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"How are you feeling?Terrific!Next silly question."


Jan-18-2019 2:21 PM

I've been dealing with a cold the past couple days and it got me to thinking.Could an illness delay a chestburster?In Alien Resurrection Purvis had a thyroid condition severely delaying his chestburster.In Alien 3 Ripley complained of having a sore throat and other cold symptoms.Though to be fair this was prior to the knowledge that she was carrying the queen,but she was indeed recovered from cold water.Did the queen have a long gestation because it was a queen?Or was it maybe just because Ripley was ill?

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Jan-18-2019 4:48 PM

Purvis may have been gestating a queen? Hard to say since there were different experiments going on. 


Jan-18-2019 5:06 PM

I don't know about.I actually hadn't considered that.

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Jan-18-2019 7:58 PM

Illness or congenital defects might be the easiest/best way to explain away the gestating times. Canon aside, they were almost comically fast in the AVP movies.

And Purvis was pretty funny too poor guy- "I am fine!"

 This sounds like a decent analysis



Jan-18-2019 8:46 PM

Indeed they were lol.Less than 10 minutes it seemed.Covenant has uber fast gestation too.

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Jan-19-2019 1:58 PM

I think Gestation was always just down to Plot Convenience and they NEVER had any Science/Theory to work with.

ALIENS we only got the One Chest Buster, so we could speculate the Female Host was infected the day before, but who knows HOW-LONG she had been captured before she was Face Hugged.

So with Ripley in Alien 3 it was unusually long, which i always wondered could be due to a Queen taking Longer to Gestate....  But to bring up that point about HER being Ill with some illness that has a affect on her Respiratory System and how this may be WHY the Gestation took longer is certainly Interesting and something i have NEVER considered before ;)

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Jan-19-2019 10:03 PM

It seems Ripley 8 implied a Queen "a really nasty one" at 1:34



Jan-20-2019 12:10 AM

Ripleys queen and Purvis's chestburster do bear resemblance ..

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Jan-20-2019 2:39 PM

I've enhanced an image of Dr. Wren's face exploding when the xenomorph traveled through his head to assist the analysis ninXeno426, below.


Jan-20-2019 3:20 PM

Haha thank you kindly Ingeniero

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