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Too many sequels, spin-offs and similar

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Jun-09-2020 2:33 AM

I know that this is not Alien related but it is about what I think is kind of boring with movies nowadays, Terminator 5, Ice Age 5, Fast And Furious 7, there even seems to be a Mission Impossible 7 (hopefully it will bomb, too many sequels) on its way and unfortunately I am not joking. Has Hollywood run out of ideas? Since I am not a member of any other forum I post this here, I hope that it is alright.

Obviously I am not the only one that thinks this, this article writes about this topic too.

This one is about the same topic

There are different genres and ideas that people can come up with so they do not retread the same old franchise. Get some writers that can make new movies that hopefully are not a part of a franchise. More stand-alone movies could be a start so we can avoid to get a fifteenth Terminator movie. As far as I know there are 13 Star Trek movies (you can google about that franchise), I mean seriously? There are
also 7 Shreck movies if we include spin-offs.

What could be done is to stop watching endless sequels to say that after maybe three movies it is time to move on. There has to be a line drawn somewhere that says this is the limit of the amount of movies about this (Star Wars, Fast And Furious, Toy Story, or what ever). Sure people can watch them if they want but do not expect that many new movies as long as enough people go and see a franchise because that gives them another reason to add another movie where there already are too many.

Sometimes things has got to end, right? This is a reason why I do not go to the movie theater that much. I am not sure what could be done but I know what I don't like. How about writing original stories maybe? There has got to be some way.

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Jun-09-2020 9:17 AM

It's all about the money. Big studios play safe, and you can't get safer than another instalment of Avengers. Whatever they dream up for the next Alien movie, it will be with popcorn in mind, and it won't be too challenging for the audience. Think that studio interference on Alien 3 was bad? You ain't seen nothin' yet.


Jun-09-2020 3:50 PM

Yep Original Ideas seem in Short Supply ;)

You get the ODD decent Movie that offers a Different take on something, but to TRULY find something thats NEVER been done before is Unfortunately RARE

Sometimes Churning Out sequel, after Sequel is what Makes Money, sometimes Fans do-not like Change too Much!  Once we have Done that Over and Over...  If its not Broke dont Fix It just COOK IT!

A lot of stuff is done for Nostalgia, and sometimes it works but sometimes for some Fans they dont like people MESSING with their Beloved Franchises.

When they cant figure out a Sequel they sometimes go the whole Reboot where again Nostalgia sometimes SETS them up for a FAIL.. despite how NOT BAD the Reboot may be, its always going to be Compared to the LOVED Original and Destined to Fail!

Do you do a Sequel and Carbon Copy the previous Movies.. i mean how many more Times we gonna get to see Jason Voorhees before he is any Different, and will he EVER be as Scary as the First Few Times we saw HIM?

You could try and Change his Story a Bit... but then some Fans will not be HAPPY...

Take Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 i never thought it was that Bad... it tried to be a bit more Darker and Serious with the Background Plot... kinda like the Dark Knight Series of Batman compared to the more COMIC BOOK Franchise of the 90's

Was it really as Bad as some of the Later Freddy Movies?

The Robocop Reboot likewise... it was not as Good as the First, but it was on Par with Robocop 2 and lets not talk about the REST lol

So to Continue with Franchises you have to be Careful, you do Risk the Chance of More Harm than Good.. (The Predator)

when Faced with some Franchises that have NOT been MILKED you Face some Tough Choices... lets take BACK TO THE FUTURE for a Example.

*Do you leave it as it was... where NO HARM can come to it or do you MILK it and Run the Risk of Damaging the Original or making a New Series thats a JOKE!

Your then left with the Following.

1) Make a Sequel... but some Nostalgic Fans would expect Marty McFly if you made a New Franchise that does-not connect with Doc Brown or Marty then some Fans would be PISSED OFF... for Instance if some Unconnected Guy ends up Rescuing the Delorean from the Scrap Yard.

It would work better if some Family Member inherits the Car, and we have a Cameo from Marty McFly (like Pass the Torch/Keys).  But you are always going to have to Compete with the Original Movie and when the Torch is Passed would Fans be Interested in BTF Pt5, Pt6 etc.?

2) Make a Reboot!  Now this would be much HARDER to Pull Off, as the Nostalgia Brigade would be out in Force... and well it would take something SPECIAL to Replace the Originals and so this Option is BOUND to Failure.

Sometimes a Sequel and Reboot can Work However...

The Newer Planet of the Apes series is a TESTAMENT to getting it RIGHT.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-09-2020 5:54 PM

.Thoughts_Dreams, you forgot to mention Avatar.

Those films have their fans in large supply and it seems they are easier to please, because of their age  they have to be accompanied at the theaters, so the studios smelled the easy money.

Otherwise, we are no so different, we do ask for more sequels, prequels, even tv series, except we are difficult to please and overly pretentious and quick to criticize.

It's hard to make us all happy, it takes time. And it takes a director with a vision and little concern for what the fans want, to deliver something original.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Jun-09-2020 9:00 PM

It's true that there are too many sequels out there in theaters- but the paying audience seems to love them too, so there you go. Streaming services have made serious inroads. There are very good series and one offs out there. It seems this is where one has to go to find decent original content. The theater experience seems to be where a lot of sequels are and they will likely continue as long as they make enough for the bean counters.


Jun-10-2020 7:20 AM

With some Franchises you can Churn Out Sequels because you can introduce New Characters/Hero's this applies with the DC and Marvel Universes, with other Franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek their is the Scope to keep Expanding due to the Various Races and Size of the Galaxy that the Franchise Occupies.

Back to the ALIEN Franchise, then RS had said that he felt the Franchise had the Potential to be like a Star Wars and Star Trek, a Very BOLD Statement.... This would actually be UNLIKELY if we stuck to Earth/Humans and the Weyland-Yutani Company and Xenomorph Eggs.

which is where the Vision he had for the Prequels via the Introduction of the Engineers would have OPENED up many Possibilities... but again CHANGE is something that some Fans are not Happy with.

In the Fans defense there was something Special About the Cosmic Horror that was the ALIEN Franchise that maybe STICKING to what we got works...  but then your Limited to HOW MANY times you can Repeat the Plot of the Quadrilogy Over and Over before you RUN OUT of Ideas.

This is where EXPANDING on who the Space Jockey could have Broadened the Franchise, the Creator Angle does this but at a Cost that Humanoids from Space is maybe NOT as ALIEN as the Franchise Deserved.

while this TOPIC was about Movie Ideas in General.. i am merely saying that some Franchises have a Advantage in how they can Churn out Movie after Movie that can Differ quite a bit between them.

Sometimes you get a Unique Idea something Fresh that then is BEST to be kept to a Stand Alone or a Run of a Few Movies.  Maybe in Hindsight the Quadilogy should have been LEFT as it was and what preceded a MYSTERY.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-03-2020 3:43 AM

ya hox,you are right, it is all about money and nobody wants in 2k20 be "underground" with respect but without money.

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