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Xeno-World. Part 3 (My Own Artwork for "Awakening")

Xeno-World. Part 3 (My Own Artwork for




Posted Jan-25-2018 7:27 AM

8 Responses to Xeno-World. Part 3 (My Own Artwork for "Awakening")


Jan-25-2018 7:07 PM

Very good ideas again!

My fav:


Jan-25-2018 7:16 PM

These make for an interesting alternative to the facehugger imppregnating

Dark Nebula

Jan-26-2018 12:34 AM


"Human heaven? Goodness, humans don't go to heaven.

Someone just made that up to prevent you from all going nuts."

- Kryten, Red Dwarf S3E06 "The Last Day"


Jan-27-2018 2:58 AM

Awesome! Bravo! 

I liked the xeno-worm bursting out the eye and then entering & impregnating another man with the Xeno-raptor. 

The Xenomorph with split tongue entering & sucking out things out of the human head is a real badass!

The designs are too good!

These ideas should be used in next instalment.  


Jan-27-2018 7:11 AM


Though my only criticism (and it's more of a desire) would be to make Shaw's servants large adult Engineer types....more threatening. I don't want Disney to get any ideas!! They would run with the smaller childlike servants.


Jan-27-2018 1:09 PM

Thanks for the work put into these, i like how you are taking some of HR Gigers concepts and Atheistic and mixing them with the Xeno-Shaw and also coming up with various other Xeno-Virus Creations.

I absolutely love the Xenomorph Sphinx it would fit in with the Ancient Mythology, and its one of the most interesting Designs i have ever come across and this includes designs by various Concept Artist who have worked on previous movies,  I REALLY HOPE that Ridley Scott has these shown to him especially the Dr Shaw Concepts as far as the Bio-Mechanical Clothing and the Xenomorph Sphinx as both these do fit in with the Ancient Egyptian Atheistic, as far as Ancient Egypt taking visual atheistic of such designs of yours to then base their Atheistic on.

Great Work ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-27-2018 1:11 PM

I love the Biomechanical Xeno-Planet and Dr. Shaw's servants...these are so great PRED'ALEX. Thank you.


Jan-27-2018 1:49 PM

Thanks to all of you. I just want (like everybody else here) to see the Alien 2.0 movie, a new Sci-Fi horror icon of our century, and I understand that all of you have your own ideas about the film, maybe much more interesting ones than mine. But I believe that Alien always had a great potential that was never shown properly.

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