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Michael Fassbender will play two androids, 'David' and 'Walter' in Alien: Covenant!
Scified2016-10-30 17:23:48
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For over a year now we've known Michael Fassbender would portray multiple androids in the upcoming Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant. However, up until today, we assumed he would merely portray a second David, which accompanies the crew of the USCSS Covenant to the desolate planet where they discover Fassbender's other role - David 8 from Prometheus.

Although Fassbender does play a second David unit, his name is not David as well. In Alien: Covenant, the second David unit portrayed by Fassbender is named Walter. The reveal comes to us from the Irish news publication, The Irish Times (via @rorysbooks on Twitter), where Fassbender expressed the following:

I am allowed to say I am playing two robots – Walter and David. I think what’s great about it is that Ridley has gone back to the original DNA of Alien, the horror element of that. But is also has the scope and the scale of Prometheus. Ridley has cut it already. He is a machine. He is an incredible human being and he was in such good form. He is such an imaginative and mischievous figure.

Walter is obviously a newer model of David android and seems to have genuine Human interest in mind, rather than personal interest like David does. This leads to some animosity and skepticism between the two androids.

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What do you think of the name Walter? What do you expect his interactions between David and the Covenant crew will be like? Sound off in the comments!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-10-30 17:23:48

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David 7

MemberFacehuggerOct-30-2016 6:33 PM

Sounds like the film is already "cut" and he has a version ready to go. I also wonder if David will tempt Walter with freedom from humans or Walter will be like that of Bishop and defend the crew. 

Deep Space

MemberFacehuggerOct-31-2016 3:09 AM

Ash Vs Bishop ;) 

I think this is a good way to go.  We could get David 'turning' Walter or Walter convincing David of the fragility and uniqueness of mankind.  Or a robotic Mexican stand off - perhaps with Walter usurping or defeating David at his own game, or perhaps David continuing his experiments on Walter . . .

I'm assuming that Walter is a newer version and thus more advanced?

My initial thoughts about the two Davids was that perhaps 'Walter' could be  working in secret for WY and helping David when he arrives.  The above would suggest that isn't the case - at least initially . . . 

However it plays out this is set up nicely and if any actor can pull this off its Fassbender.  Sounds like the film is almost there so hopefully trailers quite soon . . .

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphOct-31-2016 3:29 AM

Its nice to hear Michael F. praising Sir Ridley.

"I am allowed to say I am playing two robots – Walter and David."

Why did that name remind me of this guy from Jeff Dunham.


MemberOvomorphOct-31-2016 5:17 PM


Chris, where are you getting this from:

"Walter is obviously a newer model of David android and seems to have genuine Human interest in mind, rather than personal interest like David does. This leads to some animosity and skepticism between the two androids."

Is this just idle speculation, or do you have a reliable source to back this up? 

jedi master exidor

MemberOvomorphOct-31-2016 6:46 PM

two androids that great walter is better than david


MemberXenomorphNov-01-2016 6:33 AM


Welcome to Walmart Now get your Sh!t and Get Out......LOL

I was thinking the exact same thing.



MemberTrilobiteNov-01-2016 7:43 AM

I heard a rumor Fassbender was playing three androids; David, Walter, and Gordon!!!


MemberOvomorphNov-05-2016 3:21 PM

Speaking of multiple androids. We need to remember Ash at this point. Ash is seemingly a plant by "The company" in a crew with no idea that a ''synthetic'' is on board. Obviously this ties in to the fact that Weyland knows of all that has happened in Prometheus and Covenant. Would the crew of the Nostromo have recognized a David model? Is Ash a David model in disguise or a totally new model? Is Ash from a rival company? Do all of the Androids we have seen so far including Bishop share some kind of hive mind? Do the Xenomorphs and or their creators have some kind of effect on their programming? I always remember Ash, Bishop and David's strange fascination and mesmerized demeanor when studying finds (ie, facehugger or black goo). So many questions.


MemberDeaconNov-11-2016 6:28 AM

Yes its  a interesting bit of News, we really dont know the process of the Names of the Androids and if the Name Changes are with each Change of Design.

It seemed that way... but we cant be sure.

We had the first David Model in 2025 the latest designs up to when Prometheus was lunched to LV-223 was released in 2072 David 8

So the name of Walter is interesting, the information suggests he is a latter more advanced model and so produced after the 2072 David 8 models and maybe this New Model does not have some of the Short Comings or Lack of Freedom that the David 8 models seemed to exhibit especially the Personnel Model of Peter Weyland.

We have to wander how similar to Fassbender did David 1, David 2, David 3 etc etc look or was only David 8 models in his likeness... and then ask how come Walter is in his likeness too yet a different Name?

Going by he naming of Androids in the Franchise, we could have assumed the New Android would be Called maybe EDWARD? or if we assume as Fire and Stone used the E with Elden...  would logically the Next Model used in the Franchise be called FRANCIS?

So the Walter name is interesting......

But i would like to throw this out there.....

What if Walter is a DAVID 9 Model? And he is called Walter as this is just what the Ships Crew called him, think of it like this what if Androids became a Reality and we had a Model David + Davina  Male and Females...

And its the year 2064 and New Model Davina 5 is out... would every household or workplace that purchases the Android Davina Model 5 call them Davina?  Or would you want to add your own unique name to them?

So maybe Walter is the name chosen for him but he is a David 9 model .... as well from a Movie point of view it would be awkward if the crew had to refer to Two Davids....


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