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Architects - Creators of Engineers (My Own Experimental Artwork)

Architects - Creators of Engineers (My Own Experimental Artwork)




Posted Jan-11-2018 5:14 AM

4 Responses to Architects - Creators of Engineers (My Own Experimental Artwork)


Jan-11-2018 9:53 PM

Interesting ideas again!


Jan-12-2018 2:07 AM

Very good. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the arhictect's blue 'hat', which harks back to the face hugger, with Egyptian overtones.


Jan-12-2018 5:44 AM

I just love some of these ideas and work, Thanks.

I think it does show the scope for various Humanoid Races within context of the Franchise Expanded Universe (Thanks to Prometheus/Alien Engineers).  I feel clues had always been there that the LV-223 Engineers are either a Fallen Version of their kind, but also maybe they are the Creations of a even higher Race of Beings.

Who knows what beings lie above the Engineers, and these beings above them could have Sub-Created Engineers and other similar beings as the next level/tier of creation.  And then who knows if those who created the Engineers are actually also a Sub-Creation themselves.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-27-2018 3:05 PM

I love the biomechanical dress against exotic flesh seen in the last image of the Female Architect PRED'ALEX. Excellent work and thank you for posting.

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