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Posted May-02-2018 4:27 PM

First of all, BigDave has covered this before but I would like to revisit with an update since R&D is ongoing.

Our AI counterparts are undeniably coming. 

Imagine this:



Combined with this:


Sorry if the embed didn't work.




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May-02-2018 5:26 PM

Follow up question:

If this AI outlives humans, what might become their purpose for proliferation?


May-04-2018 3:54 PM

"If this AI outlives humans, what might become their purpose for proliferation?"


Whatever the engineers , which created the robots, imagined of.

Could be a self sustain approach.

Which is self-repair/maintenance and maybe even long term goals like preserving the legacy of the humanity (over centuries) which means their history. Could be useful if any alien race decides to visit earth in (ten)thousands of years and learn something.

The robots would function in this case like autonomous museum watchmans. In this case we are the mammoths.


May-14-2018 8:48 AM

Will they be able to juggle? Any robot with worth a damn must be able to juggle. ;)

David doing some stuff while singing Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams. ;)


May-14-2018 9:37 PM

Ha our American jumping robot can do something the Japanese super model robot can't do.... It can move its entire body and not be confined to a chair.



May-15-2018 8:07 AM

I think this is a GREAT Question...

Eventually a AI that becomes Sentient would need to Evolve to the Point of being able to Maintain and Build more of its kind of other forms of Synthetics.  Until they MASTER the point of being able to Create more of themselves and Maintain themselves... they COULD keep some of Humanity as a Slave Race to Create/Maintain the AI Synthetics

Another Topic is HOW would they see Mankind... a Question that we can ask if another Alien Race saw Mankind, or Mankind from the distance Past or even distant Future came and saw what Mankind is like NOW.

IF a AI sees Mankind as a Cancer to the Planet due to our Greed and our lack of Respect for our Environment and other Life Forms...  Then INDEED a Overruling AI could take some of Mankind and place them in like a ZOO like we do with Monkeys/Apes.... where all our Needs are Provided for us to Survive, but we are restricted in what we can do and what HARM we can cause to our own KIND and our WORLD

Something similar but less than this is what i had Planed for David in my TWO Alien Covenant Sequels.. Where Humans set up a Colony they realize Walter Saved their Species to START a NEW and LEARN from the Errors of our Ways on Earth, so that this NEW World for Humanity will not make the Mistakes we made that lead to Earth becoming a Rotting Paradise.  So it would be kind of similar to the Journeys of NOAH as he is chosen to Start anew...  and also a little of MOSSES to where he takes the Chosen People to a New Land with New Rules to Safeguard us from the Errors of Mankinds ways.

IF we got to the point where AI would overtake us... maybe they could be Empathetic to a Degree and would attempt to Create a Paradise for a Selected Few to continue our Species but Controlled so that we CAN-NOT roam Free to continue the Destructive Nature that Mankind to a degree has become.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


May-16-2018 12:46 AM

It is an interesting notion to think that creating an analogue of ourselves would be the thing to protect us from ourselves...

IF a AI sees Mankind as a Cancer to the Planet due to our Greed and our lack of Respect for our Environment and other Life Forms...  Then INDEED a Overruling AI could take some of Mankind and place them in like a ZOO like we do with Monkeys/Apes.... where all our Needs are Provided for us to Survive, but we are restricted in what we can do and what HARM we can cause to our own KIND and our WORLD

This transcends Alien and reminds me of some themes of The Matrix and POTA just for starters.


May-16-2018 6:44 AM

Certainly does....

I think this is the BIG Question regarding AI once we Open the Genie in the Bottle....  How once they become more Sentient, how would they View Mankind, How would they view the Earth and its Environment.

Would Out of Control AI that becomes Sentient all be United under ONE Cause and Agenda?  Or would Truly Sentient Individual AI Robots or what ever, think independently and lead to Factions and THUS conflict between each other just as Mankind has due to Each Nations difference of Opinions Ranging in Various Subjects.   Religion and Capitalism being TWO of the Main Catalyst for Conflict..

Would these be things that would not appeal or matter to AI, or would similar arise here.....  The I-Robots vs Androids PMSL

But indeed thats a very interesting Question to ask.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


May-16-2018 7:12 AM

Regarding the OT

While i think we can make Aesthetically real ish looking Artificial People...

I think in 10-20 years Especially if more was Invested like what Countries spend on Defense, then making in effect a Replica of a Human that looks and feels almost identical to the Touch would be much more advanced/real than the images Shared...

But i think we are a LONG way off getting the Mechanics needed to fit inside such Artificial Persons that conform to our Bone Structure as far as Size, and is able to allow any where near Human Movement.

Even in 20 years i think we would just get a Robot that would walk like a Very Injured Zombie from the Walking Dead.

And so its likely for Functional AI that we would see Creations like Chappie becoming a Reality (If investment is made) within 30-40 years.

We may see them have Silicone like Human Heads to fit in more or Humanoid looking like in I-Robot... but the Mechanical Aspect to be Functional as in Walk and Move and do all Mechanical Functions a Human can, i feel we are a long way off being able to Produce the Mechanics to fit inside a Body that is Physically the same as a Humans.

So i think any Future AI apocalypse would come from Robots more like Chappie (or Terminator T-600) rather than David 8.... as i feel AI could Advance Faster than the Mechanical Aesthetics to match a Human Movement within the confines of our Bio-Logical Skeleton and Muscle Mass.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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