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Fox release another Alien: Covenant still with a new cryptic number!
Scified2016-12-20 06:13:41
Written by Chris28,212 Reads38 Comments2016-12-20 06:13:41

Minutes ago, Fox released another Alien: Covenant movie still, this time with a new cryptic number clue reading 130112062104. Yesterday Fox released a similar code with another still and members here managed to decipher that the numbers likely were a clue to when the teaser trailer would arrive. The image associated with the number today features a look at the Covenant's cryptic stasis pods - the housing units used to preserve the crew on their extremely long missions. Check out the image below and let us know what you think this new number means!

UPDATE: Forum member Vitor Araujo believes the number actually translates to a time zone in the Azores Islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. 

Given that the last numeric code Fox gave us was deciphered to represent a date and time, it makes a lot of sense that this number could represent the time zone for the date teased yesterday.

UPDATE 2: Forum member David007 has suggested that the numbers are in fact a count down in milliseconds. The countdown yesterday would have equaled 61 hours, the new count today equals 36 hours. If true, this means Fox will likely be releasing the trailer tomorrow night!

As more details arrive, we'll keep updating this post. We also encourage you to share your theories in the comments section as well!

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David 7

MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 6:16 AM

Cool. It has to be a count down to till stasis opens. This is most exciting.


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 6:17 AM


I don't think these are trailer dates, guys... I really doubt it.


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 6:20 AM

It is gmt -1 time, because when they posted the photo was exactly 13:01!

David 7

MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 6:27 AM

This is exciting. What more shall come today? 


Looks likes a clean ship..


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 6:29 AM

It is actually the time on Azores Islands, in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphDec-20-2016 6:30 AM

Yep,hypersleep chambers.


AdminEngineerDec-20-2016 6:33 AM

@Vitor Araujo, you're thinking it's a number to reference the time zone? Could be! That would make sense considering the last number referenced a date and time with that aspect lacking.

@Buckmenstaf, I believe it is though. All clues point to Christmas Eve being the date, with a potential teaser on Thursday. It's all just lining up too perfectly.


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 6:35 AM

Are the first 4 numbers the time of posting on twitter? If it's GMT -1 does that correspond to yesterday's post time? 


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 6:35 AM

Are the first 4 numbers the time of posting on twitter? If it's GMT -1 does that correspond to yesterday's post time? 


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 6:35 AM

Are the first 4 numbers the time of posting on twitter? If it's GMT -1 does that correspond to yesterday's post time? 

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphDec-20-2016 6:36 AM

About the cryptic numbers...

I think that those numbers are just date and time when the film is taking place.


AdminEngineerDec-20-2016 6:43 AM

What makes you say that Nebula? I assume the matching 2104 endings representing the year?


MemberXenomorphDec-20-2016 6:46 AM


If they were time followed by date how would there be a security force already on the ground the day before the picture of the stasis pods still showing people in them?


Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphDec-20-2016 6:46 AM

Thats my opinion,both cryptic numbers have 2104 at the end.


David 7

MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 6:56 AM

It has been suggested by others on Facebook that the numbers are a countdown in microseconds and would end tomorrow...

David 7

MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 6:58 AM

And when converted the count is down to 36 hours. Yesterday was 61 hrs.


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 7:00 AM

wil the next be 045712072104? ... we'll see



AdminEngineerDec-20-2016 7:02 AM

Woah, that is also very exciting, thank you David007! If that's the case, the teaser will drop at around 9PM tomorrow night EST?


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 7:05 AM

The miliseconds also seems plausible :)


AdminEngineerDec-20-2016 7:13 AM

It certainly does! I've added that possibility to the OP as well. :) However if it is around 9PM EST tomorrow night, my night will be very tight trying to get it posted right away, lol.


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 7:17 AM

And possibly it will be screened with assassins creed after all


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 7:19 AM

Assuming the microsecond theory is correct, the two times hinted at would be Dec 22nd 9:15am GMT/1:15am PST (first post), and Dec 22nd 2:09am GMT/Dec 21st 6:15pm (second post). The gap in time may just be a result of them trying to confuse us with making it look like dates and times. This would put the release of the teaser somewhere in the evening the 21st, US time. 


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 7:25 AM

I doubt it's the teaser release date


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 7:34 AM

We passed from 61 hours to 36 in just 17 hours, it only makes sense if the alien page is posting in other country with different local time. 

Something Real

MemberTrilobiteDec-20-2016 7:44 AM

This is so incredibly thrilling! I can not wait to see what is coming next! :)


MemberChestbursterDec-20-2016 8:01 AM

Wow this board just exploded, I'm super thrilled myself but I have no idea what to make of the numbers. 

Like David007 said it looks clean but then again so was the hypersleep room in Nostromo whereas the majority of interior was dirty to fit the appearance of a mining ship.


MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 8:12 AM

Agreed, Neomorph. Plus, that looks like a set photo, not a frame from the movie. Lighting is too simple, aspect ratio is wrong.


MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 8:30 AM

(13 January - possible main trailer) 12.06.2104 ( date of prometheus expedition started)?


MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 8:34 AM

2104 is actually ten years after Prometheus 

13 Jan is a Friday 

maybe 12th of june is when the film is set in 2104? **** knows


MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 8:36 AM

i love how i come on here every other hour and theres something new - love this site - awesome!!!!!!!  looking back i see David 7 has hit the nail on head with count down!

David 7

MemberFacehuggerDec-20-2016 8:54 AM

And after looking at the picture, there are bound to be multiple rows of curious tubes as once more Walter will be in charge of their journey. 


Avatar comes to mind when I see these tubes and the set up. 


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 10:00 AM


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 11:22 AM


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 11:35 AM

I'm pretty sure everyone's figured its a count down timer and this speculation I'm about to post is probably wrong but I might as well put it out there. I'm just gonna say that maybe the times are in reference to the scenes to which they're happening in the movie. Like each date is the time of each photo or time settings for the movie? Probably not bc I don't see why they would come out of the cryogenic chambers after the soldiers are already out exploring. So probably wrong hopefully the timer for the trailer is correct and 9pm tomorrow is the release!!!  


MemberDeaconDec-20-2016 2:08 PM

I am again with Dark Nebula  on this.... and so i would assume just as Ricksster98 also suggested that the 2104 is maybe more than Coincidental

So the first Scene (Security Forces) happens 15 hours prior to the Cryo-Pod Scene..

But if this is correct then its a bit odd.. but then surely a Mission that has Security Personnel on it would send down a Scout Patrol to investigate... but then if there was Engineers maybe its not a  wise move to show up with the Heavy Muscle first.

If this is a date order of events, i guess it makes sense to send down these guys first.... Maybe they find David, they return to the Ship where David gets up to no good in Sabotage and causes something that causes the Cryo-Sleep Pods to be activated?   some Explosion that would account for Daniels Partner to maybe die in Cryo-sleep?

Thats kind of the theory i can come across if these shots are in date order?

But then the Date Order could mean nothing...

OR as David007 said its some Cryptic countdown.

Where if its Milliseconds then indeed from the first photo release it means 61hrs 15 Minutes to go... ish

Next one would mean 36hrs 9 Minutes ish...



MemberDeaconDec-20-2016 2:12 PM

Which if such a count down theory is correct then it would get to 0 at about 8-9PM Tomorrow Night CET or 1-2am GMT


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 5:30 PM


MemberOvomorphDec-20-2016 7:39 PM

long time lurker first time poster cant wait for this movie so pumped i live for the alien and predator series also its been a blast reading everyones theories and comments over the past few movies

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