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The Daniels Dilema

The Daniels Dilema

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Sep-24-2019 4:33 PM

A while back (May 2018) i had thought of and wrote a Prologue like the Crossing, a Short Prologue of sorts.

I had the IDEA when considering the Dilemma with Daniels, as she is FULLY AWARE of who David is... and so this would be a Problem as far as HOW does a Sequel Continue?

If David would try and PASS OFF as our Friendly Walter, to the Colonist and Tennessee then Daniels would be a Thorn in Davids Side... as she would Reveal who he is!

So i thought... how do we DEAL with that? Kill Her? or have her HELD UP some place where David would come back and forth, where she is a Prisoner, but WHAT KIND of a Prison would he USE?

So i got thinking about the Scene in Trailer, the Take Me Home one, which the Screen Shot is the Topics Banner.  We had discussed this Scene before and TRY and figure how it Fitted.. to NO AVAIL!

So i thought about the Problem she poses to David, and also how the LAST THING she asked him was about a Cabin on the Lake...

And i thought what if David decided to NOT ruin her Dream of that Cabin on a Lake!

So we had Daniels Awaken in her Covenant Ship Cabin, it was Dark, we could see STARS outside, she was Confused... did she DREAM the Horrors of Planet 4, surely NOT, had she Dreamed of those that happened after on the Covenant? 

She is disorientated, confused she goes to look out the Window and then we see Walter in the Door Way to her Room, she looks at him and says "what have you done David"...  he says "i am sorry you have had a troublesome time"

He goes to Comfort her and touch her, and she pushes him back.... "bastard, what have you done, where am i"  We then see the Android talk back "Calm down its me Walter"

We have a set of Dialog where he tries to Convince her... she starts to Accept his Answers, then walks to Window and Notices she is Staring out to a Lake...

She realizes she is not Dreaming, and that maybe those Horrors on the Covenant are NOT a Dream either.   she pushes Walter for Answers... where ARE WE!

He said we are where you WANT TO BE... by the Lake... she looks out the Window... its becoming Dawn!

She asks "what do you mean? are we at Origae-6, what have you done to the Colonist"  he says they are all Fine and Well....   she is then like "dont F%$& with me David what have you done with them" he replies back and says "calm down i am Walter i am here to Help", he pulls out a Syringe, he says "this will help you to calm down you have had a Traumatic Time but your Safe Now"

She says Prove he is Walter and she asks him a Question....  right there its Check Mate... she knocks the Syringe and as he goes to pick it up she hits him with a Hard Object and makes a Rush for the Door.

As the Door Opens she Stumbled Outside, she looks around and NOTICES that this Place is Familiar...  it dawns on her.... they are NOT on Origae-6 at all.

She turns around and sees David, he Grabs her and throws her to the Floor... she Screams and Kicks... and she asks what has he done with the Covenant.  He replies and says the Covenant is Safe, and that they will be heading to Origae-6...  she is Dismayed and tries to Fight her way up...

She asks WHY as he come back to this Place.... and he Informs her that he Thought it was only right that he would give her that Cabin on a Lake, and that Oram was Correct that this World is Far more a Paradise than Oriage-6 would be...   She would ask HOW does he know, and he would say its what the Projections are, you Vetted that Place and then Discovered this World.. my Paradise.

He goes on to say he Washed this World Clean for Dr Shaw so they could have Started a New Eden.. but she Refused, and without her then this place is NO LONGER  a Paradise for him...

But at least she has a Chance to be Reunited with her Love,  She would say your Crazy Jacob is Dead...  but he would say "NO i mean Walter, i thought i would Reunite you both"  He would Continue "i know my brother Loves you, he is waiting for you, he is head over heals in Love with you... or so it seemed to me"

She tries to Escape but he grabs her by the Leg and Injects her with the Syringe...  he tosses her to on her back.... she says to him "what the F%&* are you going to do with my Ship and those Colonist"

He Replies back to her... "i am taking them to Start Anew, to go to a New Eden, to Create a Paradise for them....  but alas its not a Paradise as this Place... but it soon could be, Evolution needs a Helping hand but First i Needed a Few Supplies"

She Screams at him.... the Screams Fall to Silence as she Passes Out...

We then Cut to a Scene of him Placing her in the Bed in the Cabin, and he Kisses her on the Head....  "Sweet Dreams"

We then see him Turn on the Record Player, as the John Denver Song Country Roads comes on...  he leaves and we see him heading towards the Cargo Lander.

We Fade to Black.....

Then we see a Scene of the Giant Head Statues, from a POV of something Low, we Gaze at a few, what Majesty then the Camera Pans to give us whose Eyes we are seeing this through...

And we are Looking at a Head.... Walters Head!

Fade to Black..... TITLE.... Awakening.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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Sep-24-2019 4:38 PM

That was the Basically as i remember how i wrote it, i lost it as i did it on a Phone and the Phone Died lol

It was to give a Crossing like Prologue... a way to get rid of Daniels as a Thorn in Davids Side.... and leave us to Ponder what is NEXT for Daniels?

Would she risk going to the Temple Complex?  Would she Discover Walter?

I think also we have to Remember if the Engineers Return then HOW are they going to Discover where it is that David would be going..... and discovering a Walter and a Daniels would provide them Answers....

HOW do they CommunicateEasy David could have Translated Engineer to English and put this on Paper, so that he could maybe then Teach Dr Shaw..... had she NOT had Rejected his Proposal.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-24-2019 10:35 PM

In all honesty, I don't think Katherine Waterston or Danny McBride will reprise their roles in Alien: Awakening.

I feel this is the case, in part because of how Noomi Rapace's character was cast aside, but also because I feel that for the characters of Daniels and Tennessee, their character arcs are as good as complete, with very few channels of development beyond what we have already seen of these characters in Alien: Covenant.


Sep-25-2019 7:17 AM

@Gavin Rapace was killed off when TOM ROTHMAN was outed from the position of chairman at Fox and new people wanted to make a name for themselves. Did the leadership of Fox change after the merger? I don't know but if they remained those could have a chance. If no I am doubtful as even Fastbender would remain as they tried to make him the lead of many franchises and they failed without an exception.

As old franchises go nowadays I think that bringing back Weaver is more likely, but I don't know who among the fans would like that,

"their character arcs are as good as complete", what arcs? They finish as they started...


Sep-25-2019 7:38 AM

Well what i proposed was just some Fan Fiction, something like this as a Released Short Story (Novel) could work to TIE UP what would happen with Daniels.

Because there are a Number of Problems with a Continuation... due to the Ending.... had Daniels not been aware of WHO that Walter really is, then in a Sequel we could have that Shocking Discovery closing the 1st Act (3rd) of the Movie.

I think seeing them all go to Origae-6 and begin to Build that Colony, awakening a Few Colonist and seeing the First few say Log Cabins Constructed where we can then see Daniels is Finally at Peace, she sits across the Lake with Walter.... Finally the Dream they all had of a New Start is underway....

To then have her make a Discovery that it is David and he has some Ulterior Motif would then make the Impact of the Twist for her more Horrific to a extent, the Problem is WE the Viewer would already know who he was...

But with Daniels already knowing who he is, really has painted the Plot into a Corner.... he cant go around and Masquerade as Walter with Daniels around, she has to Disappear, but then surely Tennessee could get Suspicious and maybe David would have to get rid of HIM... so then your left with HOW does Walter explain to the Colonist that EVERYONE of the Ships Crew whose job it was to get them to Origae-6 Safely... how does he explain WHY they are GONE?

The other Problem is as a Character there was not much to Daniels, its hard to see how you can elevate her now.. with Dr Shaw there was Potential depending on HOW they would tackle her Arc after Prometheus. This is because the Sequel was set up to go and MEET these would be Gods for Answer, and it was Dr Shaw who was driving this Venture because she did-not want to go back Home...  so she would have been the Proxy/Anchor Point for how those Answers get Presented to her, and surely they would not be Revelations that would Appease her and her Faith she Clutches too.... and so Revelations really could Crush her Faith and make for a Interesting Arc Change.

With Daniels, she just wants to get to Origae-6 to Build a Cabin.... so her Character was Limited and having her DIE would make NO Impact to where the Plot would go.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-27-2019 4:30 PM

I'm with Gavin on this one.

I really don't care about Tee and Daniels.

They both feel cut in half after losing their spouse and I really don't want to watch them finding new ones.


I'd care about Daniels...If David uses her to create a biomechanical being and she ends up shredding him(and the crew).



Sep-27-2019 5:48 PM

Well Katherine had indicated she had heard they planned some INTERESTING things for her.... but then she did also say she could just as easily end up in a Body Bag (or similar).

So i think she was aware of some of the Plans, and so it could be that she would have had a ROLE to play, but then she also then points out that she could just as easily be KILLED OFF....  this is a Acknowledgement that things can Change by the Time any Sequel gets made.

So she is hinted towards what happened with Rapace, as she appeared to be SET UP to play a Important Role in the Sequel to Prometheus, but by the Time ONE had got the Go Ahead... she was KILLED OFF.... so Waterston is just indicating that Nothing is Set in Stone as far as her Characters Future.

A Set Up from the Advent was that all David has to do NOW is Perfect his Queen.  And Fans will Automatically think that David will Create a Queen... maybe a Literal One.. but they may be VERY Mistaken.

David also said to Daniels he will do to her what he did to Dr Shaw... and some Speculate that is to RAPE her as he did then TRY and kiss Daniels..

We see NO Evidence he Raped Dr Shaw, we can only go by what he attempted to do to Daniels after he said to her he will do the same with her as he did to Dr Shaw. (thats not to say he never tried to be Sexual with her though).

What we do see that had happened to Dr Shaw was she was Mutilated and its Indicated that she had Performed a Great Role in HOW it was that David managed to Perfect his Xenomorph Eggs.

His Drawings, well some indicate different things that he had done or Dreamed of doing to Dr Shaw.. these seem to indicate her being Evolved into something more than Human and Birthing Xenomorphs.

It seems that Dr Shaws Reproductive Cells/Organs had been used in Davids Experiments.

We only have to cast our minds back to Prometheus, and imagine if David wanted to know what would have became of Dr Shaws Fetus?

And so we can Imagine he could want to Replicate the Experiment...  which really leaves us with 3 Ways that she became Pregnant.

1) Holloways Infected Sperm would Infect/Fertilize her Egg Cell.

2) The Pathogen (or worms from in it) would Infect/Fertilize her Egg Cell.

2) The Pathogen (or worms from in it) would use her Womb to Gestate.

What we see in Prometheus is she Survived... and so IF David knew HOW she was infected, he could say if he had the Med-Pod, he could Infect her Again, and Remove the Fetus, and Repeat this a Number of Times before she Finally Dies!

So she was the MOTHER to the Trilobite that would then Implant a Deacon Embryo.

With Dr Shaw if her Egg Cells are what was the Basis for those Ovomorph's then she would be kind of a Queen, well the MOTHER to those Eggs.

And so INDEED i think this would be in Part what Davids plan is, to USE her (Daniels) to Produce/Perfect the Creation of Eggs...

Maybe he could EVOLVE her..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-28-2019 1:43 AM

Daniels is FULLY AWARE of who David is...

HOW does a Sequel Continue?

Answer: David will trick the people.


- David(+Walter) will wake up the crew according to plan when they arrive at Origae-6.
- Daniels will start a tirade against David, because he attacked her before.
- Tennessee and the others decide to replace the memory bank of the android. This is a hardware replacement, which requires a simple surgery.
- They cut open David and replace the memory module. Both Daniels and Tennessee are in the room during the operation. The surgeon gives David's memory bank to Tennessee who puts it into his pocket. Tennessee goes to an airlock, throws the module into it and lets the vacuum suck it out from the ship. David's memory module disappears in the endless space.
- From this moment the android will be referred as Robert. They will fix Robert's hand as well.


The story continues ... and the humans will get into trouble on Origae-6.


- David anticipated the memory replacement and he has created a backup of his own self and hid the memory on the ship.
- He has also left some clues for his later self where to find the module. (Mother informs Robert that someone has sent him a message. Who sent the message? An android with the same serial number. That is interesting.)
- Robert finds the memory module, cuts himself open in a rather crude manner and installs the backup memory into his body. 
- From that moment the android will be David (+Walter+Robert) again.
- Daniels and the others will not have the slightest clue that David(+Walter+Robert) is back. Except David innocently smiles at Daniels once...


The story continues with David...


An android performing a surgery on himself... Is not that cool?


Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride are good actors. It is not a good thing to waste them because the scriptwriter temporarily ran out of ideas.

* Silence Means Security *


Sep-28-2019 8:10 AM

- David(Walter) will wake up the crew according to plan when they arrive at Origae-6.


I just don't see David waking any crew members. He may wake one or two after he's infected them? But I don't envision David washing anyone's feet again.

David might as well remove the crew's hands and feet...So they'll give him trouble. He is only using the humans as nutrient sacks anyway. Why allow them to push buttons our pick up weapons?

BUT...I could imagine MUTHUR trapping him in a airlock or section of the Covenant(if she determines he's a threat), then waking the crew herself?......But David has probably disabled her higher functions. 


Sep-28-2019 8:21 AM

I just don't see David waking any crew members. 

David seemed to be interested in the colonizing mission.

* Silence Means Security *


Sep-28-2019 9:24 AM

A colony of his creations! 

But you're probably right. He may need the humans so he can gloat over them...... show them his brilliance! 

David "Bow before your master!"


Sep-29-2019 7:23 AM

I think something to remember is that Daniels is a Problem for David, he cant allow her to Interact with the other Colonist, if she Disappears then Tennessee may become Suspicious 

But i am not so sure they would just KILL her off, i think we see that David is Sadistic and he would likely Enjoy the Fact that he is in CONTROL and i would bet he would like to Interact with Daniels and keep her Captive.

We know David does-not have a High Opinion of Mankind and a thing to look at is that HOW he was treated by Mankind is via their Upbringing and Knowledge where they view him as just a MACHINE.

A Baby is Born Innocent and its their Upbringing that would SHAPE what kind of a Person they would become and HOW they would look at certain things and view David or treat him.

I would Suspect that David would have NO use for the Colonist apart from having them SET-UP a Basic Colony, from where David could then take them out... and then Raise those Human Embryo's maybe he would Engineer them?

I think he would KEEP our Daniels Alive so she can Witness what he has done, i think that could prove to be a Downfall for him.

I think it really depends on Davids Agenda and Actions, as he could just as Easily kill Daniels and Tennessee he would have NO use for them, he could FIX the records on the Computer and give what ever Excuse he wants to the Colonist that he Awakens.

If we assume he wants to Create Xenomorphs, then i think he would use Daniels to Extract her Egg Cells to use to Produce more Xenomorph Eggs or Face Huggers, and then use the Adult Colonist as HOSTS.

It would be Horrific for Daniels to discover that she is in effect being the MOTHER to the Horrors that David is UNLEASHING.

This assumes this would be Davids main Agenda.


I think thats interesting but also a bit Complex, i think sure when the Colonist are awake and IF they discover who David really is... then they would want to Incapacitate him....

The Covenant Ship would likely have Walter Spare Parts, are their enough to Construct a New Body and Head?  Are these Parts Compatible with David?  or is David already in Walters Body?

so what i am saying is that would they need David? and so can they Build another Walter?

If they need the Body that David has then they would try and WIPE his Mind Clean.... if they dont then they just build another Walter...

But a KEY THING is that it would be likely that David has Uploaded himself to the SHIP Computer and so he could Download himself back into another Walter that the Colonist would Build or back into his Body after they FACTORY RESET.

And so i think such a Plot would be Highly Likely, and so i like what your saying as in they would think they have Eradicated David....   only to at a latter point, we see that MUTHUR who is now David, just Uploads himself into the Walter they are using...

So they would be Totally Unaware.... i think something like this could work... it would then give us NO reason to have Daniels or Tennessee to be Killed Off and would bring in more SHOCK when Daniels latter discovers some Horrific Experiments on the Colonist and then REALIZES that David is still around.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-29-2019 11:21 AM

The surgical removal of David from the android is much more drastic, brutal and merciless than the upload/reset/download scenario.

It also would look much more spectacular in the movie. 

Imagine the android cutting himself with a scalpel, opening the wound and rummaging in his own body in order to find the memory bank, which he wants to replace. The android could have "blood" with maroon color.


The memory bank could look similar to this device. It must be a pluggable equipment.


* Silence Means Security *

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