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Dark Horse release Gibsons ALIEN3 script as a comic

Dark Horse release Gibsons ALIEN3 script as a comic

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I Raptus

Jan-11-2019 12:32 AM

wtf! How did I not know about this being released?!

A Graphic Novel would have been better given some of the strong cyberpunk visuals depicted Gibson's script. 

But I'll take this too!


Now we just need Vincent Ward's script done too!!


9 Responses to Dark Horse release Gibsons ALIEN3 script as a comic


Jan-11-2019 7:46 AM

This is very Good News... i would be very interested in reading this.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

I Raptus

Jan-11-2019 1:51 PM

BigDave There have currently been 3 episodes of the mini-series released so far XD

I Moon Girl

Jan-12-2019 4:05 AM

I believe it was Gavin who made a post about it in the News section, but it wasn't released on time, according to Gavin.

I've been reading them since they came out.  The #3 of #4 was just released like a day ago.

I liked the first two so far.  I should get the third one in the main within the next 3 or 4 weekdays.

The only thing I would have to say is that the story is moving a bit quick.  It's not too quick, but it is faster than I'd like.

Still, my guess on the reason why it is like that is because it's in a comic book format.  This ALIEN3 is my first comic book I have owned and read since childhood, so I'm not used to how comics work.

I did start a thread in this forum too acknowledging  the November release date.  Not many people responded, so I guess it just got lost in the shuffle of other threads.

I suggesting getting these comic books because this is something special.  It's not just another story.  It's a story that was intended to be a movie.  We need to appreciate this comic release and enjoy it!

The last one will be released somewhere around mid February.

I Moon Girl

Jan-12-2019 4:10 AM

Oh, and while on the note of comic books.  I accidently stumbled across an ALIENS comic book at Barnes & Nobles.

It's called, "ALIENS" (30th Anniversary Addition).  It's bound in a hardcover book.

This comic book bound series was created after the success of the movie ALIENS.  This is a direct sequel to ALIENS before ALIEN3 was ever an idea!  So, in a sense, this comic book series is an ALIEN3 before anyone ever thought to make the movie!  I have purchased it but I haven't been able to go through the massive hardcover collection.

Apparently it sold VERY well and got GREAT reviews when the comics were originally released, which is why they made a 30th Anniversary hardcover book binding all the comics.

I Raptus

Jan-12-2019 5:22 PM

Thanks I Moon Girl !! I must have missed your thread sorry.

I just bought and downloaded the first 3 episodes. As much I would like a physical copy, the shipping cost and wait to have it shipped to Australia isn't worth it for me.

I agree the first 2 do move very fast, difficult to keep up at times. But I do remember reading the full screenplay years ago and from memory there is ALOT to cover once the Xeno's inevitable outbreak....I'll save the spoilers but there are some large twists being foreshadowed in #2 ;) 



I Raptus

Jan-12-2019 5:30 PM

"I suggesting getting these comic books because this is something special.  It's not just another story.  It's a story that was intended to be a movie.  We need to appreciate this comic release and enjoy it!"

100% agree I Moon Girl. This is something special and cool for the franchise.

I just hope they do the same for Vincent Ward's Wooden planet Alien3 script too!  



Jan-12-2019 10:15 PM

I wonder how or if they will deal with that pesky egg at the beginning...


Jan-22-2019 8:40 AM

I've got the first 2 I Raptus....will comment when I've read them.

Yes on the Vincent Ward script...concept art below (source).

Please note that the monks were chased through wheat in the concept.

Alien: Covenant seemed to pull many concepts from years past into the film. And I love the mutant sheep with a butt-face. Ward must have still been excited from watching The Thing.


Jan-22-2019 12:06 PM

Indeed this is a common thing with the Franchise, in that each movie seems to use some unused concepts/ideas that was never used or implemented in previous Franchise ideas/concepts and drafts.

And i think this trend will continue

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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