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Alien Hope for the Future is a NEW simulation horror game set on LV-426 before the events of ALIENS!
Scified2020-01-22 11:19:33
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Back in 2017, the same year Alien: Covenant hit theaters, one man began working on a new game set in the Alien cinematic universe and now, nearly 3 years later the project is showing serious signs of life as development has ramped up and support has begun to pour in.

Alien Hope for the Future is a fan created simulation horror game set on LV-426 at Hadley's Hope before the events of James Cameron's ALIENS takes place. You get to play the role of members at the Terraforming colony before and during the Xenomorph incident which later sparks the attention of the USCM and Weyland-Yutani.

Since 2017 the game has come a long way. The creator, a single man named Melentev Alexey has been sharing screenshots and videos of the game's development along the way:

As of today, the test demo for the game is 85% complete and Melentev is currently seeking beta testers, via Patreon support to test the game out right now! Apparently there will be 3 different gameplay types - one of which pits you against a Xenomorph, where you need to hide and use resources to survive, very much like Alien: Isolation.

The game is looking pretty remarkable so far, especially since it's only being created by one man without the financial backing of a studio. We have to tip our hats to Melentev for the hard work he's put in so far and we hope this article helps drive more support for the project!

You can currently support the project via Streamlabs and Patreon! You can also join the Facebook group.

Check out the forum thread for Alien Hope for the Future to see more screenshots and to discuss the game with Melentev!

We will be watching this project very closely now that it's nearing completion. So be sure to check back often for new updates!

The Alien franchise is taking a dramatic turn at 20th Century Studios, now owned by Disney. Currently there are two major Alien projects in development - a new Alien TV series by Noah Hawley and a new, stand-alone Alien movie being directed by Fede Alvarez. Both of which will be taking the franchise in a new direction - moving away from the Alien prequel direction Ridley Scott set out to pursue back in 2012.

If you're a fan of Alien / Prometheus and would like to discuss Alien: Covenant and its upcoming sequel with other like-minded fans, be sure to join in our Alien: Covenant forum! Ranked the #1 Prometheus forum back in 2012 and reigning as the web's top Alien: Covenant fan site, it's a great place to discuss the upcoming Prometheus sequels, dissect details from every trailer and engage with other fans just like you.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-01-22 11:19:33

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5 Fan responses to Alien Hope for the Future is a NEW simulation horror game set on LV-426 before the events of ALIENS!


OvomorphMember52 XPJan-22-2020 12:04 PM

it'd be great if trailer was ain the post)


EngineerAdmin23332 XPJan-22-2020 12:11 PM

Added the trailer to the post! Welcome to the site!


DeaconMember10416 XPJan-22-2020 4:37 PM

Under the Cir***stances this is a AMAZING Project.

Even if it never really makes it into a Released Game, surely Melentev has shown what he can do on his OWN and a Games Develop will hopefully sign him UP as this guy does Deserve to be Working in the Games Industry.


ChestbursterMember666 XPJan-23-2020 1:47 AM

I like the battle between powerloader and xenomorph.


OvomorphMember18 XPJan-23-2020 8:39 PM

This game will definitely revolutionize the franchise just like Alien: Isolation did with its intense atmosphere of space terror! Can not wait! 

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