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Posted Jan-17-2018 12:58 AM

Both Ati and ali81 have been posting some high quality independant Alien universe shorts.

I always thought a compilation would be great. A couple hours of of shorts akin to Twilight Zone or Black Mirror style.

Question: Is anyone out there able to make this happen? Additionally, is it legal to do so? 

I figure it could be a good way to have creators and actors in these shorts possibly at least get some formal recognition via Scified.

Can it be done?

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Jan-17-2018 1:04 AM

We could maybe host a featured thread with all the fan made shorts embedded. Like Blackwinter-Witch did with the Fan Fics? 

Perhaps our good friend Ingeniero might have better answers regarding a compilation? 

Great idea though!!!!



Jan-17-2018 9:30 AM

It can and will be done.


Jan-17-2018 9:57 AM


Thank you for the kind words IRaptus.

We can debate the minutia of format.

I'm thinking an Alien version of Amazing Stories from the 80's or exactly as dk wrote above in the Twilight Zone format...small weird shorts from all angles and all Alien related.

The topics from Ati and ali81 provide great background on the authors/artists. This is a great idea. We can coalesce the video shorts at the very least (low risk of fair use abuse) into a topic that has all of them or a longer compilation (higher risk of fair use offense).

If we start a new topic to house the video shorts, I just ask that someone else author and start the topic because I am working on my own video shorts and I refer to my own work enough already with that.


I'd be glad to go and "Like" all the video shorts on YouTube that we wish to show and then create a playlist of all the video shorts to play in a row, then embed it in the topic. And create any opening/closing or transition videos/trailers that explain the scified.com's intentions...to embed it in the topic...I would gladly create those for the topic too.

My ideas above...can't wait to hear others'.


Jan-17-2018 12:30 PM


Thank you for the idea, it's a good idea I think.

Can it be done? - I don't know. :)

I don't know anything about the world of 'fair use abuse'... :D


Jan-21-2018 3:32 AM

I immediately thought of short pants, LOL seriously. :D

Maybe there is could be a section of the scified page where people could post their fan made movies? Not only in threads at a forum. For example when you get to scified there is a list with different forums that you can go to (Star Wars, Jurassic world and so on) you click a button and you get there. Why not put up a button that takes you to a page with a list of people that have done their own short movies and then you go from there.

One example is that it could be structured like this page:


Perhaps that looks a bit too old but you get the idea. In that way you will always see the list so you do not need to use the go back button, to me at lest that is a very practical to have it that way.

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