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Who Needs a Cooked Beast When You Have James Cameron?

Who Needs a Cooked Beast When You Have James Cameron?

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Dec-09-2018 12:59 PM

James Cameron cooked the Beast in "Aliens" - and the victims on the Titanic - but some people still don't plead guilty to his crime.

For those above, there came Disney - good luck with Neill "Mummy Mummy" Blomkamp's possible version of the remastered dead left far behind.

And "Avatar" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

For some of us, "Alien" should have died a clean death with Ripley in 1979, so there wouldn't have been a chance for Cameron or the shadow of a "Mummy Mummy" Blomkamp.

Open to discussion, of course.

36 Responses to Who Needs a Cooked Beast When You Have James Cameron?


Dec-22-2018 10:38 AM

BigDave, hi!

You quoted me on,

"How come Newt's parents found it suitable to go check an alien spacecraft with children on-board in their kind of "urbane" colony vehicle?

You may say the scene didn't go on for the theatrical version, but Cameron shot it anyway - because Cameron is what he is."

And I actually said that, because the main critiscism about "Prometheus" and "Covenant" has been "stupid characters" and/or "stupid characters acting on a blessed stupidity-proof franchise" over a specific film ("Aliens") that was conceived (someone else's opinion, not mine) "to be a pefect reflection of the SMART BADASSES EVER!"

Let me be clear about something on my reasons and opinion: CAMERON SUCKS AS A DIRECTOR, block -buster box office results apart and "Aliens" apart.

I would never have given Cameron a second thought had he not messed with "Alien" in the 80's and had he kept his mouth shut when talking about Sir Ridley Scott's works on the original concept of "Alien" - "Prometheus" and "Covenant" - not so long ago.

Cameron, "powerful" as he had been before (because of "Terminator") and he may be now (because of "Titanic" and "Avatar"), does not know when not to talk, both in filmaking as in being the third person on a successful realtionship (Sir RS + "Alien").

I came to this site years ago because of and only because of "Prometheus" - and my song remains the same :)


Dec-22-2018 11:09 AM

And, Leto, thanks!

In your way, you said it all.

Cameron's Marines called the Alien "just another bug", as if the universe was plenty of them - not something the original crew's reaction on "Alien" would suggest.

In this sense, I do prefer the bugs on "Men in Black" - block-bustering speaking...


Dec-22-2018 11:25 AM

And a final (for now) thought:

What about the "baby" alien back-busting/mouth-busting in "Covenant"?

Was it not something?


Dec-23-2018 1:16 AM

Indeed totally agree on Stupid Choices....  people have to make them to drive a Plot Along....

In ALIEN letting the Xenomorph on board was Extremely Stupid only Ripley Seemed to be aware of the Potential Risk, much like Vickers in Prometheus.

Stupid ASH!!!!  But then thats when the Twist came in about the Android and Special Order 937 which i think was a Master Stroke as far as a viable way to do something rather silly.... revealing that Agenda and the Crew were Expendable was one of the Best Plot points in ALIEN.

I think ALIENS has its good points, it a Top Top Action Flick, not many Flaws, i would say Alien has as many Flaws (which is a small number).

But for some the route of ALIENS had not taken into account the Back Plot from Starbeast i have heard Alien Fans say the Xenomorph was made to be Weak in Aliens and Stupid.... i argue against that because in ALIEN all the Xenomorph did was go around killing people, it uses Stealth and was a Great Hunter but did not come across as a Super Intelligent Species.  Also the Alien Crew were not trained for Military or had access to Marines Weapons and even if they did, they knew the risk of killing the Xenomorph would be risky for the potential of a Hull Breach (Acid Blood Master Stroke Plot).

If the the Xenomorph killed Ripley, and then landed on Earth say, and got out, then a Military Contingent in a open spaced Environment Armed to the Teeth would make Short Work of the Xenomorph...  surely it was not as indestructible as the T-1000 Terminator.

Camerons Aliens were torn to Shreds a little to Easy though, the same for AVP movies and Alien Resurrection.  They did show Intelligence However.. more so than the Xenomorph in ALIEN.

I think what BUGS a lot of those who liked Alien Concepts, and thought it was a missed opportunity are based on the more ALIEN Nature and concepts that was dropped for ALIEN as some of these would have given a different outlook to the Xenomorph and would have made a sequel going the BUGS route become something contradicting. 

We have to accept the BUGS.... it makes sense to a extent...

What they should have done is use Alien Covenant to EVOLVE the Beast....  David Creating the Xenomorph has upset many, RS feels its a good idea as it shows how Dangerous it was to Create a AI like David and take him on  a Journey to meet our Makers... and discover the Bio-Weapons the Engineers had created.  And he then uses this to Create the Xenomorph.

Instead having David Create his own Version, that is more Evolved, and potentially can become more closer to the Star Beast would have been a much better route to take. This fits with RS idea of the Danger David posses by him creating a Horrific Bio-Weapon... it would show that Mankinds Creation had Created a more Perfect Creation than Mankind and Engineers ever could.

But some Fans wanted to see how the Original Xenomorph came to be and the Space Jockey/Derelict explained... which means a Spoon Fed... Plot that has to Literally connect to ALIEN, which means Davids Xenomorph would have to thus become the Cargo on the Derelict.

We can all wonder what would happened if the Egg Morph was in the Theatrical Movie... and if they introduced a Xenomorph that would Imitate a Humans Voice.... and could lead to us to the Beast being more like the Starbeast Plot.

We would have not got Camerons ALIEN BUGS then!

But those kinds of plans that never went ahead for the Xenomorph could be used in another Organism or Race, or as a Evolved Xenomorph be that Naturally or via Experiments.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-23-2018 1:24 AM


What about the "baby" alien back-busting/mouth-busting in "Covenant"?

Was it not something?"

And not forget the other Experiments by David that we only had mere glimpses of.... so indeed they tried to bring in something NEW but it just never had the Screen Time they deserved.

Ridley Scott claimed the Xenomorph would have Regenerated, i am sure some ALIEN fans who saw the Xenomorph as a Unstoppable Force

But its a bit of a silly comment... how does this work?  Cut off a Xenomorphs Arms and TWO Xenomorphs will grow from this?  We saw Rapid Regeneration with the Hammerpedes and Ripley 8 and so it maybe cant be ruled out.

Certainly contradicts ALIENS a bit, depends on how fast this Regeneration is..

I think a interesting way to explore Regeneration would be a Xenomorph has limited Life Span (ideal for a Weapon) and when it Natural Dies or is Killed, its remains will degrade but go into some active Chemical/Biological Process were from its Remains, these Melt down to produce a Mass on the Floor which Grows a Egg, or Few.

Even having the Neomorph do the same, (from its dead body, will sprout a number of Spores) i feel is a interesting idea to explore.

Shame we never got to have the Screen time the Beasts had, that they deserved.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-27-2018 8:50 AM

ScorpioStar: Effects-wise the mouth-burster looked good but since I did not have any connection to the character I did not feel a lot but I can tell you that I would feel very stressed if I would be in a situation like that. Most of the names of the characters in AC I do not remember the names of because they were in the background and were not well developed. The amount of gore and how they put that together is nothing that I have a problem with.

As far as the characters I think that they are better done/acted in Aliens than in the prequels. Their deaths certainly affected me more, for example Vasques which I thought was a more interesting character compared to Ripley anyways.

“Cameron cooked the beast and his fans not only can't take it as they hate Sir Ridley Scott's attemps to renew it. Thus the controversial box office.”

That is not why I am not a huge fan of the prequels and I am not a huge Cameron fan per se even though Titanic was alright, and also Avatar. Terminator 1 and 2 are also good even though I have not watched them since forever. Aliens is OK even though I do not watch it that often. Maybe he didn’t cook it but he made it more relatable by making it like a hive insect. Renew the Xeno is not why I am not a fan of the prequels, my reason is that they lack (both movies) human characters to believe in and that it is centered on a robot that has gone bonkers and that it is all about him. Aliens is better even though it is an older movie.

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