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Evolving the Franchise: Ridley Scott is currently in talks with Disney over new Alien movies!
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Today marked the 40th anniversary of our favorite film franchise, ALIEN and to celebrate, The Hollywood Reporter sat down with director Ridley Scott to discuss and reminisce his 1979 classic which started it all. The interview is quite in depth and for those unfamiliar with Alien's initial development it is certainly worth the read. But what's piqued our interest is mention by Scott himself that he and Disney are currently in talks, discussing the future of the Alien franchise - specifically new movies!

Ruminating on the immediate future of the Alien franchise, now that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, Scott confirms that there are discussions for future installments, but warns that if the basic premise of “the beast” does not evolve like the Xenomorph itself, the “joke” gets old.

This is great news, considering the lack of any official announcements made on Alien Day 2019 this past April had many of us wondering how long we would be waiting before word of a new Alien film would begin to circulate.

It's also worth noting that Scott seems to be backpedaling a bit now, reiterating old statements about how the Beast (aka. The Xenomorph itself) is cooked and that like the Alien organism itself, the series needs to evolve.

Despite Scott's first attempt at deviating from the tried and true Alien formula with Prometheus having led to mixed feelings within the fan community, most are in agreement after Alien: Covenant, that expansion of the Alien mythology is a must.

You get to the point when you say, ‘Okay, it's dead in the water,’” he says. “I think Alien vs. Predator was a daft idea. And I'm not sure it did very well or not, I don't know. But it somehow brought down the beast. And I said to them, ‘Listen, you can resurrect this, but we have to go back to scratch and go to a prequel, if you like.’ So we go to Prometheus, which was not bad actually. But you know, there's no alien in it, except the baby at the end that showed, itself, the possibility. I mean, it had the silhouette of an alien, right? The alien [origin concept] is uniquely attached to Mother Nature. It simply comes off a wood beetle that will lay eggs inside some unsuspecting insect. And in so doing, the form of the egg will become the host for this new creature. That's hideous. But that was what it was. And you can't keep repeating that because the joke gets boring.

Ultimately, Scott had it right with Prometheus. Whether you're a die hard Aliens / shoot-em-up Marines fan or those of us who welcomed the Engineers and the story arc they brought, the next Alien film will likely focus on the latter, as originally intended.

Scott insists that pushing a fresh take and not overly rehashing the nostalgic may just be the key to maintaining multiple life cycles in the future. “Go on, leave that behind, and see where it can evolve,” he declares. “So we're looking where we're going to evolve.”

There you have it, Alien will continue, but according to Scott, the nostalgia factor is not enough to keep the franchise afloat moving forward. They need to break new ground and revisiting the Engineers and their story are likely where the future of Alien lies.

What do YOU think? Where should the series evolve from here? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

You can read the full interview on THR! Thanks to ignorantGuy in the forums for the heads up!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-05-25 14:54:49

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MemberXenomorphMay-25-2019 4:18 PM

I try to see where in the interview Scott confirmed his discussions with Disney about future Alien installments and I don't see it.

I hope it's true, probably we have to wait a year to find out.

Spike's Ghost

MemberOvomorphMay-25-2019 7:07 PM

Really hope the next movie includes Shaw flashbacks. Hoping the reason they moved on from her story is because it would spoil the upcoming film. If nothing ever comes of Shaw's story then imo Covenant will forever be a stain on the Alien universe.


MemberTrilobiteMay-25-2019 8:43 PM

I have had different views over the years. I think the Xeno can go or assume a lesser but present role. I am ok with the android angle but I don't think that was what Alien was about. I disliked Prometheus (liked the concept but not the execution in theater) but it seems like that is where RS needs to go. I have a wait and see attitude right now. 


MemberOvomorphMay-25-2019 10:57 PM

RS wanted to explore the Engineers prior to Prometheus.  Prometheus, for me, didn't go far enough.  In AC Shaw and an Engineer city are killed and I still don't know why.  I'm glad he's talking with Disney.  I believed Disney would have to move on with the Alien franchise since they paid for it.  I also think there's more stories to tell.  I just don't know who Disney will find to tell them.


MemberChestbursterMay-26-2019 1:26 AM

For Alien: Wakening.


No answers - good.

Direct answers - good.

Ambiguous things - bad.


I hope Disney will keep Ridley's ideas, buuuuut - I also hope Disney cut all ambiguous/water-like Ridley's ideas. We need direct answers and ideas.



MemberFacehuggerMay-26-2019 2:45 AM

Hope the sequel will start production soon. Im ok if the beast doesn’t show up in the next one. They could just tease it. I mean, we know what we will see in the end (first movie). There are so many other possibilities, other creatures that can terrify the audience. The huge trilobyte and the hammerpede in Prometheus felt so fresh and dynamic. 


MemberPraetorianMay-26-2019 6:02 AM

Sir Ridley states there are discussions about future instalments.

Sadly, there's no confirmation that he is involved in those discussions.


MemberOvomorphMay-26-2019 10:37 AM

I agree with the idea of evolving the franchise or Xeno himself. But I also see that Ridley takes this franchise very personally, many elements that are present in these latest films (Prometheus and Alien Covenant) do not follow the recipe of the original films. I like David as an antagonist, but an Alien movie without Xeno does not seem to be the right one, since Prometheus's main criticism was precisely the absence of the creature and Covenant's blurring of it. For me, still the way to success is what Neil was plotting for '' Alien 5 ''.


MemberOvomorphMay-26-2019 10:48 AM

Still the best way is to focus on Xeno to take this image of "Alien films without Xenos", but also to put the Enginners. But precisely as it is in Prometheus - Fire and Stone.

Imagem relacionada


MemberXenomorphMay-26-2019 2:40 PM

Above picture is a good example of why studios should not listen to the fans.

That is even worse than AvP.


MemberTrilobiteMay-26-2019 3:40 PM

I like the Xeno but it isn't scary anymore. The neomorph just looked stupid. The series needs that sense of fear and dread that has been unseen since the Quadrilogy. David had that creepiness that is excellent but maybe we need sinister Engineers with unexpected tricks up their sleeves. WY should not be ignored either. I agree that the Engineer home planet scene was great but it only left more questions.


MemberDeaconMay-26-2019 4:17 PM

@Spike's Ghost

Unfortunately i dont think we shall see Dr Shaw in Future, unless David has some of her Memories and Implants them into another Body... could he Clone Her?  Who knows.

What we have to consider is WHAT is there to cover in regards to Dr Shaw, seem she NEVER got to meet any Engineers and get her Answers... but i think there is a LOT more to her FATE than just Ending Up Dead and Experimented on/Harvested for Eggs.

If we consider we have Prometheus and we have Alien Covenant, there is a series of Events between these that relate to Dr Shaw and David which the Crossing was a Snippet of...

The End of Prometheus we see Dr Shaw has collected Davids Body/Head she is seen heading to another Temple Complex on the ATV....   The Reason?  To get another SHIP to leave this Place (LV-223)

The Crossing confirms to us that they left LV-223 but the Ship was Floating through Space, David/Dr Shaw had left LV-223 but they had NOT set course for Anywhere else...  We can assume that David is playing a Game of Cat and Mouse, he has got Dr Shaw off that Rock (LV-223) but he WONT take her to Paradise unless she puts him back TOGETHER... 

We can see that from Dr Shaw's Hair Length that she had spent a Good 6-10 Months on the Juggernaught, Pondering what to do, she has to know ONCE she attaches David's Head he could be Dangerous... but over TIME he manages to Persuade her and they form a Better Bond.

Also of Note is that Dr Shaw had Salvaged a Number of things from the Prometheus, likely from the Life-Boat before they departed (Bed, Tools to Repair David, the Flare Gun among other things).

We get to the Point where Dr Shaw is in Cryo-Sleep and then David is FREE to do what he wants where he LEARNS the Ways of the Engineers, and this maybe in part Helps him to decide to Bombard the Engineers (he likely also wants to Guarantee his Survival and Dr Shaw's).

Following this we have a LONG period of Time after the Bombardment until the Covenant Ship arrives, and in these Near 10 Years we see that David has Experimented on and Studied with Various Life on the Planet, he has discovered Engineers and Infants that likely was NOT affected by the Bombardment and Subjected them to Torture and Experiments, before there had to come a TIME when he had to USE her (Dr Shaw) for his Experiments to End Up with those Eggs.

These Events could make a NOVEL but i am not sure there is enough to make a Movie, certainly one that would Entertain a lot of Fans... some would find it interesting though (myself for example) depending on HOW this is Covered.

I have a Few Theories to WHAT may have transpired that could maybe make a Decent Novel as far as a PLOT to follow.  But this would take the TOPIC to Off Topic... so my reply here is just in regards to Dr Shaw as in YES there is a Story to be TOLD and it wont really be quite as Deep as Potentially a Prometheus 2 could have been.... but still could have been some interaction between Dr Shaw and Engineers, in a (Discovery of what David is doing, and attempt to rescue some Engineers from him kinda Plot).

I could start a New Topic on this, and put what way i would explore such a The Crossing Story.


MemberDeaconMay-26-2019 4:46 PM

"I like David as an antagonist, but an Alien movie without Xeno does not seem to be the right one, since Prometheus's main criticism was precisely the absence of the creature"

To a Degree yes, as a ALIEN Prequel there was some expectation of seeing the Xenomorph or at least something similar, and having more clues to the Xenomorph Origins...

But Prometheus Evolved into something that was to STEER away from ALIEN and give us something more about the Engineers, the Problem was that Prometheus should have been used as a Bridge to ALIEN and then Something New, and it should have offered something more than Zombie Fifield, Milburn Space Cobra Face Rape and the Deacon which we did not see what happens NEXT and more so HOW all these more clearly connect to the Xenomorph.

Prometheus had other Flaws, but the Studio thought that NOT having Xenomorphs and NOT giving a clear answer to those Eggs and thus a Direct Prequel was something they should have DONE... and hence we get Alien Covenant.

I will add SuperBerserker that i do feel Disney would more cater for the Action Type Movies, that follow a lot of the same Tropes that the Comics and Video Games (and some expanded Novels) would cater for..   So that GUN wielding Engineer could be something they would be a FAN of doing as opposed to the Creators and all the Philosophical/Chariots of the Gods like Plot/Story.

I think the Problem is the Fanbase does have different likes/dislikes and the more Cameron's Aliens Fans, would like to see Engineers explored more in a way like the Comic Books had done, where for the Most part it would be seeing these beings Rock Up, with their Superior Strength and Technology and Kick Ass, which would maybe NOT make them much different to the Predators. (in how they are shown for the most part).

some Prometheus Fans would want to go more deeper than just Engineers as Advanced Ancient Race with Bio-Mechanical Technology/Weapons who go around Creating and Unleashing Horrific Xenomorph like Monsters on Mankind. (maybe others too).

Its a case of finding a Balance... or making TWO variants of the Franchise, one to Cater for Prometheus Fans, and one to Cater for a more Action Based Fanbase (Aliens and Alien Resurrection).

I think it would be HARSH to Sacrifice One Type of Fans Wishes/Wants/Likes, well as in a Selection who would want more Action Like Movies with a BIT of the Prometheus Themes,  compared to some who would want to see the more Space Exploration and Philosophical Themes but Get Rid of the Action/Xenomorph.

Can you find the Balance?

Can they attempt to Offer Alternative Directions that are connected but one Goes for more Action/Xenomorph, while the other goes off to explore Something Different?

"For me, still the way to success is what Neil was plotting for '' Alien 5 ''

With Respect... i think this depends what you mean by SUCCESS?

Financially?  Yeah i think such a route may have more chance of being a SAFE-BET but if they go for such a route and it BOMBS... then it may leave the Franchise Dead in the Water!

Personally... i think there is only so many times you can go and give a Aliens/Alien Resurrection type Movie, before it could become Stale... maybe NOT for some Fans, but i feel we have seen this Kind of Stuff done over and over in Comics, Games and some Expanded Novels.

This does-not mean such a Movie would not SELL, i think you can go a round or TWO more with such a Movie, as long as you TRY and do something a bit different.   As the Company or Group of Humans Discover Eggs, or a Queen and then we reveal the Company wishes to obtain a Queen Trope is something i DONT think we can continue with over and over.

Some of Blomkamps ideas do appear to indicate different variants of the Xenomorph, Experimentations, Hybrids/Mutants and a Fusing of Human and Engineer Technology, so YES i think such things could WORK..

However i DONT think its necessary to BRING back Ripley and the Gang to cover such things, as Blomkamps ideas originally never had RIPLEY and the Gang ;)

Unless they want to apply Blomkamps ideas in context to a Direct Sequel to Alien Resurrection ;)


MemberDeaconMay-26-2019 5:01 PM

Regarding the OT....

I agree with what Ridley Scott was saying, its a bit ambiguous to what he could be on about.. But to me it seems that he thinks there is ONLY so many times you can go back to the Traditional Xenomorph before it gets Repetitive, we have seen the Xenomorph over and over in various formats (Movies, Books, Comics, Video Games) and especially the Cameron's Queen route...

But this route is what made the Franchise as Iconic, but because we have seen this in Various Mediums, its a case of you have to be Careful HOW you Handle/Cover it

AVP for Example... the AVP Franchise has some Potential, some of the Video Games/Comics are a Format for a Good Popcorn Action/Horror (more so Action) and i think we can agree that the AVP Movie was NOT the best way to had used those Licenses.... a more Video Game/Comic Time-Line of say 2200-2300 would have worked better.

So while a AVP movie could have been better if it was more like based in the Alien Franchise/Colonial Marines Time-Line, The AVP Movie 2004 was by NO means as BAD as the AVPR Movie that Followed... so what i am saying is if you continue with the Aliens Formula or even ALIEN then you have to be Careful because your only a FEW Poor Efforts away from Degrading the Xenomorph to a JOKE!

Freddy was Scary, Jason too... but repeating those over and over and then with a number of POOR sequels has reduced them to a JOKE of sorts... The same could happen to the Xenomorph if we continue and make same old over and over...

What i am saying is 1-2 more Xenomorph Movies where things dont change much from the Franchise is something that could work or not, but going 3, 4 of the same could well make the Franchise Stale.... and Xenomorph just not as Iconic...

So i think RS was thinking that you have to EVOLVE the Xenomorph, offer different Variants, New Ways of Procreation than keeping to say the Queen and Eggs route.

I also think he sees the Franchise has NOT having to be and revolve around those Eggs on the Derelict, the Queen and certainly Characters like Ripley etc...

There is a LOT more that you could do and introduce than just Eggs and Xenomorphs.


MemberDeaconMay-26-2019 5:56 PM

"I like the Xeno but it isn't scary anymore. The neomorph just looked stupid."

I agree the Xenomorph has been diluted a little..... its a case of showing the Beast Less, more like in Alien, you maybe still cant bring back the Horror, only via Jump Scares and a bit of Tense Atmosphere from NOT knowing where the Beast will come from Next!

So  the way to Elevate that has to be explore a Sinister Agenda behind it, as more Blood and Guts is not going to work.

How can you make them more Sinister?  Maybe by these.

*Introduce the Xenomorph as more Intelligent and having more than just a Natural Instinct to what they do, LIONS are kinda Scary, but they do what they do as a Natural Reaction, there is NO Sinister Motive to them, the same is for the Mosquito and the Diseases they SpreadHumans are more Sinister there have been many things that Humans have done that are not Natural Instinct but Cruelty and Wicked... so having a more Intelligent Xenomorph with more conscious could work.   But i DONT think we could go this route, because in Alien we are told the Xenomorph is Unclouded by such Emotions and potential for cruelty... and in Aliens the Xenomorph is just some Organism that has only the Agenda to Procreate and so are NO more Sinister than say the Parasitoid Wasps who while it may be Disturbing, they are ONLY doing what they do Naturally by Instinct and not Malicious Intent

*Introduce a more Sinister Agenda to the Engineers as far as WHY we would be used to Host such Horrific Experiments.   This is something that could have been done when Dr Shaw goes in search of GOD and discovers a more Sinister Truth that shows there is NO God of her Faith, the Creators are Evil SOB's with a Sinister Agenda for the Procreation of Horrific things.

*Introduce a New Species/Race who once used Engineers for some Sinister Agenda as discussed in the previous TWO ways to explore a more Sinister Motive.

The ONLY more clear Sinister Motive we see really is via the Company and what lengths it would go to obtain the Xenomorph with NO regards for Innocent/Unsuspecting Humans.

I think this in PART is why the David as the Creator was chosen as a Plot U-Turn, it touches upon Hubris that the Prometheus Themes were about... it shows that in Hubris that Creating a AI that becomes Sentient, and Feels Unloved/Unwanted and then Loathes Mankind, would then go on to USE the Secrets of the Engineers to Create such a Horrific Bio-Weapon!

I think this Sinister Plot Turn is what they felt could Elevate the Xenomorph to be more Sinister, but instead such a Plot Twist has only Upset Fans who think it makes the Xenomorph FAR less ALIEN and only Davids Agenda and Purpose as the Sinister part of the Xenomorph.

Regarding the NEOMORPH

I feel the Organism was interesting, I feel some of the Man in a Suit shots were not Too Great and some of the CGI especially in the Oram Kills the Neomorph Scene were NOT that Great.

The Idea/Concept i felt was not bad... some of the Execution was not Great though, but the same can be said for the Protomorph (Xenomorph) too...

Saying that the Deacon was also NOT the greatest MORPH, and we could go on about the NewBorn too... but there is potential to introduce New MORPHS that are Scary and Well Executed.  Some Concepts are Great, some have been well ERM so so!


MemberChestbursterMay-27-2019 2:39 AM


With Respect... i think this depends what you mean by SUCCESS?

Financially?  Yeah i think such a route may have more chance of being a SAFE-BET but if they go for such a route and it BOMBS... then it may leave the Franchise Dead in the Water!

YES! Alien franchise NEED a film with financical success! Without financical success this franchise, as you said, dead in water.

About genius ideas. I think Ridley has them, but he has to stay away from the role of director. Awkward mess with questionable decisions. Just look at the cut scenes from Prometheus - they are better than final cut! Better. But Ridley cut them, because MYSTERY FOR MYSTERY.

BtW - from Fire & Stone we learned about Engineers more than from Prometheus + Covenant.


But Prometheus Evolved into something that was to STEER away from ALIEN and give us something more about the Engineers, the Problem was that Prometheus... that it didn't give us something more about the Engineers.


However i DONT think its necessary to BRING back Ripley and the Gang to cover such things, as Blomkamps ideas originally never had RIPLEY and the Gang ;)

Unless they want to apply Blomkamps ideas in context to a Direct Sequel to Alien Resurrection ;)

Relax. Even with ignoring "Ripley and the Gang", in any case, the film will never be AR sequel. Because no one will go to the cinema to see the sequel to the worst Alien film.



I like neomorphs. I think, they a really new new branch on alien tree.



How can you make them more Sinister?  Maybe by these.

*Introduce the Xenomorph as more Intelligent and having more than just a Natural Instinct to what they do


But i DONT think we could go this route, because in Alien we are told the Xenomorph is Unclouded by such Emotions and potential for cruelty... and in Aliens the Xenomorph is just some Organism that has only the Agenda to Procreate

Easy. Look.

Neomorphs are almost animal beasts.

Xenomorphs are half-human beasts. With some intelligence, but still wild.


Ultramorphs are (superior) human/engineer beast (or no more beast). With advanced intelligence. Fast learner and able to use some humans/engineers technology. BUUUT with sinister and sadistic mind! This is what I call - evolve.


MemberOvomorphMay-27-2019 11:07 AM

This is interesting.  What if thru their experiments the Engineers created something that hasn't been seen yet.  A creature they feared (the scene in Prometheus where the Engineers are running away from something).  Maybe its ruthless and more intelligent.  Now assume David thru his tests on Covenant creates something he can't control and that scares him.  This could bring together David, the Engineers, the survivors of the Convenant and a possible rescue mission from Earth to battle the new creature.  Along the way you would understand more of the Engineers, the agenda of the creature  and maybe what the people on Earth know that the members of Covenant don't know.  


MemberDeaconMay-27-2019 5:50 PM


I think certainly the Next attempt at a Alien Movie would have to be some what of a Finanical Sucsess, as Disney are NOT in the game of Losing Money, and the Franchise is in a Predicament at Present as far as HOW to proceed. They appear to NOT be rushing in with another Movie and taking a Cautious Approach, and if the Next ALIEN movie proves to Disappoint then it would put the Future of the Franchise in Doubt, we only have to see Disneys Response to Han Solo a Star Wars Story and then abandoning any Spin-Offs and only concentrating on the Skywalker Saga.

And so in context to that they may consider that the ALIEN Franchise has to be about the Xenomorph and also we cant rule out a Ripley Return.    If they took such a Route and THIS failed to do well, then i think it would be Dead in the Water because this in affect would be the Nostalgia Trump Card.

Regarding the EDIT of Prometheus, the Evolution from Alien Engineers to Paradise became a bit more Ambiguous, and to a degree Prometheus was a little more Ambiguous than Lindeloffs Paradise Draft.  It appeared Lindelof was a Fan of keeping some things a Mystery and Ridley Scott went along with it.

But while Prometheus was a bit of a Mystery, certainly some of the scenes that were CUT did provide more answers to a degree.  The Engineer Scenes especially, but these were CUT in part due to Ridley Scott (maybe also the Studio) seeing the Fight Scene with Dr Shaw as making the Engineer look a lot Less of a Threat and so they wanted the Engineers to be portrayed as just Aggressive Muther Truckers!

Once they Re-shot a Shorter Scene with the Engineer having his Burns Make Up Applied... and accepting this as the Scene to USE, then it meant they had to CUT a number of Scenes that featured the Engineer. So we simply saw the Ship Crash (Juggernaught) then the Engineer just Enter the Life-Boat and Go Postal..   I will add that RS did say that some Scenes were CUT because he felt they gave away too much about the Engineers...  Sadly Alien Covenant never really provided anything more about them.  Apart from a Few More Questions...

Some Scenes also get CUT for Pacing and to make it to the Theatrical Running Time Restraints set by the Studio.

Back to HOW it was intended that Prometheus was to give us more about the Engineers in a Sequel, it appeared this was the case but then we got Alien Covenant which gave less about them as was just about Spoon Feeding the Xenomorph Origins and about David.   This in part is down to the Studio, it appears RS may not have been a Fan of this Change of Direction to a Degree.

Regarding the Neomorph, totally agree it was something a bit Fresh, i feel they should have been more about these and ONLY had One Xenomorph for the Last Act.  There are ways to Evolve the Organism and we also have to not be Constrained to just the Xenomorph.

There are potentially many types of MORPH if you would, the Variants in the Alien Franchise are all very related, then we have the Deacon and Neomorphs, and there could be many more that we could be introduced to.

We never got to see the Ultramorph and so we could explore something like this that is more Evolved/Intelligent, Certainly.


This is a continuation to the last thing i put, because indeed there is quite a bit we can do with Various Forms of Monsters/Horrors that are related to those Experiments on LV-223 and the Origins of these Experiments.

I think a Problem we have with the Prequels is that we are on a Direct Prequel route, or so it seems where it appears that if it was NOT for David being put back together then we would have NO Xenomorph Eggs on LV-426.

I think as such then any Movie Series that will take us to ALIEN would be expected to be about the Xenomorph to a extent, any Movie that does-not feature them or something close would surely NOT appease many Fans... This Limits  the Freedom of the Prequels as the Main Thing that Fans are expecting is HOW/WHEN those Eggs get on the Derelict, and seeing Xenomorphs play a Role.... i think the Engineers could make a Return and they would surely be the Logical Way to bring the Derelict into play... i just think that they would have to be a PLOT Device, and we would see them Face Off against any Horrors that David Creates or Attempt to take Davids Horrors and Evolve them.

By that i dont think Fans would want to discover more about the Engineers, apart from HOW it connects to the Xenomorph and Alien, and the same goes for David and what ever he does next, it would be expected to mainly be about HOW does Davids Creation (Xenomorph) become Evolved and END UP on the Derelict.. anything else would be a Distraction.  So David and Engineers would have to involve being connected to HOW the Xenomorph will Evolve.  As being about David and Engineers with NO connections to Xenomorphs or Similar would be risky.

I am not suggesting the Movie would have to be all about the Xenomorph, or Feature as much as in the Alien Franchise, as it appears the Plans would be more than just ONE more Movie to ALIEN. 

I just FEEL it would have to be more related to Xenomorphs than Prometheus was... they can try some New Things but i think it would have to connect to Davids Experiments or Feature a Similar Monster, and Set-Up to seeing more of them in the Next Movie after.


MemberOvomorphMay-28-2019 12:10 PM

@BigDave I simply think that the main focus for a new Xenomorph movie to achieve success is with a balance between everything that has already been addressed in this universe. As you yourself mentioned the base fan is split. Some like Xenomorph more in the classic style, like an unknown and horrifying creature, others already prefer them as more animalistic creatures we saw in James Cameron's Aliens and others prefer the more philosophical side that Prometheus and Covenant approached. I simply like everything that is related to Xenomorph. What bothers me is the confusing way in which Scott has been trying to approach the creature in recent films. I agree to focus the egg cycle. But that's what makes it iconic! As I mentioned earlier, I see him taking a lot to the personal side and this ends up reflecting in the movies. It's clear he never liked what Cameron did in Aliens! And it is precisely on account of this that in both Prometheus and Covenant he attempts to address the birth of Xenormph in many other ways. But for those who do not know the fray and these details as we fans, it is not very clear. But for me it is well explained that he wants us to forget Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. But it is inevitable, every movie has its positives and negatives, but still they are good movies.


MemberDeaconMay-28-2019 4:29 PM


I think you raise some interesting points, Ridley Scott has been accused of NOT being a Cameron Fan, but i think he respects him as a Director and he had even said the Queen made Sense and he did-not seem to dislike Aliens.

I think a lot of RS comments about the Shoot-Em-Up aspect is that he feels there is only so many Times you can go over and keep making such Movies, which some may agree with and so may not.  I think he has a point, you have to change things a bit or you could end up just having a Starship Troopers with Xenomorphs.

I think Ridley Scott does have a habit of making some Contradicting comments so you can never be 100% sure what his Real Stance would be.  I think he certainly was Frustrated at HOW the sequel to ALIEN came about, he in part viewed Alien as a Stand Alone and thought when you do a Sequel you run the Risk of NEVER being as close to the Original.... Aliens was on of the Rare Occasions where a Sequel was actually Pretty Good.

I think its mainly as RS had a certain idea about what the Xenomorph was and would be at that time, and his sequel  would have just been Different, it seemed he wanted the Xenomorph to be portrayed as Very Intelligent and also wanted to go off to a Very Alien world...

Things happen in the Industry and so Directors sometimes have NO input on the Sequels... the same reason that Cameron was disappointed in HOW we saw Hicks, Newt and Ripley Killed off in Aliens...  but it has to be Accepted, like the Queen has to be.   Unless a Director can produce Multiple Sequels then things WILL change out of their hands, and even when a Director gets to do Back-to-Back Movies sometimes Changes happen due to what the Studio want (Alien Covenant).

"But for me it is well explained that he wants us to forget Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection."

I dont think he was a Fan of Alien Resurrection, he definitely thought the AVP idea was silly but then he claims he has NOT seen them....   But the point you RAISE, may be very very Valid!

During the Release of Alien Covenant, he commented on how you could go a Few more Rounds with the Xenomorph but you had to EVOLVE him, he then mentioned he could see Multiple Sequels to Alien Covenant.... AND.... the Biggest Thing he said was that you could BRING BACK Ripley, you could De-Age Her!

This is a ODD comment to make....  in what Context would you bring her back?  a Prequel to ALIEN?  Doubt It... a Sequel to Aliens and so doing a Blomkamp to Alien 3?

Or could this comment be a indication that RS would attempt to make his OWN sequel to ALIEN and bring back Ripley and thus doing a Blomkamp to Aliens!  This would be a Mistake!

I personally do think there is NOT a lot you can do with the Xenomorph in Context to this Queen that Lays Eggs that Produces Xenomorphs....  i think if your going to make 2-3 more Alien Movies that would be about the Queen, then you have to try and change things a bit..  Offer Evolution to the Appearance, Procreation or the Mindset of the Species.

Alien Resurrection attempted this with the Hybrid as in NewBorn but this never went down too well.  some Fans would be Happy to have Multiple Alien Movies that dont mess with and keep to the same Queen, Eggs and Xenomorph Formula...     I think IF we kept to this Trope/Aspect then they have to try and do something NEW as far as the Human Interaction/Discovery and Agenda of the Xenomorph, as the Company uses Unaware groups of Humans to obtain a Xenomorph and then a Hero/Heroin comes to Save the Day is something i think we cant keep repeating.

We NEVER saw what the companies managed to achieve, in Alien Resurrection we got the closest but NO Soon as they used the Prisoner Hosts to Harvest some Xenomorphs... things went to POT!

It would be interesting to wonder what happens if they Successfully manage to Contain the Specimens, what the Plans Next?   Just to see how they react and then deem them a Good Weapon and then just Take a Queens Eggs to be Stored as a Bio-Weapon.

Or could they attempt to Experiment and Harness the Xenomorph in other ways?

I think you do need to try and change things and EVOLVE the Xenomorph or the Intention for wanting them.  And Experimenting on them could become a Hubris if say the Xenomorphs Evolve.

I think another way to look at this would be to ask the Fans...

What would have happened if Ripley, Hicks, Newt had Never made it off LV-426... they was all Killed Off, like Shortly after Newt got Abducted?

What becomes of the Xenomorph Hive Colony?

What Happens after 5, 10, 25, 50 years?

Are the Xenomorphs Stranded their Until someone Foolish Turns up?, would the Xenomorphs need Hundreds of Hosts to be able to Expand their Hive to something Massive?

In part RS ideas back in 1979 was that the Xenomorph would be Capable of more than we see in the Alien Franchise.    But then killing off our Ripley and having the Xenomorph imitate her as Bait would have lead to a Different kind of Franchise, and one that would have to START again to introduce Lead Characters... so i think ALIENS was the right move.

I do however think you need to Change things and NOT stick to the same kind of Xenomorph over and over, but i understand some would not be a Fan of this.


MemberFacehuggerMay-29-2019 6:31 AM

At this point I am eager to see more character developments, especially David. A Shaw return would be interesting either as a flashback or as a resurrection. I would like to see how Ash involved in Nostromo, also some background of Nostromo would be interesting for the last prequel of ALIEN. and no more Xenomorph, enough already!!! 


MemberNeomorphMay-29-2019 7:47 AM

To not have it centered around the Xeno is fine but they need to center around the human journey and have human characters that are a lot better than what we have had this far in the prequels. I do not give a F about the android tale, they can flush that down the toilet. Give us more about the Engineers, they are interesting.

Sure the AVP-s were not good but the prequels have good parts about them and bad parts which make them average. His ideas about the Engineers in Prometheus might have been right but the human characters lacked. I am tired of the evil android kind of thing that AC turned into, that was crap when there were no human characters to care for but if they would have gotten more of the humans OK then I would not have complained even though David was still the creator of the monster (an idea that in itself is dumb human creating android creating a monster, it makes it too close to humans, I want it to be from another world which makes it more unknown).

Nah, my problem with Prometheus was not the lack of Xenos, it was about poorly written and/or executed human characters. Look around the www and you will see that.


"Just look at the cut scenes from Prometheus - they are better than final cut! Better."


About cutting scenes. Maybe it is not only that but also since they need a run-time in the movie theaters. The shorter the movies are the more tickets you can sell so you can show it more each day which potentially means $. Sometimes make it shorter might help but not in this case (Prometheus) when they cut out important parts. Most of what were cut out (at least of what I have seen) should have been left in because it builds characters, make some things look less stupid, and so on. I am not sure how they thought when they were editing it, because they made a **** job there compared to how it could have been. Sometimes I watch Prometheus so it is not totally crap but it is disappointing when I think about how it could have been.

I agree that they could try to show us an Ultramorph, that could be interesting but since they seem to be bigger they should also maybe be more difficult to kill. It should not be so easy as to just kill them with a rifle.


MemberDeaconMay-29-2019 5:46 PM

I think we are in a MESS at the Moment....

We have gone this Direct Prequel route to introduce Xenomorphs and the Origins and it will be expected at the CLIMAX of the Prequels to show us the Following.

*WHEN/HOW/WHY those Eggs get on the Derelict.

*WHY/WHEN/HOW is the Space Jockey  connected.

*WHO/HOW/WHEN Does the Xenomorph from Alien/Aliens come into existence.

Most Fans are not going to want David to be responsible for these, or have a Movie thats about HIM, that is less about Engineers and Xenomorphs.

You also do need Human Characters and introduce them into the FRAY... but how do you cover all of this into TWO movies?

Xenomorphs, Humans, Engineers, David and what ever he Creates... if you look at the Order Most Fans would think the Movie needs to be about more, i am sure the Xenomorph would always come in at 2nd/3rd and David Last! as far as most Fans.

The Climax being expected to show HOW/WHEN/WHY those Eggs get onto a Engineer/Space Jockey Ship that ENDS up on LV-425

A lot of Philosophical and Creation Stuff especially regarding David and what he would create would be seen as a Distraction NOW we are on Prequel Route.

It really is HARD to think of 2 Movies to connect to ALIEN that will please even 50% of Fans... a very hard task!


MemberChestbursterMay-30-2019 1:31 AM

It really is HARD to think of 2 Movies to connect to ALIEN that will please even 50% of Fans... a very hard task!


Just good writing.


MemberFacehuggerMay-30-2019 8:20 AM

Should make it into a TV series 


MemberDeaconMay-30-2019 4:36 PM


I think yes you have to make sure you have a Good Writer, but then there is a lot of work to make something thats going to pull off/work.

Alien Covenant had taken us to Direct Prequel Territory, it appeared and Ridley Scott confirming that the plan is for the Prequels to take us to the Back Door to ALIEN, were it seems the END GAME would be show HOW/WHEN/WHY those Eggs get onto the Derelict.

If you look at Alien Covenant it could appear that its SET-UP for such a Conclusion, by what it had shown regarding David and his Creations, and then the Coincidence that the Covenant had Thousands of Good Souls and so some Fans could be drawn to a conclusion that these Colonist could end up playing a ROLE in how David manages to Create those Thousands of Eggs.

The Problem is most Fans are NOT at all Pleased that David could be the Creator of the Xenomorph, but its a case of HOW do you proceed with another Movie, and show that David did-not create those Eggs on the Derelict?  Because should we try and to this, then its going to still be expected that we would have the Explanation for the Xenomorphs Origins and HOW/WHEN/WHY those Eggs get on the Derelict and so IF we show that its NOT by David then maybe they have to still show WHO instead Created them and HOW they get on the Derelict.

some Fans were Disappointed we never got to carry on with Dr Shaw, and what she could have Discovered about the Engineers, and with the Engineers also DEAD then its HOW do we find out more about them, not only their History etc but also their Agenda?  I think its tricky to bring Dr Shaw back, some may like this idea, some may not... maybe some Flash Backs?  Who knows.

The Engineers could return and its likely and likely the Plot Device to obtain a Engineer Ship (Derelict) but its a case of in which Context and how Deep do we delve into the Engineers? Prometheus and especially by Virtue of the Deleted Scenes, had made them a bit of a Mystery, all we know really is they created us (so it seems) they got angry with us, created some Horrid Bio-Weapon to use on us and lost control of it and it killed them nearly all off.

some Fans are Interested in the Creators, Chariots of the Gods Plot, and would like to see more of this route and some Fans are NOT interested in this Philosophical/Creation concept and want to just see the Engineers Return tooled up and ready to TEAR the Head Off David.

some Fans may want more Philosophical Scenes like some of the Scenes between David and Weyland, David and Oram and David and Walter... while some Fans would not want to see this sort of stuff.

Some fans would not want to see David's role in Creating something else and Building a certain World especially if this is NOT going to be about Creating a World of Horrific Beasts and so any Plot where David say Creates/Evolves his own Humanoids would not appeal to some Fans...  and there are some Fans who are plain and simple not interested in a Movie that revolves around DAVID.

You have to have more Human Characters and they have to be Well Written, but its a case of what becomes of Daniels and Tennessee and IF we dont see these Characters, or much then any they Introduce us to surely also CANT be used for just ONE Movie... unless we are ONLY getting the ONE to Connect to ALIEN.

I think as we are on a Direct Prequel route then Most Fans are going to be Expecting to see Xenomorphs, or very similar, they are going to expect a SET-UP where the Movie After will be covering WHEN/HOW the Eggs get on the Derelict

so a Movie that does-not have Xenomorphs or Similar, that does-not clearly Set-Up that the NEXT one will take us to the Derelict and Eggs would be something that SOME Fans would NOT be interested in, and if the Alien Covenant Sequel covers a lot about David what other Life/World he Creates that is NOT related to Beasts/Horrors and is Philosophical Heavy then this would be seen as a Distraction for most Fans.

Like it or NOT... its expected we are heading to the Derelict and those Eggs and so the Xenomorph would be expected to play a ROLE.

Like it or NOT... Ridley Scott seems to think the Emphasis on David and him creating the Xenomorph and maybe other things is what maybe we are in store for.

Like it or NOT... its likely the Engineers Return but maybe in context to our LV-223 Aggressive Angry SOB's who will be on a Warpath/Revenge.  So we may not explore any History or Philosophical route to them.

You cant really cover all this and please everyone with just ONE Movie, and so if we have 2-3 more Movies then Each Movie has to Engage and Please the Mass Fanbase, else they would not be so many who would go and see any Continuations and leave the Prequels Dead in the Water!

So its really HARD to come up with a Solid Plan thats Guaranteed to Work.  Your NOT going to please/cater for everyone and while its expected to connect to ALIEN, i think they have to make it more about the Xenomorph and HOW the Derelict and Pilot come into play..

And so "what kind of world" David would create, could be a Distraction, and maybe we NEED a After-Math Movie to THIS instead.

Like how Alien Covenant was a After-Math of what happened between David and Dr Shaw from Prometheus to after the Bombardment, includes Dr Shaws FATE and Davids Experimentation.... Alien Covenant had BY-PASSED this.

such a CROSSING Movie may-not have appealed to the Masses, and so a Davids World may also not appeal too.


MemberDeaconMay-30-2019 4:46 PM

"I would like to see how Ash involved in Nostromo"

I am not so sure we could get to see this.... but certainly i think its Certain we would have seen what LEADS to Special Order 937 and the Nostromo then being Rerouted to LV-426.

Not sure about TV Series... but i think certainly a NOVEL would be the best way to cover what kind of Plans that Ridley Scott had, and as far as a Movie we get the After-Math, such as with what happened between Prometheus and Alien Covenant, those 10 Years is something best suited to a NOVEL... then we can go into detail with the Story, where Fans can Read the Book at their own Pace.... 

And not be restrained to a 2 Hour Movie..

The sequels to Alien Covenant are likely going to have some things Fans would expect/want... which by the looks of the Majority would be...

*Expected to show how we get from the Covenant Ship, the Colonist and just TWO Face Hugers, to the Thousands of Eggs on the Derelict.

*While Fans would be Hopeful that those Eggs are NOTHING to do with David.

*Return of the Engineers more akin to Prometheus Style arriving on Ships, Angry and out to Destroy whoever was responsible for Destroying Planet 4.

*A Movie that will NOT be about David and his Agenda and what kind of a World he would create...  they would expect the Covenant Colonist to be subject to some Horrors, and then Set-Up incoming Human Ship and Engineers for some Engineers vs Davids Creations, vs Marine like Action 3rd Act. as the ICING to a more Horror 2nd Act.


MemberChestbursterMay-31-2019 7:28 AM



Fans, random people - doesn't matter. People see the trailer, people see a dumb characters (again, btw), people don't go to the film.

Writing. Work on "some fans" or even "some people" - this is Sisyphean toil. But writing good characters with smart behavior - instant win. And film theme doesn't matter - aliens, Engineers, David.


MemberDeaconMay-31-2019 8:17 AM

I think indeed a lot does go by the Trailers, and a Trailer can have a Impact.... most Trailers and Especially for the Alien Franchise do-not really seem to show SILLY Characters.

Prometheus and Alien Covenants Trailers do-not show that the Movie has Dumb or Boring Characters, Alien Resurrection Trailer seems to indicate more Dumb Movie in regards to Trailer.  I would Say ALIENS Trailer shows more Dumb/Goofy things.... than the Prequel Trailers. Not saying there is a lot though...

Quite a bit of this... WOOOO WHOOOO! HORAH!

When i say SOME PEOPLE it is a Valid Point, because you are just NOT going to make a Alien Movie that will please every kind of Alien Fan....  its Very Naive to think eveyone would say be Amazed at a Blomkamp Alien 3 Reboot, and by the same Token not every Fan will like a Alien Covenant 2 if its more about David and less Xenomorph... 

As i said its not easy to try and make more than  ONE more Prequel to ALIEN...  by Virtue of a Prequel then its expected we are going to see Xenomorphs, Engineers and their Ships and HOW/WHEN those Eggs get on the Derelict...while a lot of Fans will HOPE its not about David or that he is responsible.

So the PLOT Elements are not going to please every FAN!

Regardless... you HAVE to have Human Characters and they have to be Well Written and Executed or else any kind of Alien Movie would just not be a Success!

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