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Episode 2 of the Alien: Covenant Unofficial Animated Series now online!
Scified2017-09-05 15:57:18
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After a few road bumps and technical difficulties along the way we are finally ready to unveil the second episode in our ongoing animated series inspired by Prometheus and Alien: Covenant! Today, Jason Cardona, I and the community here at are proud to showcase the second instalment in our unofficial Alien: Covenant animated series!

Titled "Infection", this episode tackles some of the biggest questions fans had after viewing Prometheus. We analyzed many fan theories shared on our forums and paired many with information we learned after viewing Alien: Covenant. This episode illustrates our best guess at what happened to the Engineers on LV-223 prior to the Prometheus' arrival.

A popular fan theory involved a confrontation between Engineer races - those looking to create life and spread their genetic code across the universe - and those looking to destroy life by creating the highly mutable black goo pathogen David ironically used to wipe out the remaining Engineers on Paradise prior to the events of Alien: Covenant.

Fans will notice subtle details in this episode that help to tie up loose ends and explain some of the events referenced in Prometheus.

You can check out episode 2 on YouTube now:

Be sure to visit the official page for the animated series here on for more information about the series, links to discussion threads in our forum dedicated to this series and for information on how you can help support our illustrator and animator Jason! As always, your comments and opinions are welcome and thank you to everyone for their patience while Jason and I worked on polishing up this episode.

Jumping ahead, as a teaser, Episode 3 will tackle fan theories involving what happens after Alien: Covenant and what will lead us into Alien: Awakening (working/unofficial title of Alien: Covenant 2). Have theories? Be sure to share them in our forums and yours might be used in our next episode!

The Alien franchise is taking a dramatic turn at 20th Century Studios, now owned by Disney. Currently there are two major Alien projects in development - a new Alien TV series by Noah Hawley and a new, stand-alone Alien movie being directed by Fede Alvarez. Both of which will be taking the franchise in a new direction - moving away from the Alien prequel direction Ridley Scott set out to pursue back in 2012.

If you're a fan of Alien / Prometheus and would like to discuss Alien: Covenant and its upcoming sequel with other like-minded fans, be sure to join in our Alien: Covenant forum! Ranked the #1 Prometheus forum back in 2012 and reigning as the web's top Alien: Covenant fan site, it's a great place to discuss the upcoming Prometheus sequels, dissect details from every trailer and engage with other fans just like you.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-09-05 15:57:18

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14 Fan responses to Episode 2 of the Alien: Covenant Unofficial Animated Series now online!

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1215 XPSep-05-2017 4:34 PM

I love it. Splendid work. 

Can't wait for episode 3.


PraetorianModerator2414 XPSep-05-2017 5:28 PM

Great work again, very talented! This is very professionally done :)


EngineerAdmin23296 XPSep-05-2017 6:00 PM

Glad you guys like! Jason did a phenomenal job once again.


ChestbursterMember926 XPSep-05-2017 6:16 PM

Cool. I can't wait for more. One thing I would like to see in an animated version of the lost/unmade Xenomorph vs Neomorph scene.


PraetorianModerator2414 XPSep-05-2017 6:32 PM

KingKaijuGojira that would be pretty amazing!


PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-05-2017 8:23 PM

FANTASTIC!! I re-watched it about 5 times and loved every second of it!! For some reason I don't get a comment-box on youtube, so wanted to post here to make sure you knew how much I enjoyed this episode. :)
I really love these episodes, they kick-off/spark all sorts of ideas in my head for potential stories based off them, and/or ways I can include them in my works as a genuine Nod of respect and acknowledgement! :)

I like the upgrade to scampering-neomorph at the opening-creds bit also!


TrilobiteMember8212 XPSep-06-2017 12:40 AM

Great work- really adds ideas Prometheus should have addressed from the get go and makes it better. Thanks for creating this!


PraetorianMember2674 XPSep-06-2017 3:14 AM

OMG...I love it, watched it a dozen times already!!!

The scurrying Neomorph is aces ;)

Thank you so much guys, what a treat!



PraetorianModerator2414 XPSep-06-2017 3:15 AM

That last scene with the Ultramorph/Deacons stalking in the darkness is amazingly chilling!


FacehuggerMember143 XPSep-06-2017 4:03 AM

I loved this one even more, I think Ridley would be proud if you, can't wait for episode 3


PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-06-2017 5:32 AM

aaaaaaand....gonna have to do some editing to factor this in to ALIEN: Manticore.

For the sake of Completeness, and as a gesture of Respect to the Animated Series and the wonderfully talented people behind them!


PraetorianMember2861 XPSep-08-2017 9:09 PM

Just to say, though you probably already suspected, I'll be including this (evidenciary) in ALIEN: Manticore as the crew's poking about in that building to a MUCH greater degree than the Prometheus crew did. So they will find the evidence and such of this incident. :)

I've re-watched this and Ep 1 I don't know how many times now, LOVE them both!!!


NeomorphMember1691 XPSep-09-2017 2:39 AM

Well done! I especially like the atmosphere that the music added to. This was a lot creepier than both Prometheus and Alien Covenant which is a good thing in this case.



ChestbursterMember725 XPSep-10-2017 7:51 PM

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It fills in the gaps so perfectly and I love the background music and just everything!

But also, I'm a freaking fool for watching this right before bed when I need to be up early tomorrow...

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