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The Trilobite and the Underwater Monster from The Rift (1990)


Jan-31-2018 5:11 PM

The trilobite attack is a fairly exciting part of Prometheus revealing the trilobite's spiculum - an organ used for egg laying.

We can say that the trilobite's spiculum looks a little bit strange in the movie because it has a head, two eyes, a nose, and a big mouth:

Alien rip-off The Rift (1990) reveals a monster which is very similar to the trilobite in Prometheus.

Stills from The Rift:

7 Responses to The Trilobite and the Underwater Monster from The Rift (1990)


Jan-31-2018 6:33 PM

Yeah i noticed this before, nice for you to bring it up, it did have a whole Snake look to it and also regarding the Hammerpede i always thought there had to be more to it than what we saw, there has to be a reason it invaded Milburns Mouth.

My idea/theory which i added to my Re-work of Prometheus i was working on in 2013, was to show that the Hammerpedes also acted like Face Huggers, and had multiple Eggs, they would lay one inside a Host.  I also felt it was likely the Hammerpedes maybe caused the Chest Busted Engineers in Cryo-sleep, because we know those Worms had been on LV-223 prior to the Prometheus and they are so small that a Black Goo Outbreak could have led to exposure to these Worms thousands of years ago, and they are so small they could get unnoticed and then grow to Hammerpedes and infect the Engineers.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-01-2018 4:08 PM


I'm going to add something new to the topic: I think the trilobite and the mother creature from the Alien rip-off The Rift (1990) look similar...


Feb-01-2018 4:37 PM

A mutant monster baby from The Rift:

Who knows? Perhaps it will be reused, too.


Feb-01-2018 5:08 PM

That reminds me a bit of Ridley Scott ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-01-2018 6:35 PM

I jumped to the same conclusion BigDave. :)

I Raptus

Feb-01-2018 11:40 PM

Then there is the Dead Space boss of similar appearance also


Feb-02-2018 9:15 AM

IRaptus - I would like to see a live action Dead Space movie. I love the first Dead Space anime, too!

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