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New Alien: Covenant poster emulates Aliens: Colonial Marines box art!
Scified2017-04-14 11:47:47
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A new international poster for Alien: Covenant has surfaced online this morning. The second Korean poster features Daniels in the foreground with Michael Fassbender's Walter to her left and Billy Crudup's character Christopher Oram to her right. The backgrounds feature David's Egg collection and the crashed Juggernaut ship David and Shaw arrived to Paradise on. It also seems to mimic the design of the box art which was created for Gearbox and SEGA's Aliens: Colonial Marines game from back in 2012, check it out:

Korean Alien: Covenant Poster Version 2

Compared to Colonial Marines, the similarities are obvious:

Thanks to the numerous fans who sent us this through our Facebook page! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-04-14 11:47:47

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Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphApr-14-2017 11:50 AM

Now thats more like it.

Really looking forward to DVD and Blu ray artworks for Alien: Covenant.


AdminEngineerApr-14-2017 11:53 AM

I agree, the ones for Prometheus were pretty sweet but I almost prefer the aesthetic of Covenant so far.


MemberDeaconApr-14-2017 12:03 PM

This is a interesting one as it maybe hints to the Main Cast, minus off course Shaw who Technically is only in it in a minor role and her role is supposed to be a surprise as supposed to the Synopsis.

There is no David but we can assume that the David we will see would be hard to distinguish from Walter if they are dressed the same.

I do wonder why McBrides Tennessee is not in this poster?

Inquisitor Fifield

MemberFacehuggerApr-14-2017 1:50 PM

hmmm looks a bit cheap and frumpy(its a word according to google lol) to be honest, even for the usual asian plagiarism or 'recycling' of ideas.

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