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Walter Hill and the 50 shades of Ripley

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Jun-12-2020 2:51 AM

"Speaking to Empire in the new Heroes Issue– on sale now – Weaver revealed that she received a 50-page treatment from Alien franchise producer Walter Hill around a year and a half ago for a different take on a fifth Ripley film, which came about in the aftermath of Blomkamp’s project falling through – though she’s ultimately not sure the future of Alien rests in the revival of that legendary character. “I don’t know,” she said. “Ridley has gone in a different direction. Maybe Ripley has done her bit. She deserves a rest.” 

I don't get it, Walter Hill gave the 50 page treatment to Sigourney Weaver after the release of Alien Covenant? The producers have absolutely no common sense if they still want to resurrect Ripley, after Alien Covenant? What a mess!

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"

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Jun-16-2020 4:18 PM

" How would that scare the pants off my bored-to-death date?"

Well i think to SCARE people nowadays is Difficult compared to the 80's, i mean Alien as of NOW would only really Scare the 13's and UNDER nowadays, and well it would NOT make a PG-13

So it could be more COOL ACTION that they see as worth doing rather then to SCARE us.  I mentioned before the same point you raise daliens

So Prometheus was never giving the Answers and Xenomorph so lets give them that and Xenomorphs...CHECK!

Opps that NEVER worked..

Lets go RET-CON the Movies after ALIENS and bring back Ripley.... CHECK!

But as you said IF that Flops then really where do they GO then?

I think with a MOVE like this ALIEN V what you have is this..

FLOP and well the Franchise could be in a COMA for a Long Time.. (Theatrically)

HIT and its a case of they will then MILK the Ripley Angle and the Franchise will be about Ripley and Queens again.

I think some of RS comments are Correct... as far as you have to CHANGE things a bit, Evolve IT, because if you keep to the IT ANT BROKE DONT FIX... then the Franchise could make Money for some Fans.... but it could become more like a Starship Troopers...

The Franchise does-not belong to us HOWEVER... and so Disney can do what they wish with it...  I just feel that for the Flaws of Prometheus and Alien Resurrection there was Scope with the Plots.

Rather than be stuck with REPETITION.

This does-not mean you cant have Xenomorphs.. you just have to be CLEVER and Careful and you cant just have another 2-3 Movies where they are the Same as we saw in say ALIENS and AVP.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-16-2020 4:26 PM

If they bring her back AND remove Alien3 and A:R...Then Ripley should be some sort of NEXUS.

Have Ripley awake aboard a Big Dumb Object(think Juggernaut but 100 times the size....In some sort of fluid cryochamber...

She locates Hicks among the thousands of other creatures, also stored in hyper examination tubes. She wakes him and together they search for Newt. Unable to locate her, they find the Sulaco among the wreckage of hundreds of alien starships.


Jun-16-2020 4:30 PM

This was ONE of my ALIEN V ideas....

No Ripley but its a Parallel Plot to Alien Resurrection

The Failed Ripley 7 Queen is sent to another Station that Orbits Saturn, we could see a Xenomorph Queen that gives Birth to LIVE YOUNG that then Grow Fast.

These Hybrid Off-Spring will Egg Morph the Victims (they become like Eggs) and from these Eggs will Hatch again Small Versions of the Organism that Grow Fast).

The Station also receives some Ripley 8 Blood as they also attempt to make Super Soldiers.

I had another 2 Alien V ideas that revolve around Ripley 8 and are similar.

But as i mentioned earlier you could have a ALIEN V be set on another Place... with Eggs, you dont have to keep going back to that Derelict ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-16-2020 4:31 PM

"The Franchise does-not belong to us HOWEVER."

Don't tell that to the Star Wars fans!


But you're right...They can do whatever they want...We can create our own sci -fi worlds if we don't like the direction.


Jun-16-2020 4:33 PM

I like the Saturn idea...Think the audience could relate to a nearby object..even the moon.


Jun-16-2020 4:43 PM

Super Soldiers.

Don't mind the super soldier like Blomkamp was angling(i think)towards.....Just show us a good reason they are needed. who is Earth fighting?


Jun-16-2020 5:02 PM

Like i said earlier... WHAT would a World look like thats been Infected?

Take a Ancient Looking City, like above but its NOT so Ruined.. has some Technology but is Overran with these like Plantlike Growths... yet look a bit Organic.. so its imagine those Images but we have a Xenomorph Hive like Growths, and Eggs that maybe look more Plantlike than we have seen before...  From Afar that is ;)

We have Head Monuments that have that Engineer look to them, maybe we have Engineer Hieroglyphs we have other Statues and Carvings that Depict some Taller Humanoids with Smaller ones next to them, like they are Worshiping them.

No Signs of Life

The Humans then Venture on and come Across some Skeletons... that looked Dressed in Rags from Clothing that is NOT what a Modern Civilization would have, by that they also Find some like Technology just things that are ALIEN and not what a Ancient Culture would have.

As the Team Splits up you have some come Across some like Eggs which they wonder if they are Vegetation.. "hey these are like Weird Cabages" they do-not investigate further as someone Calls out and they go to their Team Member who shouts them as they find another Body of a Dead Human Woman with a Dead Infant, almost Skeletal but Clutching some Paper/Scrolls etc and they Notice the Writing seems to be similar to some Ancient Human Writing.

They take the Scrolls and head towards the Temple Complexes that the Other Team are at... as we see them pass the Cabbage like Vegetation we notice ONE is different, its NOW opened like a Xenomorph Egg.

We cut to the Team in the Temples.... Monuments, Engineer Writing but also the same Plantlike Vine stuff growing all over the Place...  they notice Vaguely in some of this what appear to be Hands and a Head thats like Growing from this Stuff...  they see others...

Same size as a Human...

Then they arrive at a THRONE... on its SITS a Partially Skeletal Human... LARGE about 9-10ft and it has a HOLE in its Rib-Cage

Something then Shoots out of the Hole (Jump Scare) it is some kind of Rodent the size of a Rat... Phew!

The other Team Arrives they meet up, we see another Rodent run past... makes them Jump... a Team Member Drops something Important and one of the Rodents runs off with it, they give Chase into a Dark Passage....

They use their Torches and ONE member Hears some Scurrying about and something move Past.. Shits Himself... another just Laughs at him then POUNCE! a Face Hugger Latches to his Face...

As other Members of that Group FLEE one falls over and knocks a Egg it opens up and BINGO there goes another Face Hugger...

This sets up the 2nd Act where the $"£$% hits the FAN!

The indication of this PLOT is they have found  a World where other Humans are, where they have Royalty well would be GODS.... Pharaohs if you would... Engineers who they Worship.

It would indicate the Engineers either Seeded more than ONE WORLD or they had taken Humans to this Place or could this be a PLACE where we came from?

This Place has at some POINT but dont indicate WHEN.. it has either Faced a Black Goo... or Xenomorph Eggs had been Deployed... again by WHO/WHEN you dont indicate.


You could even have the Xenomorphs be a Little Different this would then leave more to the Mystery.. are these from David, the Engineers, did they Pre-Exist the Xenomorph?

At some Stage you could Uncover maybe a Hanger, with Engineer Ships (dont have to be the Croissant Shape).  We could get the Impression that due to the Infection... something was TRIGGERED to Prevent anyone from leaving this PLACE...

If say the Humans could in this Movie or a Sequel.. reveal that they could NOT get the Ship to Leave.. but they could Access a Star Map and from this they Discover other Connected Worlds..

Or messing with the Ship could see it SEND a SIGNAL...

Either way you open it up to then INTRODUCE the Engineers in a Sequel.

Or you could instead have them Discover a Derelict/Juggernaught on the Planet that had Deployed the Eggs..... or does a Juggernaught Drop off Something Else the Eggs are Stored in and thats ALL that is Located a CARGO HOLD?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-16-2020 5:11 PM


Well it would be a Station that Orbits a Moon of Saturn ;)

As far as Super Solider Research well the Earth looked in a Bad Shape!

The Plot of AR does give us the AUTONS, a Synthetic thats Created by Synthetics.... we could have seen Synthetics Rebel against Mankind, they Sub-Create the Autons who then Rebel against their Masters...

So yeah  we could have Factions of Humans at Conflict, Synthetics and Autons.. its a WARZONE.. well maybe WAS.

A Good Reason to try and Engineer/Develop some kind of Weapon be it Super Soldiers or Xenomorphs etc

This Plot is something that my other Alien V ideas touch on, they could become ALIEN XI instead ;) which are about Ripley 8 and Autons

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-17-2020 1:36 AM

It would be perfect to keep the engineers on the plate, but it seems they won't.

If they wanna reintroduce Ripley it should be after the events in AR, when she returns to Earth to find out a world post Alien infection and keep kicking the xenomorph asses until the planet is clean. Then set up a journey to find out where the xenomorph origins are, to completeley wipe their traces from the universe.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Jun-17-2020 3:24 AM

Getting rid of Ripley is something that the prequels did right. Her journey should have ended with Alien 3 but they effed it up with AR. When we think about the alien verse the potential there is huge so why base all potential movies on one character? Even Daniels was sort of close to Ripley although with far less personality. To me it seems like lazy thinking or a sort of inability to look outside some borders so to speak. I would probably not go to the movie theater and watch a Ripley 5. Do some spin-off movie if so or maybe come up with some new enemy that the protagonist shall face or maybe make something based on the corona pandemic and throw in there just to shake things up. Everyone is afraid of getting seriously sick so maybe have that fear as a theme I think that it could work.

Ha ha ha @ the comment about countless of prequel fans

I wonder if they could reboot the prequels, they have effed them up a lot so maybe that is not a bad idea. Make better human characters and make the origin of the creature more mysterious. In case they shall have the SJ in it then make it better and bigger so it fits the SJ better.

"But then we could get a STINKER... a AVPR or The Predator kind of TURD!"

It can not get much worse than Covenant, sure we could get something like AVPR but how likely is it that it will be that shitty?

"The Problem is if you dont have Xenomorphs and by that close to VANILLA Xenomorphs if you dont have them or CHANGE them too much then some Fans will be UPSET!"

That is not what the majority of the complaints of Prometheus was about. Most of it was about lame characters, just look around the www. The lack of Xenos was a strange reason that some at Fox made up. You said some but I think that it implies that you think that more complained about it than what actually was the case. I have not seen many pages on the www where they put the lack of Xenos as the major problem with Prometheus because that was not the big problem. Go read reviews on IMDB, and Rotten tomatoes and so on and you will soon see that.

1. The lack of Ripley is not why the prequels failed
2. Let Ripley be, we have already seen her in four movies
3. Maybe reboot the prequels because right now it is far from how it could be

"But the Problem you have then is some Fans would HOPE that such a Flick would go its way to RUBBISH that David had Created the Xenomorph... instead of just KEEPING it a Mystery."

I would like the Xeno to either

1. Maybe be made of some lifeform close to the SJ
2. Not have anything to do with humans, directly or indirectly
3. David should have nothing to do with it

Making David the creator of the Xeno is really crappy. |At the same time I agree that we got to look beyond Ripley, Hicks, and those characters. It was good while it lasted but even Alien Resurrection had a version of Ripley and that was not very good.

I do not care about the David story, it is the wrong focus and I don't want to spend money on it. To me that part is dead even though he could have a very limited part in the next movie but he should not be what the movie is about. Expand on the David story? It is too much about him already so no thanks even though I understand that some people are interested in it.

Seeing more about the Engineers would be interesting. I do not even think that you need to have the Xeno as the center piece because we have already had the Trilobyte, the Neomorph, and those worked well to me at least.



Jun-17-2020 3:26 AM


While I do not like Covenant in general I got to say that there are some good things in there. I think that the differences between Walter and David is interesting and I also like the landscape and the look of the movie. Among the human characters there were only Oram and Faris that were enough, the rest had no personality. Covenant is not totally trash to me since there are things in it that I find alright but the movie does not hold up in general. To me they should have thrown the script away and start again so we would not get a movie based on robots.

The raise the arms kind of Xeno looked stupid, I agree. They probably had a point that they wanted to make but it is trash, the music was alright though.

Yeah if these movies are so great how come they have performed so bad when it comes to the profits. I honestly doubt that there are a lot of people that will be interested in more androids. Put it like this: if they would put out another android-movie in the alien-franchise then I doubt that they would get a positive box-office result from it.

". . . not dumb and dumber emotional robots like Walter and David having even dumb and dumber philosophical arguments, bla bla bla puke puke puke."

I enjoyed to see the differences between Walter and David but it was too much about them and that scene was too slow. Ripley is done, to dig up her corpse would be a parody.

"These films after Aliens are garbage."

I am a fan of Alien 3 but the movies after that are average at best. I like the Ripley references that you have in your post, but yeah I sort of agree.

About ideas, I would like to see the connection between the Engineers and the monster although loosely. I would hate that David created the original monster, F that. They got to focus on well made human characters because it is about how humans do in extreme situations. Another robot movie would be crap.


Jun-17-2020 3:40 AM

The raise the arms kind of Xeno looked stupid, I agree. They probably had a point that they wanted to make but it is trash, the music was alright though

I think the point was to suggest that xenomorphs could be tamed or controlled by someone who imprinted on them at birth.

That they are more than dumb space bugs.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Jun-17-2020 3:46 AM

I like how people criticize Alien Covenant without trying harder to understand what was all about.

To me, Alien Covenant was the darkest, almost unbeaeably intense episode of the franchise, but because lacked the spoon feeding it was largely rejected by a hasty audience.

I would definitely want to see a sequel to Covenant.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Jun-17-2020 6:07 AM


When i use the term SOME that is what i mean as in NOT a Majority but some Fans will/do Expect the Franchise should be about or at LEAST include the Xenomorph.  When i use the term VANILLA i mean as in seeing Xenomorphs that either look like from ALIEN/ALIENS/AVP/AVPR.

Certainly Prometheus got some Criticism and its Flaws was NOT all down to NOT having any Xenomorphs or Answers.  It had other issues...

FOX seemed to think the Fans would want the Xenomorph back and i think at the Time, then the Leaks about Blomkamps Alien 5 and the Reaction and Anticipation to that had some Blame... i think FOX saw this Projects Interest as being that the Xenomorphs is WHAT the Fans want.

But Regardless i still think SOME and i dont mean a Majority, but some Fans i feel have NO interest in the Prequels... they want another Movie back to the Xenomorphs... some of them May-Not also be too Happy about changing it too much either.

I think to some degree the Changes made that got us Alien Covenant were a knee-Jerk reaction to the Anticipation and Excitement about Blomkamps Alien 5...  I feel the coming to LIGHT of a Similar Alien V by Hill/Giler could be a reaction to HOW disappointing that Alien Covenant was and how a Majority of Fans were not pleased with the Emphasis being on David.

I think the PREQUELS are in Trouble..... the BOLD PLOT was something that was a Distraction to what the CORE of the ALIEN Franchise was about.... XENOMORPHS!

When we go back to ALIEN we was left with the Mystery of the Derelict, Space Jockey and Xenomorph... and they decided that Exploring the Space Jockey Race (Engineers) and the Given Plot gives more Scope than being about just Eggs.... so they intended Prometheus to be a GATEWAY to go off on a different Tangent than the Xenomorph...

Sadly its Failing was that it NEVER gave enough to appease Fans who would have Expected something connecting to ALIEN... you did-not need a Spoon Fed Answer, you had to have less Vague Clues though and you needed some Similar Monster... Sadly seeing a Single Space Cobra Face Rape, and a Toxic Avenger Mutant Fifield was not enough of a Xenomorph replacement.... The Deacon was.. but this would have been just like ALIEN coming to a END after the Chest Buster Scene.

Alien Engineers had more Xenomorph like Scenes, a lot of Fan Reaction to that was Positive... i would say a Majority would have preferred to see something like that than Prometheus.

The Prequels had SET-UP a opportunity to see more of the Mysterious Engineers... i think Fans would have been LESS interested in exploring their VISITORS from Space and Nurturing Ancient Mankind Plot... and more interested in seeing WHAT is their Advanced Bio-Mechanical World like and WHO else are they trying  to DESTROY and what with.

Alien Covenant brushed the Engineers under the Carpet.... so this becomes something that was also a Wasted Opportunity.

Regarding the Xenomorph Origins...

I would leave it Ambiguous and Move On!

I dont think going around to RE-CON stuff to please Fans is the way to go, Accept the Mistakes and try to Fix them or Damage Control... or SKIP them.

I think that what we will see is them having NO BALLS!

They (Disney) will play it SAFE and by that they are likely to RUN with the Hill/Giler idea.... RIPLEY will Return and off we go back to LV-426 to see more Eggs and Queens...

I think RS is correct in you have to look at Changing the Beast a bit, but i think Disney may prefer to STICK to how we saw it in ALIENS/AVP.

So we have Ripley having these Nightmares.... as we saw in ALIENS... which Alien 3 and Alien R would be just more of them...

Her Nightmare becomes Reality when she discovers the company has gone back to Recover the Derelict... and Ripley gets the Gang Back to THWART the Companies Plans and Saves the DAY!

But then WHERE do they go NEXT?

A Journey to where the Xenomorph came from i BET! a Hive World... and it would indicate our Space Jockey are merely a Race who had to a LIMITED degree achieved what the W-Y company had been Attempting....  again RIPLEY saves the Day... maybe she KICKS some Space Jockey Ass too ;)

But then WHERE?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-17-2020 6:28 AM

Regarding the David and Xenomorph Birth Scene...

It was a Moment to show that David is the Puppet Master of the Monster.

Regarding the Connection to the Xenomorph...

I would say LEAVE IT!  Dont get Spoon Feeding Fans, they are Grown Up enough to make their Own Minds up, because WHEN you try and give a Origin its NOT going to please them all.

I have said this Quite a lot but here we go again ;)

The Prequels intention appeared to show the Xenomorph as...

1) Alien Engineers: A Organism that was Engineered likely from some other Organism the Engineers had Encountered.  Where the Engineers had Created Multiple Variants of the Monster.  The Reason was not Clear... it seems just as a Form of PEST CONTROL/PUNISHMENT.

2) Prometheus: Again not much Different, but Vague, there was some Connection to the Black Goo and the Horrific Monsters it could Produce. It was Very Vague and Ambiguous so that we  know there is a Connection but its NOT really Spoon Fed.

Ridley Scott had after Prometheus indicated the Xenomorph was a result of what the Engineers were doing on LV-223, and that a Few Hundred Years (likely after) the Outbreak some 2000 Years ago... something EVOLVED in one of the Ships Cargo Holds and became the Xenomorph.  The Xenomorph thus at this time a Consequence of the Black Goo like the Hammerpedes and Neomorph rather than Engineered like in Alien Covenant/Alien Engineers.

3) Alien Covenant: It seems they went for similar to Alien Engineers as far as the Creation.. only that it was David who had Purposely Engineered it.

The NUTSHELL is that the Prequels had the Xenomorph (regardless of Alien Engineers, Prometheus or Alien Covenant)  as either a Engineered Creation or a Unintentional Consequence, both cases from the Black Goo Experiments and to be USED as a PEST CONTROL/PUNISHMENT...  However the David Creator Plot may give more Reason for it than merely that.

The Intention would be to PUSH us to look at the Engineers have this GOOP! that can be USED to Create/Evolve Life but it can also Create... MONSTERS... and the Xenomorph is JUST one of the Monsters..

The GOOP has the Potential to Create Many Organisms, to Change Many Organisms... and NOT be confined to EGGS on the Derelict

If we go NEXT for a ALIEN 5 aka like Blomkamps... then this SCOPE could be Brushed under the Carpet!

So it will be about EGGS... lets hope they know there is MORE than ONE way to COOK a Egg..... because the VANILLA Sunny Side Up Version can get well Rubbery and Rubbish if that EGG gets COOKED too Much ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-17-2020 4:01 PM

Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver are not coming back. They both said so. I don't understand why Hill & Giller don't try different ideas.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Jun-17-2020 9:56 PM

"I don't understand why Hill & Giller don't try different ideas."

Certainly ;)

What Concerns me the most is the "dream within a dream"

so we know that in ALIENS she has some Nightmares...and so yeah i Guess you could then make it that Alien 3 and Alien R are more of her Nightmares.

I just wonder HOW the "dream within a dream" works out... i hope to  $"%££$  that its NOT like after the Return of Ripley we see her awaken at the END of Alien 5 or Alien 6 and reveal that actually the WHOLE Franchise was a Dream... she was NEVER ever on the Nostromo and the Xenomorph etc was just a Creation of her Nightmares...

Lets HOPE that something like this WONT be the case.

To be FAIR... who knows what the Plot would be.. it could be Good... i just DONT like the idea of it being a Bring Back our Ripley as in Alien 3 and Alien R had NEVER happened.

There is a LOT of Potential with Alien R and what becomes of Ripley 8 next and so if they want Ripley back then THAT has to be the way to go ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-17-2020 10:52 PM

I think that IF we are going to being back Ripley then it has to be Ripley 8

I think this would give Miss Weaver something interesting to WORK with, as opposed to just going to Portray what a 60+ Year Old Ripley.... i think maybe yeah we have her Haunted by her Nightmares and HOW she has to come to terms with them and THEN we get the Revelation the Company has Obtained  a Xenomorph etc... so she has to go and FACE her DEMON and Confront and take care of the Xenomorph Threat so she can MOVE ON....  I could GET that...

But i think that going with Ripley 8 would give Miss Weaver something interesting to Portray... this Ripley could have Nightmares, she has Ripley's Memories... she could gain More of them and be Haunted by them...

With her knowing the BEAST of Ripleys Nightmares is within her BLOOD this could cause some Conflict in her...

With Ripleys Memories maybe she could see HOW it is that Ripley would FEEL about Finally putting the Ordeal Behind them and getting back HOME, surely Ripley had thought about this at the END of ALIENS... and so when Ripley 8 gets HOME to Earth we see that the Earth is FAR from what it was likely at the time that Ripley had decided to go with Burke etc back to LV-426.

Maybe she also remembers the Sacrifice of Ripley, her LAST ever thoughts...... so maybe she could be at Conflict in the Concerns about her Xenomorph DNA and knowing she would always be on the RUN and cant Settle as someone could be looking to EXPLOIT her DNA.... would she have thoughts of Sacrificing herself again....

But the Xenomorph is a Survivor... it relies on the Instinct to Survive and Procreate and so her Xenomorph Side could Prevent her from Taking her Own Life!

We saw signs of Ripley 8 gaining Empathy and Emotion.. she could be similar to David.. in that she would maybe NOT be accepted as a HUMAN but yet has Human Emotions, could she be seen as a Outcast a Abomination... would Humans Fear her?

What effect would the Fear of her (by others)or feelings of being a Outcast have on her Mental well being?

Does the Xenomorph in her have any Consciousness? we know ASH seemed to indicate they DONT... but we know they are DRIVEN to Procreate, to Survive and to KILL.  Could these Instincts be within Ripley 8 and what would be the Consequences of any of these?

SURELY any Scientist etc would be interested in her... what can they HARNESS from Ripley 8 as she is in Effect a Super Enhanced Humanoid... Regeneration, Memories passed on Genetically from a Dead Person...

Scientifically she could be the GREATEST Discovery.

She has a Friend in Call though and she did go to DESTROY and Prevent the Xenomorph... or DID-SHE?

Could she be taken to a Auton Cult where she may be made to feel like she Belongs... but could they have a HIDDEN Agenda for her...  Could Call be in on it?  Or maybe she is NOT aware of a Sinister Agenda?

With her having Xenomorph DNA then someone could TRY and Extract that to GAIN a more Pure Specimen, maybe under the Guise that they are HELPING out Ripley 8 ;)

So YEAH you there Still Mileage in Ripley 8

BUT.... what about the AGE? surely a Regenerating Ripley 8 would NOT AGE?

You have Options!

1) We show that Ripley 8 starts to CHANGE.. her Xenomorph DNA is Re-Writing her Humanity (and DNA)... so we have her in some Scenes with Digital De-Aging but then she starts to Change..

Above is a Example where we could CHANGE her Skin Texture and Color with Make-Up and Effects this would be Cheaper than having to Digitally De-Age her.

She would be in a Process of Mutation this is where Call could get her HELP from the Autons who would then Find some way to HALT but not Reverse or ONLY be able to Reverse the Process a LITTLE.

2) We START as with (1) but the Autons (or other group) Manage to REMOVE the Xenomorph DNA... but doing so has left Ripley 8 as Aged... this could be Explained that the Xenomorph only has a Limited Life Span and that Eventually we would have Seen Ripley 8 Mutate a bit.. before she would DIE... and so removing her Xenomorph DNA has left her Aged...

Regardless of which way we could GO you then show that actually those who have HELPED actually have another Agenda and are looking to use the Xenomorph DNA to Re-Create it.

So there you GO!

You can bring Back Ripley.... get around her AGE and bring back the Xenomorph... or change it a bit... you could also explore a Direct Clone attempt (Super Human Soldiers) so you see with Alien R we have Potential for a Sequel.

A TRUE ALIEN 5.... not a Rebooted Alien 3.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-18-2020 5:59 AM

"DRIVEN to Procreate,"



I don't understand this...the xenos seem incapable of procreation? The queen of course....but the normal drone? Egg-morph or something needs to be established,or re-established?


I like the Ripley 8 idea. 


Jun-18-2020 6:38 AM

Is there a LIMITED number of xeno eggs in the galaxy? If David created them and has yet to spread them?..Probably a good reason W Y are having a hard time finding one. 

Or the SJ came from another galaxy/dimension and the small amount of eggs are unique...not even the Engineers have them?

After 300 years of WY searching, sending countless would make sense why they are still empty handed.


Jun-18-2020 8:16 AM

By Procreate i mean the Xenomorphs Primal Instinct seems just that SURVIVE and Spread....  yes we have NOT seen the Egg Morph apart from Alien DC and so we cant say if thats a Procreation Method... we ONLY get the Queen, but then its a case of HOW does a Queen come to be?

I think Regardless, we know that Ripley 8's Xenomorph DNA could be Connected to a Queen as they Successfully removed a Queen from her....

So the Potential is that they could EXPLORE her Procreating, could at a Certain Age/Time after her Creation, could she enter a Phase where she is ready to Procreate?

Not saying she needs a MATE! maybe she could begin to become Pregnant with a Hybrid and give Birth to One.. again maybe this is something that SOMEONE then takes away to Experiment on... or this HYBRID escapes and Grows and a NEW HORROR then begins.

So there is a Number of ways to Continue with the Ripley 8 Arc.

I think you cant really CHANGE things too much though as FAR as any MONSTERS... because i think some Fans may not be 100% Happy.

There is a Wealth of Concepts from the Franchise, that were NOT used, Never-mind ideas by Concept Artist and then Fan-Art that give us Variations of Organisms that are Connected to the Xenomorph and so you dont have to have VANILLA-MORPH as i would call it.

I do HOWEVER.. expect that its more likely we would get a Blomkamp Alien 5 or indeed this Walter Hill Alien 5 that appears it could be similar and INDEED they will stick to something more Vanilla and out MONSTER would be more closer to ALIENS Xenomorphs than say the Alien Resurrection Types.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-18-2020 8:45 AM

I wonder if Walter Hill Alien V  /Brandywine can float ideas and images like Blomkamp did? Are they already under contract?

They should generate some interest in their pitch...get the fans jumping on Disney to get the ball rolling!


Jun-18-2020 8:49 AM

You could have Ripley 8 give rise to something like the Image Above... that Body with One of those Heads/Faces or maybe Incorporate Elements of Each Face onto that Body.  Maybe give it a Tail?

Does she Give Birth to something Similar or that after Birth would Evolve to this?

Is this something thats Obtained from someone doing Experiments with her DNA?

Maybe this MONSTER can be shown to Egg Morph a Host... does this Egg Produce a Smaller Version of its Mother? or does it Produce a Face Hugger Type Organism?

Does a Hosts Body start to Form into a Mass and from its Belly or Back we see a Egg like Object Grow?

so you can CHANGE things... Deviate a little from Vanilla ;)

some Fans may have been Disappointed in Prometheus for NOT giving us anything like the Xenomorph apart from the Deacon, and i would think that its NOT a High % that was UPSET because we never saw Vanilla Xenomorphs... but that all we got was the Deacon that we never saw go on to do anything.... if say a Neomorph like Organism had Exploded from Milburns Body then that would have Pleased the Fans i would think.

With Prometheus i think WHILE they may have wanted to STEER AWAY from ALIEN,  i would ASSUMED it was Highly Likely that a Prometheus 2 would have at some-point introduced us to more MONSTERS... that we could trace a connection to the Xenomorph with, like we could with the Deacon and Neomorph.

But sometimes some people do-not like Change.. well not to Change things too much, and to STICK with what they are Familar with and Comfortable with.

And i think thats maybe what Hill/Giler are thinking by what seems likely to be a Draft that has Evolved from Blomkamps... with some of the Blomkamp Concept and Red-Harvest it did SEEM they was going to offer us some Different Variants of Xenomorph and Mutations, which i think would be interesting.

IF this Draft get the GREEN LIGHT by Disney which i think is MUCH MORE likely than a Prequel would.. and Especially if Miss Weaver says COUNT ME IN...

I think Disney would likely want to STICK with the Vanilla Variety of Xenomorph as seen in Alien/Aliens and AVP/AVPR by that the Differences between them Aesthetically are about as much Variation that we would see.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-18-2020 9:14 AM

So  Brandywine purchased Red-Harvest script/concept/draft from Blomkamp?  Or is any idea always property of Disney?


Jun-20-2020 4:17 AM

I am not sure what the Process would be....

Like i am sure Blomkamp wrote his Draft/Idea and got some Concepts done without it being Officially Endorsed... but again i dont know what the Process of Legality of such things are.

So what i am saying is i am NOT sure you have to gain Permission from who owns the Franchise to go and make a Draft/Idea and Concept to Pitch....

But you would have to GET the Permission to then go and Produce them... say if they chose to make it as a Graphic Novel to be released then in that case... Disney would have to give them the License to do so.

Again i am not certain on that though, maybe someone else knows the INS/OUTS of such things.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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