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New Alien: Covenant footage descriptions mention Mouth-Bursters!
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This morning 20th Century Fox debuted new Alien: Covenant footage during yet another press junket for their 2017 film roster. One footage description by Digital Spy has also revealed some information regarding the film's plot - without spoiling any major elements. Below is a rundown of their accounts.

Alien: Covenant Trailer Screenshots

As we already assumed, Billy Crudup is the ship's captain, along with Danny Mcbride and Amy Seimetz. Katherine Waterston (Daniels) is the ship's Terraforming expert. They are on-board the USCSS Covenant vessel, a Weyland-Yutani colony ship carrying 2,000 people frozen in cryo-stasis. The first scene shows the crew making their descent to the new alien world Alien: Covenant takes place on.

Alien: Covenant Trailer

The next scene shown involved the dreaded Neomorph back-bursting scene teased in the trailer. Apparently, the Neomorph busts the spine out of its victim and immediately has the capacity to move quickly after birth. The overall look of the Neomorph is being described as a mix between Prometheus' Deacon alien and the Dog Alien from Alien 3. It's also apparently very hungry for flesh and makes short work of a number of crew.

Though we're still not seeing the 'classic' alien of HR Giger's original design that the poster and trailer teased. This vicious critter is closer to the 'Deacon' revealed at Prometheus's climax, with a bit of Alien 3's dog-like beast thrown in, too.

Alien: Covenant Trailer Screenshots

Next up, we have our introduction of a mouth-burster! Although mentioned and teased prior, this is the first account by press witnessing the actual footage of a Neomorph bursting from the mouth of its host. 

Meanwhile, out on the planet's surface another team, containing Fassbender's Walter, contend with another mortally poorly crewman, whose body-rending parasite bursts up out of his mouth. As it splurges out and skitters screechily off into the night, Walter looks on impassively, almost with admiration.

Interesting, they remark as Walter watching the birth of this alien take place, looks on with a sense of "admiration", sounds awfully similar to David's reaction to the Alien presence in Prometheus.

The final scene mentioned seems to suggest Walter does indeed have humanity's best interest in mind, contrary to David's motives. There is some new dialogue presented between Daniels and Walter:

Alien: Covenant Trailer #1

In the final and shortest scene, we're led to believe the latter might prove to be the case. In a short exchange between Daniels and Walter, who sports a few bandaged facial wounds, she asks: "What kind of world are we building?" Walter replies: "I think if we're kind, it'll be a kind world."

It's hard to know what Walter's angle is so far, given his passive reaction to the crew member's Neomorph mouth-bursting and his comments with Daniels. You can read the full write-up over on Digital Spy.

What do you think of these footage descriptions? What do you think Walter's motives will turn out being? Will he and David team up or will Walter aim to protect his fellow crew against David? So far, all available information would suggest the latter, however Scott could be planning a big twist where by David and Walter end up sharing the same goal. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-01-19 11:18:15

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Movie fan

MemberFacehuggerJan-19-2017 11:27 AM

Mouth Burster, awesome!


AdminEngineerJan-19-2017 11:31 AM

Sounds gruesome and extremely painful...

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJan-19-2017 11:31 AM

Hmmm wasn't the mouth-bursting actually been described as the neck-bursting before,like mentioned in this article and in previous leaks,"The Neomorph the guy is hosting doesn’t bother exploding out of his body but rather climbs back up his throat and explodes out of his mouth, basically blowing his head up in the process."

So it comes out of the guy's mouth,causes his head to explode because of its size I suppose and runs into the forest.

I can imagine that scene to look like the cutscene from AVP where the chestburster climbs up through the dead guy's throat and comes out of his mouth,and then this.

It does sound very painful and gory.

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerJan-19-2017 11:36 AM

Oh boy, here come the Belugas! 


MemberOvomorphJan-19-2017 11:36 AM

I hope they have a BUTT Buster next!




AdminEngineerJan-19-2017 11:38 AM

Exactly what I was thinking Nebula. And yeah, likely the "neck-burster" and "mouth-burster" are one in the same. Judging by the back-burster account, these Neomorphs are born a lot bigger than their Xenomorph cousins.

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJan-19-2017 11:53 AM

And are alot more agressive and deadly,judging from the trailer the woman that was isolated in the room gets killed by the yet newborn baby neomorph that bursted out of the guy's back.

I guess this will be the first time in films seeing baby aliens actually attacking people rather than bursting out of somebody and running away from people until it becomes adult.From the Alien: engineers script by Jon Spaihts Shaw gets attacked by the newborn beluga-xenomorph after it bursted from Holloway.

We might actually see the neomorphs slowly growing and evolving until they become adults.


MemberChestbursterJan-19-2017 12:50 PM

"It's going to be very violent, very scary and very Alien"

Like sweet music to my ears.

I can't wait! 

David 7

MemberFacehuggerJan-19-2017 1:33 PM

This is good news. Though I'm excited about the new Aliens and the Big Chap, the story arc of Walter an David intrigue me. Obviously, there is more going on behind everything. This will fascinating 


MemberDeaconJan-19-2017 3:10 PM

Interesting information.

The Cryo-Pod 2000 Colonists is a worry for me, as i thought it was mentioned as 200 by someone more official... the 2000 matches the 4Chan leak... which well i hope there is more depth to the 4chan leak.

But to me it looks like they may have just seen the same footage that was shown to Digital Spy 

As far as the Walter scene, its interesting but i think he is playing the Bad Guy myself.... i dont maybe want to spoil to much but i have studied the trailers.... and if this scene described in the OP is correct...  Walter had hidden motives or has been swapped for David.  And swapped over by  the 2nd Acts end.


MemberFacehuggerJan-19-2017 3:50 PM

Why stop there? Why not anal burster?

Now that would be awe shocking indeed.



David 7

MemberFacehuggerJan-19-2017 4:34 PM

Big Dave...


Would explain Walter's stance and face of curiosity and intrigue as Billy Crudup draws near the egg and causes it to open and get hosted. Walter almost almost has the same intrigue as Ash did when Kane was giving birth. There def is more story underneath and perhaps misdirection...make us think David, though David is bad but Walter is worse and programmed not to have feelings and empathy as David displays. Walter is mktr cold and mechanical. 


MemberDeaconJan-19-2017 5:28 PM

Indeed i have studied it a lot, and will discus in my Trailer Thread or the 4Chan leak one...... careful study and the stills too, does paint up a time line of events that the Trailer mis-guides us.

I plan to make a Topic about Trailers being Spoilery...  which i will use to also discus the Trailer.. as i will start it off by seeing how Spoilery Prometheus trailer was and what my thoughts was on that... which changed every trailer until the last ones.. basically had 70% of the Plot sussed out...

I fear the AC is more spoilery... and released information too...  if they bring out another 2 more trailers and each shows more like Prometheus latter ones do.. then i worry we would figure the movie out before its even hit the screens.


AdminEngineerJan-19-2017 5:29 PM

Imagine that... Walter worse than David? Oh man. 

And lol at everyone suggesting button busrters, I think that wouldn't be nearly as terrifying as a mouthburster.

And yeah Big Dave, 2,000 does match up. Leads me to believe the leak more and more. Oh man.


MemberFacehuggerJan-19-2017 7:24 PM

I hope the leak is just a interpretation of the trailer itself and digital spy footage.

Altho i have comformation that the leak is accurate and spoils a lot of whats gonna happen..i dont wamt it to be true.i have hopes.

I dont think walter is bad...the twist will make us believe its walter but its not walter. Thats one big plot device they will play with for sure.

But we can agree that he comes programmed from hes gonna be like ash. Intersted in the organism or not at all will depend if covenant is meant to land there..wich i dont believe it to walter may in fact not be programmed for retrieving any organism..and not be bad..just curious.

Russell the Cat

MemberOvomorphJan-19-2017 8:14 PM

Franco is the real bad guy, who will use the 2000 for his lab.

Gee W

MemberFacehuggerJan-20-2017 1:04 AM

Walter sounds more like Ash here, displaying admiration for the Alien. If he lacks emotions and empathy, he might be more dangerous than David in the end.


MemberDeaconJan-20-2017 1:49 AM

"And yeah Big Dave, 2,000 does match up. Leads me to believe the leak more and more. Oh man."

Well Chris as Tiago mentioned i was going to do the same, and that the leaks could have viewed the extended previews and two trailers and pieced information from that... as a lot does not add up still.  Right now there are TWO main players here.

4Chan leak thats then backed up by Sagardoa from IMDB

4Chan leak started and had flaws... as weeks went by they added stuff to there supposed screening to maybe be in reply to holes being picked up by people on the internet... a lot is like they never understood or paid attention... but then all of a sudden over course of weeks they remembered bits.

There new theory, is something i think someone could work out from the 15 minutes of footage and two trailers, but they give no details to parts not seen in any trailers or shots as if they forgot those parts.... only a few scenes not been shown that they have covered... which seem lame ones if its true... but the trailer seems to go against the 4chan leak chain of events if you analyze it correct.

Sagardoa information was a bit different, seemed to change a bit too and then they backed up the 4chan leak.... to there credit they seemed the first to break news that Franco was in the movie as Captain and contained some Spoilers to his fate (which is a cop out) and they also mentioned Walter.... first.. so maybe added a credibility to the 4chan leak as they claimed the 4chan was accurate.....

Then Sagardoa apparently said we see a Neomorph vs Xenomorph fight....

Which i doubt, but who knows... if it is credible then it is a Cop Out,  and as far as lack of use of Characters and Carrying on Plot points from previous movie it seems just as much a injustice that AVPR did to AVP....

But maybe there is more depth to those parts of the movie that 4Chan and Sagardoa dont touch upon..... if they are LEGIT it could be they are not really Alien fans and so would not quite get or understand certain things....  for example they dont remember which Alien gets on the ship......  and also changed mind on the David/Walter Twist compared to prior report.

So i think its a case of either.

1) Legit but they are both not avid Alien/Prometheus fans and so missed a lot of whats going on, or never paid attention.

2) Its fabricated based on seeing advanced footage and trailers but not seeing the Full Movie.


MemberDeaconJan-20-2017 2:19 AM

I think it depends really how much they recall and what parts are not covered...

i will now do, in the style of a 4Chan leak... a Prometheus recap... SPOILER for those who have not seen Prometheus.

The movie starts with some like Bald white Human who like drinks stuff from a cup and his blood turns black and his blood seems eat and melt his skin and bones... he breaks down and then see his DNA turn black and then goes into water and we see it reform...

we see two scientists dig up a cave and find a painting on the wall.

We then see the ship in space and the robot is the only person awake, he watches a few TV programs and stuff and watches the crew in Sleep Pods dreams.

Then crew wake up from cryo sleep as the robot David says they arrived, some of the crew look very sick from the long time in stasis but one looks not effected, she is Vickers and latter revealed to be in Charge.

The two scientists have a meeting in like the ships recreation/gym room where they show the crew there findings of star maps left in many ancient cultures point to the system they arrived at. 

They then fly down to the planet and land on the surface where there is like a Mountain.

They go to the mountain and find a door with strange writting and then the robot activates a hologram recording of these giant beings like the one from Alien, they run past and so the human crew follow and we see one Alien giants falls over at a door and chops his head off.

We see his body with no head, but his head is on the other side of the room, there is a big Head Statue and the room has lots of like Vases,  the crew then see a like Sculpture on the wall of a Alien in like a Jesus pose and then the Vases leak black stuff so the crew leave with the Head.

Two of them who left early on as they was scared get lost

They study the head and inside the Alien is a Human like head so its a Space suit, the head is changing and blows up, but they find out its DNA matches ours.

Then we see the Robot David in a Lab and he gets one of the Vase like Urns out and opens it up and inside is like Glass vials and he breaks the top and pours out some Black Goo on his finger.

Then he talks to the one scientists who seems disapointed there are no Gods they call engineers left and he mocks the robot, saying they created him because they could ... David robot says what would you say if your Gods said you was created because they could.... Holloway the Scientists then says i would be disappointed....  The robot says its lucky he cant and then asks what that Holloway would do for  answers... the Scientist says anything so the Robot does him a drink and sticks fingers in the drink.

we got to the two who got lost and they find dead gaint Alien Gods bodys.  Then they go into the room with Big Head and spot the Vases and these Snake like things swimming in them.. the one grabs one of the snakes but it wraps around his arm, the other crewman cuts its head off but it grows a new one and acid makes holes in suit and splashes on other guys helmet causes it melt to his face... while the snake goes into other persons mouth

The scientist Shaw and Holloway are in bedroom she says she found that these Gods are connected, the scientist is pessimistic because they are dead they row and then make love

the next day she finds she is pregnant when she not supposed to be able to and a few scientists try to put her to sleep but she lashes out and runs off and goes to a room to have a operation to remove the baby which is a Squid

Outside the ship the one member of team who got lost is outside and like a zombie and he kills a few crew before he gets killed.

the woman Shaw runs off down corridors and enters a room where there is a old man who appeared before in video saying he would be dead by the time they read it.. this old man is the Weyland founder he tells the woman Shaw they are going to speak to one of the Engineers,  she said they are dead but the robot says they are not there is one left.

Vickers then revealed as Weylands daughter

They go back to the mountain temple and find a dead crew mans body and snake pops out mouth, they then go to the inside of the Alien Space ship and wake the Engineer up and old man asks the robot to tell him why they came but the Engineer rips the robots head off and then kills lots of the crew with only Shaw manage to escape.

The Engineer then activates a Chair like one in Alien to rise and gets inside and inside the Alien Pilot suit

The woman tells the Prometheus ship the Alien Engineer is heading to earth to kill us all with the Vases that mutate people.

So they ram the ship into the Alien one and it crashes.

The human ship ejects a another ship, escape module with no one on and the Woman Shaw gets on board and finds the Squid has grown big... The Engineer then comes to the ship to kill her but she opens the door and he is attacked and killed by the giant Squid

Shaw runs off but the robot tells her he can get her off the planet and take her to where the Engineer comes from and so she gets his head and body and they fly off on another ship

The last scene the Engineer has a Alien pop out of him and it ends.


This is a more detailed view of Prometheus than the 4chan leaks and put in a way of someone (me  but pretend i dont know quite as much as first screening) who knows a bit more than 4chan seemed to about movie.

And as you see this plot is like twice as detailed as the AC leaks yet it does not cover everything about Prometheus.

so if the 4chan leak is true then there is hope that the details they never cover improve and give answers a bit more and make the movie more detailed than the 4chan synopsis.



MemberOvomorphJan-20-2017 4:17 AM

But is this not just, Alien ****?


MemberOvomorphJan-20-2017 6:38 AM


Mouth Burster... If you know this forum well enough, you'll figure out who the actor is ;)


MemberChestbursterJan-20-2017 11:51 AM

A$$ bursters already existed in Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. Nasty stuff

Mouth and back bursters remind me of the Resident Evil 5 parasites that sometimes emerged through the mouth (resulting in a head explosion) or back of the infected.


MemberDeaconJan-21-2017 4:23 PM


Indeed there is likely to be just TWO possible outcomes, which is which who knows... you may lean towards one guy.. as there was a clue a while ago.... but you could lean towards the other guy who claims he was a Plot Device.

Wont mention the TWO Actors who i think One must be the Mouthburster so as to not spoil it ;)


MemberChestbursterJan-22-2017 4:06 AM

Is it really a backburster or a transformation? He could change into some kind of creature and what we see in the back might become the tubes that the neomorph has in its back?

I also wonder how many dropships there are (The Covenant being in orbit around the planet). Can the commander of the Covenant let them back on board (Think of the contamination risk with 2000 colonists in cryo-sleep)?


MemberDeaconJan-22-2017 11:16 PM

I would say the Organism grows from the Spine and Breaks lose, as it is smaller than the infected crewman...

As far as contamination and quarantine i think these have to be bypassed in-order to tell the story and certainly as far as the Alien on the Covenant at the end..

If procedures were followed to the letter or more taken, then we would not have had Alien or Aliens or Prometheus, so a failing of procedure has to happen to allow the Story to develop.

In Alien and Prometheus it was the Android that by-passed these...

I would think the same would apply again for AC.


MemberChestbursterJan-23-2017 9:25 AM

BD: Do you think an alien will get on board The Covenant? In that case it will get a smorgasbord (2000 colonists in cryosleep) :)


MemberNeomorphJan-24-2017 9:27 AM

Slavusha: Poop burster! :D


A Xeno covered in **** that infects people and the infection gets worse. It rips out of the stomach and we get poop and blood all over the place where the bursting took place, this would be so nasty.


MemberDeaconJan-25-2017 2:10 AM

I think Chli thats the big question...

and we have to ask how many and which ones get onboard... right now we know we have the following.

Spore => Neomorphs which infect Rigby and most likely Bichir Characters (i thought England or Bichir but then realized it was Rigby who said he enjoyed being a Plot Device).

Egg => Xenomorph that infects Crudrup.

We know Waterston and McBride mentioned being chased around a Ship by Aliens and so its maybe likely more than ONE gets on board.

The Question is how many Aliens will we see,  this would depend down to how many Aliens Daniels and Co Kill on the Surface and how many Aliens are are going to be seeing.

Was there a previous Drop Ship?

Here is a kind of Spoiler.....  from the Trailers and what we know.

We will see at least 2X Spore Victims which one is Rigby the other maybe Birchir (if not he gets his head smashed in by a Alien).

We see Crudrup get Face Hugged, i doubt they are going to perform a C-Section and so he will be killed via a Chest Buster.

Latukefu no doubt gets killed by a Alien on the surface (likely after the Drop Ship blows up).

Egojo most likely dies on the Drop Ship, and so does Seimetz as she accidentally blows the Drop ship up.

We see Smollett gets killed in the Shower Scene (i originally wondered if it was Scaletti but this is a scene i never looked in detail at as i thought it showed in detail).  We can assume Hernandez also suffers some sinister fate at the hands of that Xenomorph.

This scene proves a Alien has got on board, the only outcome would be Crudrup's Chest Buster.  We can rule out Waterston and McBride being killed or at least they are right to the end.

So of the cast if we ignore Fassbender and Rappace, we are left with  England and Dean who was part of the Drop Ship crew with Fassbender and Waterston we dont know what there Fate is, but looking so far the only Fatalities on Paradise we know for sure is Egojo and Latukefu (as far as killed by a Alien) and i am going to assume the Neomorphs or other Aliens are going to kill more than those TWO  in addition to those who die as Hosts (and Seimetz via blowing the Drop Ship up).

Scaletti, Kleut and Franco we have not seen in the Trailer etc not that i can make out (but there is 2 members of the crew you cant clearly see, but one i suspect is Crudrup due to Jawline .. could be Scaletti or Franco  but this mystery character has a large cheekbone too so looks like Crudrup but has different coat maybe its  Goran D. Kleut?

So my point is we have from what we can work out who dies and who does not, a guaranteed Dean and England on the surface,  its unknown about Scaletti, Kleut and Franco but we see TWO Dead Bodies in the Cave...

So we also have to then consider how does Daniels get off Paradise and onto the ship... considering that McBride, Smollett  and Hernandez  are the Covenants Bridge Crew.

So this is 5 Actors unacounted for, TWO maybe killed in those Caves?

I would find it odd that Kleut would be used as a Colonist but if we assume so, then it does not leave many to be killed by Aliens.... and allow for Chest Busters unless those TWO bodies in the Cave have been victims to Chest Busters.

We also see Haubrich is screaming, its hard to see if she is being attacked, giving birth or she sees something horrific and its hard to see if her scene is in the Caves, it looks likely she was not part of the Drop Ship that contained Fassbender and Waterston etc.

So she is either

*One the Covenant

*Part of a previous expedition.

*Part of the rescue expedition.


MemberDeaconJan-25-2017 2:16 AM

so to answer the question....

*either Crudrup is brought on board and then gets Chest Busted but in order for this and to explain what happened to him and allow the crew (McBride) to allow him back on the ship considering all the Hell that broke loose... would require.

1) Walter (or David acting as Walter) to confirm Crudrup is not infected as he has been with him the whole time, so the crew would allow him on board thinking he just knocked himself out.

2) someone on board who goes F-U to the Protocols and sends down a rescue ship.... for this to work it has to be a main Character and someone who could give McBride the Finger... and Franco would fit that bill... especially if he is the Captain who was Out of Action for some time... but recovers enough latter to go, "Im going to get my Wife back!"

*Or somehow a Alien or Aliens manage to stow away on a recovery rescue Drop Ship... a stage between Chest Buster and Adult would fit this role... as surely a 7ft+ Alien would not sneak on board the ship... not after what went down.. unless the crew are really stupid or in a real panic to get the hell off that Planet.


MemberChestbursterJan-25-2017 7:51 AM

Yes, so human error (or synthetic) will probably lead to the breaking of the quarantine rule (once more)? The third act will probably be on board The Covenant fighting off the aliens and saving the sleeping colonists? I don't suppose they will blow the ship up and take their chances in a life-boat . . . 


MemberDeaconFeb-13-2017 4:18 PM

I dont think they would replicate that kind of ending, not quite.

i.e either Blow up the Ship and a few go off on a smaller ship, or we see some ejected in space like in Alien 3.

We would have to ask, where next if this was the case.

I think the ship will carry on and crew would think nothing is a miss and the Nightmare is over, so then its how does this carry on?

There are a few ways.

1) The Ship is off to some place new, or maybe original destination and the crew are not aware this place (if its in the Zeta 2 system) also houses Engineer Horrors.. for example if their destination was LV-223.   If the ship goes off to such a place and the crew are unaware of the Dangers, this could work as a sequel.

It would require the survivors to not gain to much information about Shaw or the Engineers and how they was once connected to LV-223 though... and maybe then either David is on the ship or Walter has sinister motives.

2) As above but David or Walter directs then to this place, maybe even if its David he comes clean about what went down but then would Daniels want to go to a World where more Engineer Horrors lay in wait?

Would she risk the remainder of her crew?  Maybe in a trade off, of their lives for the safety of all Mankind?   Maybe she heads to LV-223 but then realizes after she has to Sacrifice the Ship and Crew in order to destroy a larger threat?

3) The crew are indeed off to another place, that may not be LV-223 (or could be as 1 or 2) but regardless, the crew go into Cryo-sleep and are unaware they are not alone.


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