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Alienraptor: Velociraptor Xenomorph concept is pure nightmare fuel

Alienraptor: Velociraptor Xenomorph concept is pure nightmare fuel

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EngineerAdmin22520 XPMay-08-2023 5:42 PM

What would a Xenomorph born from a Velociraptor look like? Thats exactly what zBrush artist Kentaro Kameda set out to conceptualize with the following renderings! Both impressive and terrifying, the Alienraptor makes an already-scary Xenomorph even more terrifying... check it out:

Be sure to give Kentaro a follow on Twitter if you haven't already!

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3 Responses to Alienraptor: Velociraptor Xenomorph concept is pure nightmare fuel

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1204 XPMay-09-2023 11:07 AM

Really nice.

Kind of makes me wish there was an Alien animated anthology series like the Animatrix, and star wars visions. 


“What matters is what appears in your soul, not what your eyes see and what you can name.”- Zdzisław Beksiński


PraetorianMember4185 XPMay-10-2023 12:33 PM

Some parts are a little too raptor-like in the body portions for my liking since the human and dog spawned xenomorphs were more subtle with their host parent's traits but other than that its pretty cool looking



OvomorphMember27 XPMay-14-2023 7:30 AM

The JP velociraptors and the xenomorph were always the scariest creatures in movies for me as a kid! Very fun to see a mashup like this.

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