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Alien TV series reportedly in development at Hulu!
Scified2019-10-27 18:12:47
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As the fate of the Alien franchise remains foggy since the Disney / Fox merger, more and more murmurings have surfaced regarding an Alien TV series. The latest report claims that an Alien TV series is currently in development at Hulu. This will exist in conjunction with the upcoming Alien: Covenant sequel / Alien prequel, which is currently being written.

Apparently, the Alien Hulu series will be created in an anthology format, with each season focusing on a new story set within the iconic Alien universe:

Unfortunately, the development timeline for these different Alien projects is still a bit hazy, but for now, we can confirm that the Hulu show will indeed be done in an anthology format, with each season telling a new story set in the scary sci-fi universe that Ridley Scott first introduced us to all those years ago.

How connected the series will be to the Alien prequels and original quadrilogy has yet to be revealed, however we suspect each season will focus on characters and events separate of David's journey and Ripley's destiny. We've already heard word about Fox / Disney wishing to expand the Alien universe and add forks in the established timeline. At one point, Fox were toying with the idea of ret-conning Alien 3 and Resurrection entirely with Blomkamp's Alien 5 project before it was indefinitely shelved.

To be fair, the Alien universe is so vastly unexplored and so easily explorable, especially after the open-ended concepts Ridley Scott provided with Prometheus and most recently Alien: Covenant.

What would you like to see the Alien series explore? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-10-27 18:12:47


MemberTrilobiteOct-27-2019 8:49 PM

I think the Alien 40th Anniversary  shorts series make a solid blue print.


MemberFacehuggerOct-29-2019 1:08 PM

This is definitely exciting. The alien universe has so much to explore and revisit. 


and Jonesy deserves his own episode.


MemberDeaconOct-31-2019 7:07 AM

I says lets wait and see and Fingers Crossed... i think MAYBE this is True.... i am not so sure on the Status of a Alien Covenant Sequel though.

If these Series are to take into Account the Prequels, then i think that means they would either NOT cover anything from the Prequels, so they DONT contradict/conflict them or SET-UP some Information that FORCES a Prequel Continuation down a SET PATH..

However who knows if Disney/FOX are 100% behind what Ridley Scott had on his mind for the Prequels and so ANY kind of TV Series would NOT conflict these?

They did say they had Produced a 10 PAGE Rule Book that Future Movies etc would have to Reference to, so to AVOID any Conflicts/Contradictions... but if so then these (RULES) can be SCRAPPED


MemberDeaconOct-31-2019 7:25 AM

I will say that a Anthology Series where each Season would be about a Different Story, does sound Interesting but there could be a FEW Problems.

1) The Franchise does-not have to Center around the Usual Xenomorph Egg, and our Typical Eight Fingered Friend and the Typical Outcome of this..... as well as QUEENS.

Because i think Ridley Scott was right when he said there is ONLY so much Face Hugging and Chest Busting that you can do, and if every Movie, Comic, Game, Novel and TV Series would be about the Traditional Egg, Face Huger, Chest Buster and Xenomorph that we have Especially seen in Alien, Aliens and the AVP Movies, then eventually it could become STALE and so Overcooked..

The Prequels with other Horrors offers us many Fresh Avenues...  Also the ALIEN Franchise could be about more than Eggs, Queens and Ripely and Marines.

2) The Reaction to the FIRST Season would be Important, if it SUCKS and Bombs... would we get a Season 2.. if it does-not do well and yet tries to cover MORE than Queens, Eggs etc (especially if these are a lesser role or do-not appear).... then would it FORCE a Season 2 to be about Eggs and Queens?

On the FLIP-SIDE if it does very WELL but the First Season is about Eggs and Queens, then would they (Disney) not want to RISK making another Series that offers something different?

I guess what i am trying to say is that IF the First Season is a HIT both in Terms of Critical Response and How Many Viewings...  say the PLOT is Good, Characters work etc.

Then would they be Reluctant to do something DIFFERENT with Season 2 and play it SAFE and Continue with the Same Characters/Plot?

IF we have a Successful Season 1 and Season 2 explores something different and New Characters and Settings and IT does not do as well as Season 1, would then then make Season 3 and on-wards a Continuation of Season 1?

I say this because if feel that DISNEY would stick to something that Works/Does well and then MILK IT... or if something is Different and does-not quite work, i feel they would go back to the Eggs, Queen and Ripely Formula and MILK that.

Dont mean to be Pessimistic ;)

I am hopeful we get a TV Series and then it should be Judged on its own Merits, i think what ever happens it will please some Fans...   I just hope they are NOT afraid of Mixing Things up and Changing things... but then looking at the Back Lash of the Prequels..

And looking at the Many Novels and Games i do wonder if they see these kinds of Plots as Playing it SAFE!


MemberDeaconOct-31-2019 10:48 AM

"At one point, Fox were toying with the idea of ret-conning Alien 3 and Resurrection entirely with Blomkamp's Alien 5 project before it was indefinitely shelved."

Rightfully so!

I think it would be a BAD idea to coin in some Alternative Universes,  for example with BATMAN we have the 89/90's Movies, then we have the DARK KNIGHT Alternative Series, and then we have the JUSTICE LEAGUE Franchise.  I just dont think something like that would be IDEAL for the ALIEN Franchise.

Or a Camerons like Retcon Terminator 2 Sequel.

I think Blomkamps Ideas could be used in another Movie in the Franchise.... but NONE that would bring back RIPLEY.

I dont think we even need to have Miss Weaver again...

Unless its a ALIEN V set after Alien Resurrection..

Exploring a Amanda Ripley in TV Series Format, or referencing Ellen Ripley would not be a Problem though.

I do HOWEVER have a idea for HOW they could introduce a PLOT where we have Amanda Ripley reunited with her Mother... or so she thinks... that would GET around the Age of Ripley ;)

A Plot that would be after the Conclusion of Amanda and her Mission to RID the Galaxy of the Xenomorph, where she is recovered Stranded in Cryo-sleep.

A Plot say in the TIME-LINE of Post ALIENS but FAR before Alien Resurrection ;)

Gee W

MemberFacehuggerNov-05-2019 11:31 PM

You only have to look at the Terminator series to know that a retcon of 3 and R is the last thing the franchise needs. Just make new stories set in the existing canon but with new settings and characters. An anthology series would be a good place to start. Make stories like Alien Isolation, the marine campaign in AvP2 etc. But after Ridley Scott finishes his prequel series please, that story needs to be completed.

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