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The Xenomorph - Asexual and bloodsucking?

The Xenomorph - Asexual and bloodsucking?




Posted Feb-09-2018 7:52 AM

Eggmorphing has been a topic again in another thread - but perhaps not the xenomorph being a vampire? :)


In Alien, the xenomorph is clearly not mating. What it does is probably transferring its DNA through its secretion when building a nest? When a victim is placed in the secretion structure it is dissolved and transformed into an egg (if we go by the director’s cut, that is). Otherwise, a queen would be needed (which is also asexual)?


I don’t believe we have seen a xenomorph eating, have we? In Alien, it killed Brett, Parker and Lambert (but kept Dallas alive in the nest). It kills its victim by stabbing it with its inner jaw so that the victim’s blood spurts everywhere. Perhaps the xenomorph drinks it? All the victims are intact (except for the spurted blood).

The only possible proof of this thesis might be the neomorph? After having decapitated Rosenthal with a powerful bite in the neck, it sits on top of the body and seems to be feasting in the blood spurting out from the neck? It is drenched in blood when it comes towards David.

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Feb-09-2018 7:59 AM

Interesting theory. However I wouldn't say that the Queen is asexual... if you look at insects like ants or bees, the queen is impregnated by any number of males.


Feb-09-2018 11:39 AM


Yes, you are right about bees and ants, but in that case, we have two very different xenomorphs in Alien (Director's Cut) and Aliens. In Alien it's asexual and eggmorphs and in Aliens the xenomorphs procreate sexually via a queen?

This is also discussed in:

Editorial - Ridley Scott's StarBeast and James Cameron's Xenomorph may not be the same creature?



Feb-09-2018 3:45 PM

hmmm I like the idea of vampiric Neomorphs! Something different but still parasitic 



Feb-09-2018 3:56 PM

I think its something to consider....

Do these Organisms require Energy?  So do they feed? how would a Neomorphs Dietary requirements differ from a Xenomorph?    The Neomorph could just be feeding on Rosenthhal, it may be consuming Blood, it may also have started to eat other Organic Matter, its a bit open to debate..    We could ask the same of the Xenomorph does it just KILL?

We have the Egg Morph in Alien DC, indeed but we dont know how this process really would work, its something that can be explained in a number of ways?    A Question to ask is the Method of Procreation, and does the Organisms (especially Xenomorph) require Genetic Material to Procreate?

We know this is what say a Female Mosquito requires (Blood).

Regarding the Queen, and Insects, while Camerons Bugs may seem based of them we totally cant be sure how a Queen Xenomorph is created. We can speculate but  this could be something totally Alien and so we may not have/need Males Sexual Xenomorphs.

Some Ants can Reproduce Asexually

I hope if we are ever shown Procreation that its something very disturbing, and different to a degree to Insects... But based a bit on them..

For example, i think the Big Chap Drone, would act as a Sexually Productive Male Flying Ant, only it does not go out to impregnate a Queen... NOPE!  I would go the Egg Morph, where this Drone Impregnates a Human Host with some substance that Alters it to become a ROYAL EGG, and then it would require a host to cocoon for the Royal Face Hugger.

I would like to see a disturbing Procreation for the Queen too,  I would have it where a Queen when given a Male Host, would be able to mutate this Host into a Cocoon that would grow a kind of Xenomorph inside, or indeed a normal Face Hugger, but maybe a different Face Hugger.

I would have the Queen vs a Female Host, use a Proboscis to steal the Females Eggs, and these then go into the Queens Womb where they are genetically altered to become Xenomorph Eggs.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-09-2018 5:52 PM

Apparently, bees, ants and wasps determine sex through a system called haplodiploidy. A queen wasp mates in autumn and preserves the sperm over winter as she sleeps. When she starts a colony next spring, she determines the sex of her offspring by giving, or not giving, sperm to the eggs she produces (plenty). An unfertilised egg becomes a male. So males have been produced asexually (no father).

In Alien 3, Ripley is pregnant with a queen and in the end, kills herself and the queen. But, in Alien: Resurrection, she is cloned and gives birth to a queen. This queen then produces eggs (with facehuggers) which, through hosts, produce male xenomorphs (drones). So the question is if this is asexual? Was the queen fertilised? How one wonders? :)

Yes, the question is if the xenos need energy to survive (apparently they grow to adults, and very rapidly, without energy - energy as we see it, that is)?

Your suggestion of their propagation is interesting. Would then suggest an asexual one, BigDave?


Feb-10-2018 8:27 PM

we see the xenomorph feeding in alien3


Feb-10-2018 9:22 PM

Yes, the Dog Xeno was eating until it got interrupted and I think the neo was chomping on Rosenthal- both seemed pretty indiscriminate and could have just been eating whatever was easiest to quickly devour.

The only evidence I have seen in the movies seemed to be asexual reproduction or a very alien form of it as was stated above in Alien DC. AVPR may have had a strange sort of sexual reproduction but I think we aren't supposed to even mention that disaster.

The face hugger arguably sexually inseminates a host "face rape". Since that is part of the entire cycle, one might argue the xenomorph is involved in sexual reproduction indirectly or by proxy? Might be a stretch.


Feb-12-2018 2:27 AM

There is a theory that the biomechanical Xenomorph's acid blood powers him up like a battery. It doesn't need any food or other sources of energy.

The neomorph does not have acid blood so it might need some nourishment to keep going.

Regarding the reproductive cycle, if we can answer the question of how the eggs are made all becomes clear. If xenomorphs are just bio weapons they don't really need to multiply themselves. But then, what was the meaning of egg morphing from Alien DC?

IMHO the queen is just some bogus concept of Cameron, good for AVP type sequels. 

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Feb-12-2018 9:26 AM

I think the Insect Kingdom, route of Camerons Aliens does lead some to speculate if the Procreation is similar, but not all Ants/Bees etc  Procreate via Sex...  certainly not as far as how to obtain a Queen.  Some do require Sex and some only Mate Once and then all the Eggs they ever Produce are automatically fertilized.

The whole Acid Blood debate, appears to be something maybe born from inconsistencies... compared to the Original Concept and Ideas from Alien Engineers, even to Prometheus as things got changed so only the Hammerpedes were shown to have Acid Blood.

so maybe we can now accept that other Creations on Planet 4 had no Acid Blood apart from the Xenomorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-15-2018 12:00 PM

Sure the idea is interesting, that is something new.

R35: Yeah but that only goes for the Cameron idea but not egg-morphing.

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