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(Exclusive) Prometheus 2 Plot Elements Potentially Leaked! New Monsters, Links to Alien, Engineers and Creators, David's Agenda and More!
Scified2015-04-11 13:50:53
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[ Exclusive] Production on Prometheus 2 has been ongoing for months behind closed doors, with very little information actually being revealed. Back in 2010, 2011 when Prometheus entered production, both 20th Century Fox and crew kept a tight lid on what the film was about; the sequel will be no different. The secrecy surrounding Prometheus 2 is still immense, with nobody really knowing what the plot will focus on besides the fact that Shaw and David are en route to Paradise, the Engineer homeworld.

However, thanks to one of our long-term and most active Prometheus forum contributors, Big Dave, we may have a rough idea of what will be discovered in Prometheus 2! Big Dave accouts that recently got in touch with someone he knows who claims to have spoken to someone who's working close to the project. Yes, I realise the "friend of a friend" telephone game may lead readers to be skeptical of what's to follow, and granted you should be. Without official confirmation, we have no way to authenticate the information we're about to share with you. That being said, IF the following points are legitimate, then we have ourselves the first rough outline for the plot synopsis of Prometheus 2! Either way, we urge you to take the following with a grain of salt...

In summary:

  • Prometheus 2 will not focus primarily on Shaw and David on board the Juggernaut they escaped in. This time frame is said to be glazed over, since Shaw will be incapacitated for most of the trip anyways
  • There will be 3 main plot lines, Shaw and David's mission to Paradise is only one of these three
  • The Engineers are NOT our cretors, but servants to a higher being, much like David is to Humanity
  • Prometheus 2 WILL link LV-223 and LV-426, it will provide some answers to Alien, but it won't be an 'Alien' movie
  • Prometheus 2 will feature 2 monsters - both having connections to the Xenomorph, but are not Xenomorphs themselves
  • There will be a loose connection between the Engineers and the Prometheus myth, involving "fire", however we believe this is in a metaphorical sense
  • Project Prometheus was not the first mission to LV-223
  • The Black Goo will return, but not as a weapon, but as a means to create life - the forbidden fruit, if you will
  • Evolution will NOT be the focus, but instead the hierarchy of creation and ancient Gods
  • David wishes to play God himself...
  • Ideas from the original Star Beast will be incorporated
  • Prometheus 2 is said to have a very Matrix and Blade Runner feel to it, regarding the agenda of the Creators and the Engineers
  • Prometheus 2 will have a much larger cast, not a smaller one
  • Ideas which didn't make it into Prometheus will make their way into Prometheus 2

There is a LOT more to take in, if you read Big Dave's full write-up, which I've copied down below. The points expressed throughout this article do make a lot of sense and it's not completely ridiculous to assume that some, if not all of these points are actually leaked elements from Prometheus 2

Now, considering Prometheus 2 has gone through 15 re-workings, it is possible that some of these elements have been altered, removed or added to. We're not sure how accurate they are as they are merely a recollection from one friend to another, however, Big Dave has been a valued and trusted member of this community for a long time and he wouldn't share such information without having a serious belief that it's got some weight to it. However, as a disclaimer, both he and I are urging readers once again, to take this information with a grain of salt, until we have some way of confirming its legitimacy.

Here is Big Dave's full recollection:

As i mentioned on THANATOS_CONTAGION post, i had a conversation with someone i know, who said they had spoken to someone who has some idea of what Prometheus 2 is about...

I can only take these as pure Speculation but this person did 6 months ago or near enough, say that they also seen some concept work for the movie....

Anyway here are the things this person was hinting at, and by no means can we take these as FACT in any shape or form, but may be interesting to discus these points if they are some area the movie could go....

1) The Movie will have 3 Plot Elements, and Shaw and Davids mission to find the Engineers Homeworld is just one of those.

2) The Engineers are not God or our creators, but a servant race for some other purpose. So merely as David is to Mankind.

3) Shaw and David will not be getting the Answers they want, what they find is truely Horrifying Agenda. Revalations that seperate even futher the original answers Shaw thought they would find when they got to LV 223 in the first movie.

4) The Movie will give us more of a link between LV 223 and LV 426, and it will provide some answers to the Alien fans but it wont be a Alien based movie.  

I guess the fanboys fix will come from Alien 5

5) There will be two Monsters One new, both will have loose connection to the Xeno but they will be different.

6) There will be some connection between Engineers and Prometheus Myth but this is loosely.... related to the Fire.

7) The movie will not be based largely on Shaw and David shenanigans aboard the Juggernaught but there will be some screen time devoted to Shaw and David during the trip but not actually interacting as such on the ship. As Shaw will be incapacitated for the most part.

8) Prometheus was not the FIRST company mission to the Zeta 2 system.

9) The Black Goo is not quite how its shown in the movie, they are goingthe route that it is the Origin of Life, the Blood of Life and all creation.  And kind of like from the Tree of Life and Forbiden Fruit.

Pretty much i guess how the Comic Books Fire and Stone was going.

10) If we are expecting a evolution and more depth to the Ancient Aliens connection, this wont be the case but we could see a slight connection as far as some Ancient God connections. As far as Hierarchy and Order of creation.

They kinda said like how David is part of that Hierarchy.

11) David wishes to play God himself and continue the order of Hierarchy.

12) They are following some ideas from Star Beast as far as connection between the said Hierarchy of creation seen in the movies. This could be regards to Engineer connection to their purpose. And connection to Sacrifices.

13) The movie plot has kind of a Matrix and Blade Runner theme to the Agenda of the creators. And Engineers.

14) The movie will have larger cast than Prometheus and so not a small Cast as we may have thought or been led to i.e Shaw and David on a ship to find a God.

15) The comic books followed LV 223 and 426 and while the events show what could happen, the comics are to be considered a alternative. But underlying themes could be explored.

17) There could be some ideas and things that they never got round to include from Prometheus that could be done in Prometheus 2

He goes on to add some very interesting notes as well, regarding Prometheus 2 concept artwork which his friend had apparently seen early on:

They said kind of like how AVPR shows what happens to a Face Hugged Predator to create Pred-Alien.... this event is not canon to Alien Franchise, but it is accurate as far as a what if Predators was part of the cannon and got impregnated with Xeno Embryo

The above is kina what was said, it may changed bit word for word as i trying to remeber every detail...

The Person did say to me months before that some Concept work seemed to show like Clones of Babies with tubes and it had a Matrix look as far as how Mankind is kept in Stasis and the Matrix and Alien Resurrection clones and the 6th day Clones Scenes.... 

Another showed a very Giger looking Facility with a Bio-Mechanical Humanoid connected to it, in a simular fasion to how the Deacon Mural looked in Prometheus.

There you have it, our first, potential idea of what Prometheus 2 will be about! Regardless of whether or not the information here is completely accurate or not, we want to hear what you think. So be sure to continue the discussion over in Big Dave's forum topic, here!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2015-04-11 13:50:53

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MemberOvomorphApr-18-2015 7:55 PM

i wish david would have tied up the engineer before they just woke him up to kill them. all he had to do was put some cables around the capsule so when it opened he would be going nowhere and be obligated to stay put and answer some questions. i would have loved to see him just laying there awake! don't really get to stare at somebody 2000 years old you know!


MemberOvomorphApr-23-2015 1:09 AM

What really gets me is after the ship crashed it had multiple hull storage areas packed full of the containers of the Black Goo. After it falling out of the sky. Rolling like a giant rolling pin  over poor Meredith Vickers and then landing sideways you would think it would have been a veritable swimming pool for Elizabeth of the mutating black stuff when shhe went back in!  Given what it did to fifeild when he fell into a small bit of it she wpould have need one heck of a spacesuit!


MemberOvomorphApr-29-2015 4:13 AM

What!? Movies nowadays have so much potential but always seem better before, or as your watching the trailer and then actually Watch the movie and it's nothing like it or anything you thought it would be like. 

Advertisement is everywhere, it's all a big con. 

that would be good to see a facehugger change something other than a human into an alien, to see the differences, the xeno could look the way it does only because it has some human DNA. Although in 3 it facehugs a cow and looks the same but that doesn't have to be canon

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