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Ingeniero got me thinking about the Juggernaut


Jan-24-2018 8:17 PM

I see similarities of a couple things here. What do you think?

Exhibit A: about 1:10 into the video from this thread


Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

8 Responses to Ingeniero got me thinking about the Juggernaut


Jan-24-2018 8:28 PM

Two are sensors in their own right- could it be true for the ship?

I Raptus

Jan-24-2018 10:54 PM

Sorry dk i missed the thread, whats the reference? Looks intriguing! 

Juggernaut design functions and aesthetics? 


Jan-24-2018 11:43 PM


Just a weird observation lol! I have seen others delve into more obscurity than this!

 I was trying to point out that part of the Juggernaut looked like sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose) much like a snail or dog.  

I Raptus

Jan-25-2018 12:19 AM

Ahhh thanks! I couldn't work out the connection between the the snail and Anubis lol XD

I see it now! Makes sense for those protrusions to be sensors of some description. Such an amazing ship design. Its so inhuman, totally 'wrong' in terms of our design functionality and aesthetics. Timeless classic!    



Jan-25-2018 7:01 AM

Thank you for the recognition dk. Those juggernaut close ups were tough to get in screen grabs without the Prometheus ship or Lifeboat in the shot. And yes, the sensory or whatever type instrumentation pushing out the juggernaut boundaries is nice to wonder what function it serves. I hope a great deal that we get at least a small glimpse into the construction (growth) of Engineer tech.

"Its so inhuman, totally 'wrong' in terms of our design functionality and aesthetics. Timeless classic!"

That's exactly it IRaptus.



Jan-25-2018 5:46 PM

Exciting idea, dk.

I have always thought that the Engineer ship has a head and a tail.

Prometheus still:

Messing's concept art:

A hammer-head shark:


Jan-29-2018 11:53 PM

Ati That hammerhead- I see what you mean! Chris posted a picture that expands on that notion- thanks Chris:


Jan-30-2018 9:38 AM

Hammerhead Shark does look similar ;)

I will throw this in here ;)

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