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I Did it My Way- David's Eventual Epitaph

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Aug-20-2020 4:13 PM

Here is an interesting video to ponder for interpretation and discussion. It could represent the cycle of life or possibly be viewed as an atom. This interpretative dance could serve as David's ultimate failure to create life. 

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Aug-23-2020 7:55 PM

First of all, i LOVE your interpretation. 

Second of all, I wasn't familiar with this song before, but now I love it. 

Actually, the song itself would be so perfect for David. Like, I'm picturing a sequel to Covenant where David tries to go further with his plans and then ultimately winds up failing.

Actually, I think we could make a music video with the scenes we already have. We need to edit it together so that decapitated David is at the end, so that looks like his ultimate fate. It could work!  

I'm not actually sure what the dancers were going for, but I'm very impressed with their coordination and ability to do this on a rotating stage without getting motion sick or falling off the edge. 

Also, the plot of the interpretive dance could actually represent an Alien movie. Like, the struggle, they alternate between coming together and throwing one another under the bus, they all start dropping like flies, and a lone woman makes it (almost) to the end.


Aug-23-2020 8:30 PM

VivisectedEngineer I really like your interpretation as well. I never thought of it in a broader Alien sense but it definitely makes sense. It's an old Sinatra tune. 

It would be interesting to see someone do your idea of splicing scenes together to the song with David.

Thanks for watching- it's pretty out of left field for the forum, but sometimes the YouTube rabbit hole leads to......well, I think most can relate to that.


Aug-24-2020 8:07 AM


I love thinking up music videos for different characters and fandoms, although I have yet to actually make one. 

I think next summer I'll finally learn how to do it and start making them. 

I still can't hear "Hallelujah" (especially the Pentatonix cover) without thinking of Walter. Although, I'm not sure we have enough footage of him to make a relevant video for it, since to me the storyline would mostly focus on him starting to fall for Daniels and then losing the fight to David and being left behind on the planet.

(And God knows we all have our own different theories about that whole thing, of which we're each highly protective lol). 


Aug-24-2020 8:20 AM

Also, love the line "Regrets - I have a few. But then again, too few to mention." 

Lol, very David. 


Aug-27-2020 6:21 AM

Lucky she NEVER made a Mistake towards the END like Bishop did with his Knife Trick....  Stepping on someones Ankle could have been Painful ;)

I always FELT the AC Trailer Song was Very Fitting to David.

Aurora Nature Boy


Then we spoke of many things Fools and kings
Then he said to me: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return"


I think it FITS in Perfectly with David as i do detect that he is not ALL Sinister.... I am drawn to David in regards to the Embyo's on the Covenant as though he would RAISE them as his OWN and Upbringing them in Ways that are Different to what had become of Mankind....

I had envisioned that Davids Arc regarding those Children would be similar to what we are seeing in Regards to Mother from Raised by Wolves.

Sadly it seems that David was a Unfortunate result of his Upbringing and Treatment at the Hands of Humans.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return"

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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