traveling the galaxy, experiencing other alien races, and figuring out how to coexist in a crowded world. 

The sheer diversity with which you may construct your aliens is the main selling point here. With this game, the possibilities are unlimited, including robots, arthropod, reptile, avian, and mammalian. 

Players may create their political systems from the bottom up, with the option of playing as a Hive Mind, which is indifferent by individual squabbles that bother other organics. 

There are also several amazing high-end sci-fi notions scattered throughout the game that may be discovered when investigating. Players now have one of the greatest games on the market dedicated completely to the concept of extra-terrestrial fantasy.


  • Deadspace 3


Dead Space, developed by Visceral, is a series that stays true to its name. Above all, it pushes the boundaries of cosmic dread, claustrophobia, and paranoia.

 In the class of horror games that managed to wriggle their path into the public despite their unique nature, Dead Space is in the same class as Amnesia. The manner of fighting was the original novelty that set the first game apart. 

The only method to deal with the game's horrific extra-terrestrial opponents is to target their razor-sharp appendages. 

This new strategy significantly alters how you must play the game, and the concept has been fine-tuned to perfection, making the third instalment the most polished and fitting conclusion to the series. Some of the key features of Dead space 3 include a unique dismemberment system and players’ weapons are tools for engineering.


  • Destiny II


Destiny II was created by the same people that created Halo. And it shows: Destiny II, the successor to a wonderful game, has precise, diverse, and incredibly rewarding combat. 

What it lacks in competitiveness, it more than makes up for in cooperativeness. Destiny II is all about fast-paced, exciting shooting gameplay with a variety of talents and powers that interact with one another. On the other side, the alien planets of Destiny II are occasionally incredibly inventive, and the lore is rather rich and interesting.

 It's a massive mash-up of sci-fi concepts, so if there's something specific one is looking for, they'll almost certainly find it here. It features three main classes with multiple subclasses, each with its own set of powerful and spectral superpowers. It also has significant additions that explore the human-alien scenario and introduce new goodies.



  • Alien: Isolation


Isolation is the crown gem of the Alien games, and it's a must-have for fans of the film. After years of terrible licensed shooters and games based on Aliens, Isolation set players against an unbeatable killing machine on a massive space station that perfectly replicated the original film's retro-futuristic look with analogue computers and flashing lights. 

The Aliens' delicate bugs that burst apart in a storm of gunshots are no more. Isolation pays homage to the original monster from 1979, challenging players to hide in the dark and use their wits to evade their pursuers. 

Isolation is the only licensed game in the Alien world that recognizes and appreciates the original film's impact. It is nearly perfect as a tribute.


  • Gears of War 4


The Gears of War series continues to be a strong gaming mainstay, with nearly every version adding something new to the market. The aliens here are ruthless and strong invaders with a design befitting of pangalactic villains. Gears of War is all about violent combat. 

This is the type of game where players are supposed to feel like grizzled badass as they pit their human spirit against the filthy alien forces, hacking them to bits with a chainsaw strapped to their gun. It features aliens in the form of subsurface invaders, unique characters, and excellent cooperation.


  • Star Wars Games


Aliens of many kinds and sizes abound in the Star Wars universe, with many of them having a somewhat humanoid form. Most species, like practically everything else in the expanded Star Wars world, have extensive biological and cultural histories, especially those that figure prominently in films and games. 

The first two are from the Knights of the Old Republic series. As role-playing games, they include a lot of interaction with non-player characters, who may also be one’s crew members, such as Twi'Lek adolescent Mission or Zabrak engineer Bao Dur. The other game is Jedi: Fallen Order, which is a newer title in which players will interact with a variety of creatures, both sentient and non-sentient.

The craziest alien spin-off games allow you to travel to other worlds, face new challenges, and collect ultra-rare riches. There are more multiplayer games than ever before because of improved internet connections and the advent of online gaming. On the alien franchise, you may play a variety of fascinating online games. Consider the alien games listed above for a more vintage experience.

The Alien franchise is taking a dramatic turn at 20th Century Studios, now owned by Disney. Currently there are two major Alien projects in development - a new Alien TV series by Noah Hawley and a new, stand-alone Alien movie being directed by Fede Alvarez. Both of which will be taking the franchise in a new direction - moving away from the Alien prequel direction Ridley Scott set out to pursue back in 2012.

If you're a fan of Alien / Prometheus and would like to discuss Alien: Covenant and its upcoming sequel with other like-minded fans, be sure to join in our Alien: Covenant forum! Ranked the #1 Prometheus forum back in 2012 and reigning as the web's top Alien: Covenant fan site, it's a great place to discuss the upcoming Prometheus sequels, dissect details from every trailer and engage with other fans just like you.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-12-13 11:03:55

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PraetorianMember4251 XPDec-14-2021 4:06 AM

Beside ALIEN ISOLATION, the rest of these games aren't even part of the ALIEN FRANCHISE

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