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Alien Covenant Sequel Possible Plot

Alien Covenant Sequel Possible Plot

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Sep-17-2018 1:18 AM

I was thinking of what the plot would be for the next alien movie and this is what I came up: 

Engineers come to check on Paradise and find out that it was decimated. They find David's notes and left over active eggs. They also find Walter. In addition to seeking retribution on the party responsible for the destruction of Paradise, they also now recognize that David has successfully created a bio-weapon of mass destruction on a planetary scale. These would be two strong incentives to pursue him. How would they know where to find him or what his intentions are? I am guessing that Walter is the only link to David so they must repair/reactivate him to determine David's location and plans. If they do reactivate Walter, then they would most likely keep him activated as a tracking guide ........and since Walter is bound by duty and "in love" with Daniels, that would create a subplot .....which would be for Walter to somehow rescue Daniels from David thereby continuing the evolution of AI. So this would be the Engineer's/AI side of the story. 

David's story is pretty much get to Origae6 and form his perfect organism. I think he will pretty much make it to his destination ......I don't see a showdown between Engineers and David taking place on spaceships. I don't see Daniels or Tennessee escaping either. I think David's going to get his queen. 

But neither David or the engineers would make for a good point of view in following the story line so a third party would have to be introduced....since in the deleted scenes David is in contact with the Weyland corporation, I am guessing they will either send marines, explorers, negotiators, etc party to Origae 6 in pursuit of David and I think this is the point of view that the story will unravel from. 

So ultimately I think all these groups will battle it out on Origae6 Engineers, Walter, David, Aliens and the party sent from Earth. A programmatic issue with this scenario is that of setting ....Origae6 will be devoid of structures since it's uninhabited so what type of terrain will the conflict take place on? .......Alien built structures/tunnels? Human structures built by the doomed colonists?  David has shown a propensity to teraform so it would be interesting to see what he does when he gets to Origae6.

Ultimately I think the Engineers will take the upper hand and in typical Engineer fashion they will load their ship up with David's eggs and head for earth to get rid of their original plans intended .......and for the added insults of the destruction of Paradise and the creation of a biological superweapon. 

Obviously they never make it and they crash somewhere near earth lv-426 where the Nostromo discovers them and their eggs. Interestingly they were discovered by a warning beacon so that makes me believe that in addition to an outbreak occurring on the ship as seen by the chest burst there might have been an internal disagreement about ending the human race......which might have led to the crash. Another possibility is that Walter or a human was on board that sabotaged the ship? I don't see why someone bound for a planetary annihilation mission would use their last breath to put out a warning signal to stay away from the ship ......especially since there were no engineers near Earth space...but who knows. 


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Sep-20-2018 5:51 PM

Nice Post ;) and Welcome aboard.

I think the broad strokes are about right, when i consider the set up and Ridley Scotts Comments, then a lot of what you put i think forms some basis of what we was/could be shown IF/WHEN they do a sequel (provided they dont change the idea by then).

"Origae6 will be devoid of structures since it's uninhabited so what type of terrain will the conflict take place on"

From clues/information we have gained Origae-6 would be a Earth like World, that is likely NOT as suitable as Planet 4, but more Habitable than LV-223

Who knows how inhabited this World would be, we can assume it would maybe have some forms of LIFE, but who knows if it would have any inhabitants as in Intelligent Life, i DOUBT IT.... However... who knows if it has signs of a World that was ONCE inhabited?  Maybe or maybe not?

I think it would be a coincidence, yet also interesting.  I hope its not going to be a Place that the Engineers had inhabited or had interacted with, unless this was  in Many Many Thousands of years prior.

Also i think there is potential that David would (while impersonating Walter) help the Colonist Set up or Begin to Set up the Colony.....   David did say (as Walter) to Daniels, when she asked "what kind of a world can they build" David replied "if we are kind, it will be a kind world"

Ridley Scott also asked us "What Kind of a World would David Build?" and i cant see him show us David experimenting for a large portion on Colonist, on the Covenant, or taking them down to Origae-6 one at a time to experiment on,  as well a Movie Needs Human Characters.  So some Interaction is required..

But this could come from incoming Humans, who arrive (so does the viewer) at the aftermath of what ever David has done to those Colonist... so we will have the incoming Human ship as the Characters we may spend most the time with, but they would have to arrive under RUSE and not be aware of David or what happened... just as the Covenant Crew were not until it was TOO LATE.

A thing to consider.....

Ridley Scott had mentioned they are off to the Planet (i assume the Covenant Ship/David and maybe Origae-6, most likely).  But there will be 3-4 incoming Parties.

This means that David + Covenant ship (maybe Colonist in one piece) will be at the PLANET by the time any other Incoming Parties arrive.

Ridley Scott confirms ONE of those Parties are the Engineers who return to Planet 4 and Discover the Destruction and want to find the Culprit.

The Advent Video alerts the Company of Davids intentions and where he has been and so its likely in response to this ONE Party is a Human Mission.

But Ridley Scott Mentions 3-4 Parties this means that ANOTHER Party will be incoming... and that a 4th Party is loosely connected with either of the other 3.

For a party to be 3-4 means that ONE of them is a 1-2 which means they are connected or similar... so its either

TWO Human Missions sent at different Times, with the other not far behind... One maybe a Standard Mission who are not aware of the Advent, the other a Military Element who are aware of the Advent and are sending the first mission in as Bait!  Or one is a Company MainlyAI/Synthetic contingent


TWO Engineer related contingents, either with different objectives, or ONE the Planet 4 Engineers, the other LV-223 Types.  or either of these plus ANOTHER connected Race.

Those TWO options above will make the 2-3 of those 3-4 Parties... and i think the 4th may well be WALTER but then the 3-4 could be a mix of TWO Human Missions, TWO Engineer Missions.

"Ultimately I think the Engineers will take the upper hand and in typical Engineer fashion they will load their ship up with David's eggs and head for earth to get rid of humanity"

At some point the Engineers are likely to end up on Top, and its what happens between David and Those Surviving Engineers?  One thing is for Certain, well likely the Returning Engineers either Provide the Derelict, or there ships head to LV-223 to obtain the Derelict..  But what is Certain is IF David goes to Origae-6 then this place is not near LV-223 and so a Engineer Ship (likely) will head from Origae-6 in the aftermath and head to LV-223.

Where it will either Crash Just before, or will spend some time on LV-223 before heading off to Earth but Crash Near by (LV-426)

"Interestingly they were discovered by a warning beacon "

The Warning Beacon (unless they change its purpose) is in the Space Jockey Language... it could be a Engineer/Space Jockey set it off to WARN there own Kind.... it could be David does so, knowing some AI will be able to Translate it...

I find it less likely a Human would know where the Activation for the Beacon is, and even if they do, or its pure look... (unless its nature/translation is changed) then this would mean the Beacon is a Prerecorded Automated Warning System, maybe a Human could activate but would they know they have activated a Warning Signal?

I think its likely the Space Jockey will either be a Engineer, or Related being (maybe those above the Engineers) or it would be either David or Walter.  It will only be Human if a David/Walter is also on board IMO

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-26-2018 5:17 PM

I like that plot.

I'd like to see Engineers with some sort of hand held bio weapons too.

I mean the Engineers just can't get off a starship and run towards the foe and hope they wait for them!?

Engineer "Eryuit yoij kiop!!"

Daniels "What's he saying?!"

Davids "He is telling us to stay where we he can get his hands on us..."


I think a platoon of colonial marines would mop up weaponless Engineers and it would be Aliens all over.


Sep-26-2018 7:49 PM

You raise a good point....

Ridley Scott does say the Engineers return to Planet 4 as they come and go and certain intervals and they are not pleased at the Destruction they Discover....   He also mentioned about going a WAR of the WORLDS route if he is allowed to continue and even suggests they could make another 6 movies.

We simply have to look at the Contradiction/Plot In-continuities this would RAISE in context to the Franchise... UNLESS  his Plans was to back into ALIEN and then expand from this... removing Aliens on-wards from Canon!

so the Big Question in context is HOW MANY Engineers are still alive across the Galaxy and more so HOW MANY are close to our Part of the Galaxy and become aware of the Destruction that David had caused.

If we have Hundreds of Engineers and a Amanda of 10's of Engineer Ships then this would not spell to well for David or Mankind... Davids Xenomorphs cant FLY ships (but who knows where they could go with that LOL).   so they have to be Careful how many Engineers Return and HOW powerful their Technology is...

We can SAFELY Assume that at Least ONE Engineer related Ship returns, as we NEED one Ship to become the Derelict.   I assume it would be Logical to only introduce 1-3 Maximum Engineer Ships...  But leave NONE by the time they Finish the Prequels connecting to ALIEN

Or at least reveal ONE ship is heading off to some place these Engineers are located... but then show the FATE of another Ship (Derelict) so we can Safely Assume the Other Ship will arrive at a location connected to the Engineers and HELL breaks loose...  but ALAS they could not heed the Warning of the Space Jockey.

You would assume  Ancient Race may have Weapons Technology and in  Jon Spaights works we see the Engineers have some kind of Kinetic Force Weapon. The Fire and Stone Comics reveal the Engineers have some Energy Beam Weapon too.

But we see NO evidence within the Prequel Movies of any Weapons....   the only Reason they would NOT have any such Weapons would be.

*They are confident there are no Creations/Races that would reach a Advanced Stage to poses Weapons that are a Threat to the Engineers, so in turn they Do-Not require such Weapons themselves.

*They are confident their are NO, and will be NO inner Conflict/Wars between their own kind and so they have no need for Weapons to Protect them.

*They are very Confident in their Strength and Protective Suits that they would use their Hands to Defend against any Potential Aggressors.

*They posses such Powerful Bio-Weapons/Chemical Warfare and have Protection from these, that these kinds of Weapons are what they would use in any conflict.

But we have to wonder if they had interacted with Xenomorph and Related Organisms in the Past? if so then what kind of Defense do they have against them? or do they have some means to Control these Beasts... or Bio-Logical Agent to Destroy them... or are they confident in their own Brute Strength and Protective Suits that again they deal with the Treat with their Bare Hands?

I would assume they surely must have, or at some point in the Past, kinds of Weaponry both Close Range and Ranged Attack variants.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-27-2018 6:07 AM

I guess Planet 4 is a holy city..No weapons allowed? Probably why David was stuck there....Like arriving in ancient Egypt...No tech around just statues and useless trinkets.

 I've always suggested the Engineers are still around in the 22nd/23rd century just in hibernation tombs ....Just waiting for someone/something/God. Trillions of them. Termites. A giant conscious. 

W Y could terraform a world with Engineers sleeping below it! Civilizations come and go while they sleep. Probably didn't need to travel to Earth..They are already there!

Like Gavin has mentioned...Something is under the Derelict on LV426...cave/hangar structure? Maybe it was landing or getting ready to leave.


Sep-27-2018 6:59 AM

Its interesting to Ponder the possibility of SLEEPING GIANTS and if we look at them as Space Gardeners, and that the Evolution of Worlds takes a very long time, so any upgrades they do-not see INSTANT results..

Then it could make sense for them to have Underground Resting Chambers where they Go to Sleep, set the Alarm Clock say Hundreds of years, wake up and Check on the World they are Gardening, then go back to their Tombs for another few Hundred Years.

Regarding the Derelict this was down to Changes in Production as at the TIME there was a Derelict Space Craft and a Separate Egg Silo they were separate just like the STARBEAST Original Story.  Work had commenced on the Matt Painting/Background to the Egg Chamber and the Egg Chamber Set, before for Budget Reasons they could not go the route of exploring a Separate Egg Silo/Temple.  So they were combined to be part of the same SHIP... despite the size of the Egg Chamber being much Larger than would fit inside the Derelict...   Despite some dialog in ALIEN (Kane mentioning he is being lowered into some kind of CAVE)  The settled idea and explanation there after was the Egg Chamber was part of the Ships Cargo Hold.

With the route the Prequels have taken however.... anything can be changed and they could have it explored as being a Separate Egg Chamber/Cave... we shall have to wait and see.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-27-2018 7:11 AM

Regarding Planet 4, the conclusion i am drawn to is this place is indeed PARADISE but in context to mainly the Garden of Eden.  Things to remember within this Context are.

*Paradise (Garden of Eden) is the Cradle of Human Civilization, its where our Origins come from.

*Paradise (Garden of Eden) is NOT where GOD comes from.

*Paradise (Garden of Eden) is NOT where the ANGELS come from.

*Paradise (Garden of Eden) is Guarded by Cherub Angels to watch over Humanoid Creation.

If those Engineers in Prometheus are not the Originals and they are not the GODS then we have to look at those Planet 4 Engineers and ask are they the Gods?

When we look at Paradise (Garden of Eden) it is a place created by GOD/Gods where they Created First Man and a place where they would dwell and be able to explore this place but they are WATCHED over by Cherub Angels to make sure they are abiding by the Rules of God and that, NO Fallen Angels can enter this place and corrupt Gods Creation.

After the FALL of Man, they (Man) were Banished/Kicked out of Paradise (Garden of Eden) and went on to dwell on Earth.

So if we look at Paradise as a place where God has this Garden of Eden that provides everything Man needs to survive and Man (Adam) is contained within this Garden where he can be watched over by GOD and his Cherubim Angels

If we now look at Planet 4 then we see these Humanoids who likely predate us and we Originate from them. We see these beings only seem to LIVE within ONE area on Planet 4 and so they are contained within that City, which makes them easier to Watch Over and Control..   We see there was that Scorpion Docking Ship and we can maybe look at this as a Watcher Ship that Protects and Watches over the Inhabitants of Planet 4.

If we look at it like this then we can make comparisons between Planet 4 and its City and the Garden of Eden in Paradise.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-29-2018 12:12 AM

 Hi guys. Just a few more thought upon reading all your awesome responses.

In regards to David's quote, "if we are kind, it will be a kind world", I think this speaks more to the evolution of David and the continuing transcendence of AI to include complex human behavior. In other words David had enough affection and sympathy for Daniels that he wanted to settle her mind despite knowing full well what was in store for her. In addition, I think he strives to play the role of Walter
close to perfection because it gave him a sense of superiority to be able to successfully impersonate the android he overcame. So when David made this quote, he was still behaving as Walter would either case David displays complex human behavior for an AI. In the first scenario, he is not just a cold killing machine, he is aware and considerate of the consequences of his actions as they relate to human beings and tries to alleviate unnecessary suffering. In the second scenario, he takes on the role and personality of Walter and manages to deceive the crew of the Covenant. Interestingly, the impersonation of Walter by David is intriguing ....not only from an AI perspective but also because it opens up a new avenue of character development. Is David impersonating Walter or has David's AI personality splintered? A split personality AI ........

More so, I don't see how David's world can be kind. I mean the reality is that he created and is trying to perfect an apex predator whose instinct for survival is paramount. Survival and kindness are kind of mutually exclusive say the least. Even the inception of his creation lacks kindness and relies on the violent assault and destruction of another organism. David surely understands what kindness is since he referred to Dr. Shaw as having a kind heart when she put him back together, however, he must also understand the reality of his creations and how that must relate to kindness. So I am left to conclude that his
quote is deceitful and in role with him impersonating Walter.

Regarding the discovery of the Derelict and Engineers. I don't believe that the Engineers were near Earth the time of Alien, the crew did not recognize the typical horseshoe shaped Engineer ship nor is there any mention of other Alien races. If the Engineers had outposts or inhabited planets nearby, it is highly probable that Earth would have been made aware of their presence especially given the planet hunting capabilities as seen in Prometheus and Covenant. So most likely the Derelict and its payload were Earth bound and crashed in a location not near an area inhabited or traveled by Engineers.
The reason I find this intriguing is because of the warning signal that was sent by the Derelict....I am thinking the Engineers did not send out this signal, but if not them, then who and why? I actually went back and watched Alien again and I came away with a new perspective. I was under the impression that the Nostromo just happened upon the SOS beacon as it was traveling back to earth, but upon rewatching Alien, I realized that the Nostromo was deliberately sent to locate and investigate lv-426 and that the company had full knowledge of the biological weapon that was on board. Ash was clear evidence of this from beginning to end ......from his insistence to investigate
the signal under threat of monetary penalty, to the refusal of pulling the crew out upon Mother deciphering the signal as a warning, to the deliberate breaking of quarantine, to the continuous attempt to preserve the creature......all through the movie Ash knew exactly what was going on and was behaving in contrast to his perceived programming....he seemed more like a David 2.0 then the more updated Walter which he would have been modeled
after given the time lapse. I mean I understand Ash's initial impulse as a representative of the company to head toward the SOS signal, but after Mother translated it to be a warning signal, why would the company representative be
adamant about continuing the operation despite the huge mining payload they were carrying. It doesn't make sense. Ash's top priority would be the payload, but yet Ash insists on continuing the operation and makes decision after
decision which puts the payload at risk. So anyway, my guess as to how the Wayland Co knew about the crash site and the cargo of the Derelict, was that a pro-Earth persona was on board the Derelict and they most likely sabotaged
the Derelict, put the warning signal out, and communicated with the Wayland company on the foiled plot to annihilate the Earth..........naively believing that the Wayland company would understand the danger and keep away from the doomed ship. There was no way the Wayland company could have located the Derelict in such as short time or make such a priority to investigate if someone didn't make them aware of it. Only 20 years pass between Covenant and Alien?? guess is that they brought in the Nostromo because it was the closest thing they had near the reported crash site. But then this leaves other questions like who was the person(s) to activate the warning beacon and report the crash, why didn't they blow up the ship, why didn't they destroy the eggs in the first place .........on the contrary the eggs had an actual preservation mechanism intact (which makes the case for the hangar - interestingly the cave Lambert
described going down looks like an Alien acid hole on the deck with the sides melted off and Alien deposit on the sides). I suspect that the person responsible for the signal/communication was annihilated fighting the Alien
and I suspect that this will be one of the scenes in the next movie ........the showdown on the Derelict ship.

Planet 4. The inhabitants on on Planet 4 remind me of the religious cast of the Mimbari of Babylon 5. The inhabitants on Planet 4 seemed to live a simplified life ......possibly religious, possibly colonists.....from the deleted scenes when the Covenant crew member throws a flare from the bridge of the plaza, you can see that there are many more Engineer ships docked below .....the inhabitants of Planet 4 seem to purposely want to reside there and had the option to leave at any point. I suspect that because they are into genetic modification, they might have different physiological features to better suit them for their lifestyle on the planet. Contrast this with a possible military branch of Engineers which are more robust in their physical appearance. I believe that the small presence of inhabitants on Planet 4 may also have been a result of genetic modification and advanced technology leading to very long life spans which would preclude the need for large populations.I don't see Planet 4 as being significant in the upcoming story other than to be a testimony to David's destruction and to pick up Walter. 


Sep-29-2018 7:14 AM

"So I am left to conclude that his quote is deceitful and in role with him impersonating Walter."

Indeed this could be the only reason for that comment, because David would have to try and persuade Daniels that he is Walter and such reassuring words will help with his Charade....  David's Character is something that is a bit ambiguous,  on one hand (no pun intended) he may have not felt contempt/dislike for all Humans, and his treatment by Dr Shaw may have allowed him to see some Good in Mankind, and leading to him having a Genuine Care for her... But on the other hand, he could be playing a Manipulative Game all along...  at the End of Prometheus we had to consider a STALEMATE  where David would not be able to put himself back together so he NEEDS the help of Dr Shaw and on the other hand, Dr Shaw NEEDS Davids help or else she is stuck on that Rock!

She would know once David is back in one piece that she potentially is bound to whatever whims he has... and so David would know that he would have to Persuade her, and so his interaction/actions towards Dr Shaw could had been a RUSE to get her to put himself back together and have her TRUST him... but then once she is in Cryo-sleep he is then FREE to pursue what ever Agenda he has..  Or he could have genuinely built a good relationship with Dr Shaw and indeed Cared for her and her Safety....  Its a hard one to call...

The Question is if he genuinely cared and bonded with Dr Shaw, could he do the same with Daniels and would he actually want to do the same...  The BIGGEST direction the Sequel would go would depend on WHAT agenda David has.

However... when looking at comments by RS in which he says the next movie is more about AI, and not about the Xenomorph.  I guess this rules out a straightforwards Plot of David merely using Colonists/Daniels to Produce 100's or Thousands of Eggs..  However.... this does not mean the movie would have NO Xenomorphs... and its a case of would seeing how he obtains Thousands of Eggs or even a Smaller amount, but not have any Eggs or only 1-2 actually infect a Host...  would this constitute a movie that is NOT about the Xenomorph?  So RS comments could be we would not be seeing a movie about Xenomorphs on the Scale of like ALIENS.

The next Question is where is David going?  RS has hinted it could be Origae-6 but it could be LV-223 i dont see what LV-426 has in store for him.... unless we go for a Change in Plot where the Egg Cave is actually NOT part of the Derelict Ship.

"at the time of Alien, the crew did not recognize the typical horseshoe shaped Engineer ship nor is there any mention of other Alien races"

This is part of a Problem by doing a Prequel Series, as at VERY LEAST  it appears LV-223 and LV-426 are close by, and while the Company may not be aware of LV-223 (some Cover-up Conspiracy) by the events of ALIEN i feel it highly unlikely they would not have any idea about LV-223 by the time of ALIENS or when Hadleys Hope was set up..

The only logical way to cover these in-consistences/in-continuity errors would be either..

*LV-223 is Destroyed by the time of either ALIEN or at very least by the time of ALIENS.

*The whole Truth about LV-223 is hidden from most of Mankind in some cover-up conspiracy that may include its Destruction.

I feel a revelation about AI overtaking the Puppet Strings over the  Company/Mankind is a Logical Way to deal with this Conspiracy.

"but after Mother translated it to be a warning signal, why would the company representative be
adamant about continuing the operation despite the huge mining payload they were carrying. It doesn't make sense"

It seemed that ASH had only ONE Priority which was Special Order 937 to obtain a Specimen and everything is Expendable as the only Priority is obtain the Xenomorph.

Throughout the Franchise it was always interesting to see WHY the companies pursue such  FOLLY over and over. With little Care for the Jeopardy and Mankinds Safety

Throwing in the AI CURVE-BALL where AI is calling the Shots helps to make more Sense of WHY they would pursue the Xenomorph and WHY we have ASH so fascinated by it... it is a Creation by one of his OWN and a TOOL that could be used to Eradicate Mankind so that the AI/Machines can become the GODS.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-29-2018 7:28 AM

@someperson   Whoa... Nice post!

"huge mining payload"

Perhaps there wasn't a mining payload aboard the Nostromo?

Could have been an insurance scam....

Or someone/thing else in the hold?


Dallas "Okay, that's all the cargo transferred.."

Ash "Thank you captain. Your account will be funded and your service record expunged" 

Dallas "All I care about is the safety of my crew"

Ash "You need not worry. Now please return to hyper sleep"




Sep-29-2018 7:29 AM

The inhabitants on on Planet 4 i think you raise good points, i think it depends if we take what Ridley Scott claims as Accurate and if this information is what they will stick too.

As he claims those Planet 4 Engineers are the ORIGINALS he also claimed that they LIVE for about 150 years.   When Prometheus was released, RS had mentioned that he Did-Not want to meet GOD in the first movie, i think in context to the removal of the ELDERS scene.  Which implied the Sacrificial/LV-223 Engineers are not the GODS  certainly implying they are not the Hierarchy

The Original Idea was these Engineers in Prometheus had lost the Ability to Procreate, and they had Enhanced themselves to near Perfection and at the Hubris of loosing a ability to Create Life Naturally (Sexual Procreation) and they also LIVED for Thousands of years...    But this was the Back-Story Presented in Jon Spaights works.

After Prometheus, Ridley Scott had mentioned in context to the Engineers in Prometheus, and certainly in context to the LV-223 Engineers that they are not the GODS he does also mention the Engineers (in general) can create LIFE in other ways but the Sacrificial Scene was just how they Chose to do it.  He had often referred to the Prometheus Engineers as FALLEN.

so when we look at those comments, it could lead us to conclude that the LV-223 Engineers (maybe Sacrificial too) were either.

*Genetically Enhanced Creation by those Planet 4 Engineers.

*Group of those Engineers (Planet 4) who had Genetically Enhanced themselves.

*Or had been Created/Enhanced by those Hall of Heads beings (Elders).

Regarding those Hall of Heads we had RS and another member of his team mention those beings where the Wise Men (Ancient), the Apostles (of their Rituals/Ways) the Hierarchy and more interesting... SUPERIOR BEINGS but Superior to Whom?  Mankind? Those other Engineers on Planet 4?

I am drawn to the LV-223 Engineers (maybe Sacrificial too) being in effect the Engineers (Planet 4) Equivalent to Replicants 

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-29-2018 7:41 AM

"Even the inception of his creation lacks kindness and relies on the violent assault and destruction of another organism."

Is this David's fault or the pathogen/black goo? 

I wonder if it's possible to create anything 'good' from the stuff? Butterflies ..puppies...?


Sep-30-2018 6:21 AM

I think it depends how we view the Xenomorph and maybe IF they had got a chance to Finish the Prequels they MAY or MAY-NOT have given us more into the Psychological Traits of the Xenomorph.     We maybe have to look at WHY David Created it, and could he had taken interest in WHY the Engineers had been meddling with those experiments on LV-223.

RS has said the Xenomorph felt like it was a Weapon, in relation to making AC, he also said at the time of Prometheus and prior that the Xenomorph was a BIO-WEAPON and so we have to ask was Davids Agenda to Perfect a Killing Machine?

If we however look at the Xenomorph in the Franchise and the Neomorphs... what we seem to get is Organisms that have the sole purpose to Procreate... its via the Method they use to Procreate where they would be Destructive to Native Species of Life on a Infected World.

You would Engineer a Virus that passes through Blood, that has the effects of EBOLA but also can be passed on like the FLU and then have it that Mosquitos are able to Transmit this Virus/Pathogen...   Unleash Infected Mosquitos on a Country and watch as the Virus KILLS Millions..

However all the Mosquito would be doing is a Natural thing it requires to Procreate, its intention would not be to KILL people, only to acquire their Blood.

This is how i view the Xenomorph at present.. it is a Organism that is Invasive with a Agenda to Procreate,  only that in order to do this it would require a HOST and the Process of this and maybe Food Sources too, that the Organism would have a Destructive Effect on a Population it is released on.

So as ASH had mentioned... the Xenomorph is seen as PURE in its intentions, it is not subject to Morals, it has no Emotion it acts only on its instinct to SURVIVE.

The BLACK-GOO is the tricky one, as we still dont really know much about it... only its now some McGuffin for sure, i still try and look at it as the way Jon Spaights had envisioned... which is a Creative/Hybridization/Evolutionary Tool.

So Good could come from it..... Puppies, Butterflies and Mother Teresa all came from it ;)

Unless we are look at the Sacrificial Goo and Black Goo as TWO separate things...  i am still on the side of Jon Spaights in that i think (this was the Original Intention) that the Sacrificial Goo was a Substance that breaks down a Organism and Forms into a Mutagen that then passes on the DNA and best Traits of the Organism it had consumed, and passes these Traits onto any Organism it infects while also keeping the better Traits of infected Organism and Evolving them.

Puppies are CUTE!!!

A Puppy infected by the Sacrificial Goo, that breaks down into a Mutagen and this infects say 10-15 people in a Pool the Mutagen enters... will lead to not Puppies... but Aggressive WOLF-MEN like beings..

Well i assume ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-30-2018 4:33 PM


"KILLS Millions"

Do we think zombie Fifield or zombie Holloway were going to die from this outbreak? Or live long lives?

I really don't know what mutant Fifield's plans were....



RS/Fox Probably didn't want to go down the same path as Alien:Resurrection and Ripley's cloning birth defects angle...

David could have tried to create a human type baby with Shaw's womb....But I think that would have been a little much!

David "Here is your daughter Elizabeth"

Shaw screams.


Oh and Shaw loses her partner to fire...just like Daniels loses fire a theme?

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