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was the atmospheric processor built on the ruins of engineers?

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Oct-16-2020 12:10 AM

Hello. In the Aliens movie, when the Marines descend beneath the atmospheric processor deep beneath it like a reactor, you can see that the walls are similar to those of the engineers ship or the pyramids of LV223. it is muggy, water and gel condense like in an engineer's pyramid doing terraforming. when people discovered LV426, they also discovered the technology of engineers, rebuilt and restored to functionality. the question is whether lv426 was not also a military training ground with engineers' laboratories. as Kane descends into the hold, you can see huge oval rooms filled with eggs. only one part of the bulkhead died, it was illuminated with a kind of glow, as if a barrier separating the eggs from the surroundings. it seems that they are not part of the ship but a structure underground. in the deleted scenes that are on YouTube, it is about the parameters of this planet. If I understood correctly. diameter or radius 1218 km, 2 hours rotation, 0.96 G as for a Covenant planet. was the atmospheric processor built on the ruins of The Engineers?

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Oct-16-2020 2:22 AM

The atmospheric processor was designed by Ron Cobb for Aliens (1986)

Based on the concept art, and Ron Cobb's approach to such things, it's likely it was always intended to be Human technology






Oct-16-2020 3:45 AM

Although the idea is intriguing, it is not.

The reactor was covered in xenomorph slime.



Oct-16-2020 10:09 AM

I have always think that the lower parts of the processor with strange shapes were the work of xenomorphs, i.e. their socket.


Oct-16-2020 7:57 PM

That is a great observation, but I agree with Leto. If it were the case that it was Engineer technology, that brings up the question of why the people there never mentioned it (I am referring to the Director's Cut).

Roger G

Oct-17-2020 7:19 PM

Acheron Colony always struck me as a blatant and shoddy rip off of the Nostromo. I never liked ALIENS, I hate those Space Marine killing filthy xenos, it's more like a Paul Verhoeven Starship Troopers.


Oct-17-2020 11:23 PM

Same designer, so I guess he ripped off himself.


Oct-18-2020 2:54 AM

wtf?! Hadley's Hope has one of the best & most recognizable sci-fi designs.


Oct-18-2020 4:28 AM

Agree with LETO on this.....the Sulaco was well designed for its time and still looks good to this day in my well as the large Atmospheric Processing planet....."it's a rock no indigenous life." So no engineers there...and if they are there the place was nuked.

I like many of the designs in Aliens....the weapons....the lab, the inside of the ship....the sleep chambers, the WY complex......that was a cool movie overall for its time.....would challenge anyone to do better. Say what you will about Cameron but he gets stuff done! The Alien Queen Priceless special effects....but hey if anyone wants to throw it all under the bus I really could care less....its not going to stop me from enjoying it one bit.....


Anyone seen or heard from BIG DAVE!.....BigDave where are you old Chap!!!!!!


Oct-18-2020 4:47 AM

It's an interesting idea, although I doubt it.

“it seems that they are not part of the ship but a structure underground.”

Scott has at different times said that the ship (1979) was like a bombing-plane with the eggs being like bio-bombs. You can try to find interviews where he mentions that. This probably means that the derelict was big and the place where they found them was like a storage of some sort.

It's possible to question if the scale makes sense but that was the point of that room as far as I know. At least with how it looks it makes it more mysterious. Kane went down there and said that it was a cave of some sort but he probably compared it to what he had seen before, he could be mistaken. Keeping that comment in mind I find it reasonable that some people might not think that it is a part of the ship but I don't think that it is.


Oct-18-2020 2:10 PM

The walls of the 'egg cave' are identical to those in the chamber above (a result of having re-used the set).  So either it's part of the Derelict or an Engineer complex like the pyramids on LV-223.  (And Ridley talks about the bomber thing on one of his commentaries from memory).


Either way, the similarity to an Alien hive is only very superficial.

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