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Comic Book Preview – Marvel’s Alien Issues

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Member278 XPMar-20-2021 7:55 PM

Marvel ventures into the Alien universe this Wednesday, March, 24th, 2021, with the launch of a brand new comic book series set in the world of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror series; here's a preview of the issue...


Gabriel Cruz gave his life to Weyland-Yutani–In the case of an alien attack he barely survived, almost literally! Recently retired, Cruz is trying to patch things up with his abandoned son with the help of his friend, a Bishop-model android, but his re-entry into civilian life is not going smoothly…and his encounters with the deadly Xenomorph are far from over. 

8 Responses to Comic Book Preview – Marvel’s Alien Issues


Member278 XPMar-20-2021 8:07 PM

I prefer much more an Humanoid Queen than a Bug Queen. A Sentient Xenomorph Being absolutely terrifies me, in a good way.

A Xenomorph Queen with the intelligence of Queen Taramis, from 'Conan, The Destroyer', would be amazing.


Member3043 XPMar-25-2021 6:47 PM

They're tracing neca figures smh

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 


Member278 XPMar-27-2021 11:31 AM

Marvel's Alien Issue #1 - First Impressions (And Theories)


Member9757 XPMar-30-2021 5:48 AM

I am NOT a Fan of that Queen idea... i think it depends on the Context.... the Problem is the Mythos/Origins has become Messed Up and in Limbo with Alien Covenant.

That being does look like SIL from Species thats crossed with HR Gigers Lilith. Which both are his Creation.

We see that David had draw some similar things... the the Monster Designers/Artists for AC had drawn similar (some used for Davids works). So David could have Dreamed about turning Dr Shaw in to similar and maybe has Plans for Daniels....

I think such a Female Entity could work depending on the Context.... but Alien Covenant had kind of Muddied the Waters of the Mythos.

So the Introduction of such a Species could come from a kind of Evolution from the Pathogen/Xenomorph, or a Experiment.

Maybe Ignoring Alien Covenant, they could have gone with the Original Idea for the Engineers that they had LOST the ability to Procreate and they had Discovered something they had HOPPED would gain that again... but it just LEADS to a Mutant Female like SIL from Species who could then have Provided the Precursor to the Xenomorph etc.

Or you had such a Species as being Ancient and Enslaved or Created the Engineers for a Purpose and they Rebelled and Overthrown these Ancient Beings... and some Engineers latter tried to Evolve themselves to become more like their OLD MASTERS etc..

But ALAS...

A Number of Years ago i came up with a FEW ideas for a ALIEN V that would continue from AR and have it where Ripley 8 was slowly Transforming into something like WHAT we see in this COMIC...

such a Story Arc and Gradually Evolution would require LESS of a Budget/Time trying to make Miss Weaver look like she did in the late 90's.  As if she soon started to Turn like Holloway was before he was Toasted then the Make-Up etc would HIDE her Age.. and she then Progresses more and more to like a SIL then the Make-Up would HIDE that we have a Ripley who looks in her 60's etc.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Member278 XPApr-02-2021 2:01 PM

In first place, cheers BigDave, we are Alive. Second, David can create a Queen, his Queen. A Queen that reproduces in an hybrid way, half human, half Queen from aliens 1986. We want to watch the horror and feel repulse about every scene where the new queen appears. Possibly, we can watch it in the Alien fx TV series, or in the Marvel's Alien comics. I hope to watch something new in the Alien Universe very soon.


Kamoebas V.6

Member108 XPApr-02-2021 2:11 PM

Im with BigDave,i don't think that queen idea is good.


Member278 XPApr-02-2021 8:19 PM

Fan art.






Member9757 XPApr-07-2021 6:01 AM

@Kamoebas V.6

I dont mind such a Queen it depends on the Context and what Role/Origin it serves, as Opposed to just giving us something because it kind of looks COOL...  such as the IMAGE that setaverde had posted above.  As in i would NOT be much of a Fan of that.

By Context i mean if its given some Origin Story/Background that would FIT and make sense.

For example as PART of the Engineers trying to EVOLVE themselves, as maybe a Race who Created the Engineers.

Or a Human Hybrid... for example they could have Continued with a Sequel to Alien Resurrection and have Ripley 8 go and EVOLVE to similar. Or have it where they USE some of Ripley 8's DNA in a attempt to CLONE the Successful Clone but they get something like SIL.

A Missed Opportunity could have been that Dr Shaw awakened looking Similar, she becomes Horrified but David informs her that he has Evolved her so she can Survive... and that he has Perfected her and SHE may be MAD about it.. but then he could Inform her that she can NOW go and Create Life.

I suspect David had similar Plan... but likely Dr Shaw refused and ENDED up being Killed.  Who knows if he wishes to USE poor Daniels for similar or those Human Embryos.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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