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That's why Alien Covenant 2 should be direct linked to Alien1

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Apr-04-2018 2:26 PM

There are several discussions about how the frenchise is beeing continued after Disney surprisely bought most of the assets of Fox Studios.
Under these circumstandes I do not think that more movies under RCs direction are still to come even if AC 2 will be produced.
We should deal with the fact that Disney will not produce R-rated Alienmovies anymore and maybe think about the possibilty that
Alien Covenant 2 or Alien Awakening could be the last movie which contains almost the concepts of the sequels.
I think the chances are quite good that RC will produce a last sequel based even R-rated Alien movie which could directly be linked to Alien1 because Disney already got some experience from Star Wars EP 3 which movie character was also quite dark compared to Disneys philosphy as an Happy End film distributor.

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Apr-04-2018 3:56 PM

R rating isn't what it used to be. It doesn't need to be super gory or show nudity. And we don't need senseless profanity. It just needs to be really good and hopefully scary, dark and creepy.


Apr-04-2018 8:39 PM


I think that the biggest problem is not the R-rating, but the fact that only the first 2 movies brought in more than 3 times it's production costs. Both had somewhat happy endings. And there is the fact that Covenant only made 2.5 times it's production budget at cinema, so it will be profitable only in home market, despite being label as an Alien movie and being directed by RS. 

If the whole franchise barely makes any profit with production budgets in the 100 million range why would Disney invest in it? Probably if new movies will be made their budget will be drastically cut. Or maybe they will try a tv series.


Apr-04-2018 8:51 PM

We have discussed the series angle to death here and it would be great. A Netflix scenario could possibly have 3 series that cator to factions of the fan base- the Xeno, the android and the Engineers.

IDK- sometimes a franchise that shows minimal profits could be worth while, or maybe Disney could take a risk and nurture the franchise. Disney isn't eactly whining about overall profit margins as far as I can see.

I Raptus

Apr-05-2018 1:02 AM

Some of the most memorable, iconic and timeless scenes in the Alien franchise have been those that had no gore, and left it to your viewers imagination to fill in the gaps...Think Lampert/Parker death.

Most of Alien r-rating came from the chestburster scene which had impact because it was so damn unexpected and terrifying, but has since been done to death. Needless gore and violence will just lead to disconnect.

So the loss of the R-rating wouldn't bother me as long as they built a really good story grounded by good suspense and horror aspect.  


Apr-05-2018 9:33 AM

Speaking of horror, one thing that works is when you don't see too much of what happens. You fill in the blanks and make up your own idea what happens. This is why for example the scene in Alien three when Andrews (the chubby guy) gets pulled up through the ceiling by the Xeno works because we know that he is up there but we don't see what happens so you can imagine that there is some nasty shit that goes on.


Apr-05-2018 11:30 AM

Disney don't do R-Rated content, did you not watch The Punisher with Jon Bernthal. It is filled with violent action and torture scenes, and the series climax sees Castle rip his enemies face to shreds using a fairground mirror.

I would say the most r-rated Alien movie was 3, with the first two being relatively light on the gore, threat, and profanities. If made today I would see the first two and fourth movies getting a pg-13 rating. As others have said before me the rating isn't really indicative of the movie's effectiveness as a horror, but more a warning of the possibly offensive content the film may include.

As for the topic title, I couldn't care less if everything was tied up into a bow. I would prefer it if the mystery of the derelict remained as such. IMO Scott has subverted fans expectations too far with his prequels. His remakes of AvP and Frankenstein/Island of Dr. Moreau have added nothing substantial to the franchise beyond that of the Mary-Sue-Goo and retconning the Space Jockey into a group of musclebound Smurfs.

The Alien needs to return to the forefront of the franchise that bears its name through effective execution and direction and the gradual retconning of Scott's prequels.

As for Scott, let him make a movie about David for $200 million and let the audiences show him how "ahead of the curve" he truly is when the movie bombs.


Apr-15-2018 6:19 AM

Hello Xenokay
I really like this issue, I am convinced that in the sequel we will have the derelict of alien1979, but something continues as if there will be many other derelicts to see, here's how to conquer the galaxy of Advent.
I'd like to have a sequel that goes beyond 1979, an indirect sequel that strikes David's epic until the whole saga's circle is closed.
in total I expect 4 films.

"Au Revoir Shoshanna"


Apr-17-2018 7:23 AM

"As for Scott, let him make a movie about David for $200 million and let the audiences show him how "ahead of the curve" he truly is when the movie bombs."

LMAO! Yeah, I don't give a damn about a movie like that. Oh well, at least we have 1, 2, and 3 if the whole prequel thing turns into crap which it seems like it will do right now.

They should at least throw away the most stupid things that Scott has been trying to add as far as the story is concerned. One thing is David as the creator of the Xeno, that sucks.


Apr-17-2018 7:51 AM

"As for Scott, let him make a movie about David for $200 million and let the audiences show him how "ahead of the curve" he truly is when the movie bombs."

I think it depends what could be meant by BOMBED i agree that a David movie would not make a lot of money back because as a Stand Alone Story it would have been interesting... maybe made money but as it is TAGGED on with the ALIEN Franchise the Prequels are going to get the NON Alien fans not interested because they will think its another done to death Alien movie.

On the other hand the Fanboys would not be interested because they want Xenomorphs and Queens which have been done to death quite frankly...  So you have to come up with something a bit different.

I think RS was very correct with his comment..... in hindsight they should not have caved in to Fan Demand and give them  "%$£$&&% Aliens" as RS put it....  Prometheus should have been a Franchise that stepped away from ALIEN... Ridley Scott was right, and the direction taken was Right!

The Problems are as follows..

1) The Alien Fans would expect a Alien Movie with Answers, a lot could not accept Prometheus was a attempt at doing something else, about the Engineers/Space Jockey and to open up a Universe that is more than a Bio-Weapon Xenomorph.

2) The Problem with this was the Engineers were just not as awe-inspiring as the Space Jockey Mystery, but Prometheus laid down Foundations to fix this problem... by going away from ALIEN and introducing something with the Engineers that us more fitting to the Space Jockey.

3) Prometheus needed to have given more clues to the Mystery that was LV-426 and should have been Marketed more as a Separate Franchise or made it clearer the franchise would steer away from the LV-426 event... but had to give a bit more clues

4) The Franchise needed to expand with New Similar Monsters however, or come up with something else Epic like Multiple-Humanoid Races.

5) The David as Creator while touching on all the Philosophy was a mistake, David should have Created his OWN more Superior Version.

At the Moment its hard to Gauge where they can Rescue this...

A RS set of Prequels may make a Good Movie (BR 2049) but it may likewise not make a great profit......

A Fanboy Aliens type movie may or may not do well at the Box Office, mainly because i feel the Xenomorph in AC has taken even more credibility away from the Xenomorph, and a Blomkamp Alien 3 Re-boot where we have Ripley, Newt and Xenomorphs... MAY please Fanboys but would it be anything more than a Nostalgia?

I think there is POTENTIAL with a movie that ties into ALIEN ISOLATION a movie set maybe 20-30 years after where we discover the True Depths the Company would go to in order to obtain the Xenomorph and WHY only Hadleys Hope is the only Avenue for the Xenomorph by the time of ALIENS.... a movie or set of movies that will END showing us that Amanda Ripleys Death is NOT the Death that Ellen Ripley had discovered in ALIENS.

The only other option is a Prequel... set 10 years after Alien Covenant, where we can be introduced to the Engineers or another related Race, who eventually see Davids Xenomorph as something to EVOLVE and give us the Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph... thus David plays the role as the Middle Man in its Creation...  But that it all began with the Engineers and ENDED with the Engineers input.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Apr-17-2018 1:22 PM

Big Dave:

I would honestly not give a damn about a David only movie. Make robot movies sure but don't tie it to the Alien franchise. For me it is a humans first kind of franchise so I am not in it for the Xeno or the robots. Different monsters are interesting but to me it is human characters first.

    1. Humans
    2. Monsters
    3. The rest

If some people want a pure David movie then fine for them. I do not piss on their opinions but to me it just seems boring.

Not having the Xeno was not the problem with Prometheus, the lame characters was what was wrong and that also applies to AC. This is what has been the main problem this far and is what many complained about Prometheus about when I look around the Internet at least.

"On the other hand the Fanboys would not be interested because they want Xenomorphs and Queens which have been done to death quite frankly...  So you have to come up with something a bit different."

If so I am not one of the fanboys, I want better human characters and also more about the Engineers would be nice. Less androids please because that was one of the problems with Alien Covenant, that it was an android movie, that is how it looked on the screen despite the themes about creation.

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