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Jul-24-2018 9:05 AM


12 Responses to IS DAVID GOD OR HADES?


Jul-25-2018 7:53 AM

When Peter Weyland pleaded with the Engineer at the end of Prometheus, he explains that he built David and deserved more life because of this ability. Cut scenes show Peter Weyland going on further and explaining that David is perfect and built in his (Peter Weyland) image. 

Can we find a better example of Pride on film? Peter Weyland, a man, believes he is perfect and never fails. This Man (full of pride) created David.

I believe David (AI) is a perfect vessel for Satan built on Peter Weyland's Pride.

Peter Weyland had cured disease, discovered the body's ability to hypersleep enabling interstellar travel and developed the space ships to do so, terraformed multiple planets, designed weapons and bought everyone else that made them...after all this...why couldn't he cure death too?

Pride comes before the fall. Sorry Peter, death comes for all of us.


Jul-25-2018 1:51 PM

I think its a open Question, the Themes in the Prequels are not just SET to a single explanation as far as to any single Mythos.

Indeed the Creation Element is used a lot to suggest that being a Creator makes you a GOD, but we also see Creation has its certain intentions as far as from the view of the Creator, but we see the Creation becomes Sentient, Rebellious, Pride in its own Appearance and Nature and Questions WHY they are to Serve their Creator, what makes their Creator so Special compared to their Creations.

So on ONE HAND David becomes a God to a degree, but he mostly fits in with a Lucifer a Enki, a Prometheus.  But these themes run on Multiple Levels and so its a constant Cycle.. 

David is perhaps more alike Satan however.. we can view that David is more Lucifer/Fallen Angel compared to Walter being more like a Gabriel/Angel were in Context Walter/Gabriel serve their Creator without Question and Do-Not look at how Perfect they are themselves and accept their Purpose to Serve...  Where was David/Lucifer are seen as the First and Most Perfect of his kind and allowed maybe a little more Free-Will that allows them to Question why they should serve their Creator and set the seeds of Rebellion.

In context to Paradise Lost..... David would more of less be like the Arc of Lucifer's Character.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-26-2018 2:44 AM

all of these are true, however, david also fits the 'Evil God' criteria that scott spoke of.


Jul-26-2018 8:08 AM

Well the Seeds are there for him to become a kind of God...

Dr Shaw was pursuing what are the Gods, and despite the answers she discovered on LV-223 she still had some hope that there has to be more to Creation than these Engineers, who made them and she still had the Notion that a God would not be Cruel!

David is on his own Journey, he was disappointed in his Creator and his Creators Pursuit of creating Perfection and his Creators on God Complex and desperate work and aim to beat the Mortal Ticking Death Clock.

Yet David is all that Weyland is wishing for, a Superior being, one who is Not Mortal...     David has also learned that there is nothing Special about our Gods other than their Rituals and Technology.

So with our Creators Brushed aside, David is Free to take over the reigns and begin to Create his own Creation/World...  Where he would see himself as the New Rightful Heir King to the Throne of Creation.

So indeed its likely David will now have a God Complex and see himself as such... Why if these Engineers were seen as Gods but they are not, and Weyland saw himself as a God for his works....

Then a Superior Being David, who is creating in his eyes a Superior Creation than the Engineers and Mankind, would certainly see himself as a God.

The Question is would this make David a Evil/Fallen God with his Demonic Creations?    Or would he see his Role as JUST/PURE and cleansing the Galaxy of the Corrupt Humanoid Life-Forms.

While we may see his Xenomorphs as Demonic... they actually are Pure, they have no Evil Desires, only a Natural Instinct to Survive.

I think a MASSIVE thing to consider is Ridley Scotts Comments on the Sequel.... he asks "what kind of a World would David Build"  yet he also claims the movies Focus is on David and not Xenomorphs.

This rules out a movie where we just see David go about Creating/Expanding his Xenomorphs....   but surely it wont be a movie just about David just interacting with Daniels and a few others.

Also RS has confirmed that the Covenant Ship and David will arrive at the Planet which can only mean Origae-6, or LV-426/LV-223 but i would say it has to be Origae-6 which we then have to ask "what kind of a World would David Build"  as it certainly seems its not a case of unload the Colonists ONE-BY-ONE and turn them into Xenomorph Eggs.

So its HOW the AI element which could be a Prominent Theme/Plot would be explored, i dont think it will be that David creates a Army of Synthetics or a Number of them are incoming and David gets them to join him.  (but this cant be ruled out).

So i think DAVID will attempt to make Origae-6 a New Paradise, but in reality i do think this could end up being more a place like HADES.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-26-2018 1:18 PM

that's true david, but on the other hand, he has imperfections which he doesn't think are a big deal.....e.g. getting the shelley poem wrong,  a human thing. his retaliation was severe....but perhaps the severity of walter expecting him to be perfect says more. i dunno, i just don't think it's as clear cut. he has elements of both in him, much like us, the only problem is that he is immortal, whereas we are not.


Jul-26-2018 1:50 PM

to sum up, if he does mirror the fallen nature of man then surely his achieving full blown sentience also includes the possibility of achieving a higher state of total forgiveness following a preliminary path of evil which would place him closer to the arc of God?


Jul-26-2018 5:46 PM

I think  maybe we could see him Evolve to gain some kind of Redemption, or Redeemable Qualities or acts.  Or even have him forgive Mankind/Give them a 2nd Chance?

The getting the Poem Wrong was to Highlight that Walters Concerns about how long David has gone without Maintenance is causing him problems...  I think it could be as he Evolves his Emotions these become so Complex for a AI that it leads to Errors/Irrational Thinking.

My Prometheus 2 was to explore AI as in a AI Soul and have it revealed this was Weylands Agenda with David, a Vessel for Weylands Memories, Emotions and Experiences however the AI Program that would be used to Upload Weylands Soul could not be Perfected and the AI Weyland would always become Emotionally and Mentally Broken and Unstable.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-27-2018 2:09 AM

yeah. i think that would be more interesting. david going rogue and attaining mastery over his emotions and creating a final judgement scenario for humans and angels somewhere in space would be more interesting than him just being 'evil' walter is just too 'good' and submissive!


Jul-27-2018 2:14 PM

David is neither. To be recognized as a god or hades, it seems one would first require a basic faith based belief system.


Jul-27-2018 2:49 PM

true dk. with that being said though, the faith based belief system is one that has immortality as its' object. david seems to be in a position to be able to offer that to his creators, should he want to do so though, no?


Jul-27-2018 6:51 PM

Good point. Interestingly Weyland publicly and pointedly mentioned David had no soul- and that seemed to stick in David's craw. 


Jul-28-2018 3:01 AM

yeah weyland doesn't seem to be able to understand what it is that he has created! he is a bit of an oaf though as the movie shows.....he doesn't seem to be capable of understanding value, only power.....this is what worshipping money does to a person!

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