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What could happen to the Covenant at Origae 6 and beyond




Posted Dec-07-2017 1:03 PM

The way AC ended has left the Covenant and crew possibly, and most likely heading towards Origae 6. The question is, what happens when it gets there?

What exactly would happen to the craft itself once it has reached its destination? Would it just simply drop everyone off with enough provisions to set up a new outpost settlement and then steer its way back on autopilot to earth to pick up more crew and head off somewhere else. If it were to head back to earth would it need a Walter to act as caretaker?

Alternatively, would the Covenant have to land on Origae 6 to be cannibalised into useful components to help build the new colony?

I think things could get interesting if it was to make a return journey because then it could have an AI in charge and an unknown cargo.

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Dec-07-2017 1:37 PM

I hope we'll see the empty Covenant ship together with a lot of other alien spaceships (known and unknown) in a space graveyard close to a special planet or some giant space rocks - similarly to the scene of my favourite episode of the series Space 1999: 'Dragon's Domain' (S01E23).

That would be a brilliant opening.


Dec-07-2017 1:50 PM

@ Ati  I like that idea. If it did go down the Dragon Domain route, who would you have has the sole survivor returning back to earth with their incredible story. What it does prompt is a mission to go and visit the space graveyard to find out more. I think something like that could work.



Dec-07-2017 2:04 PM

Batchpool - I'm sure the story of Dragon's Domain was used for Alien.

'The sole survivor returning back to earth with their incredible story' is, in fact, Ripley. :)

And the new unknown ships would make the Alien Universe huge...


Dec-07-2017 2:12 PM

@ Ati  Of course, Ripley. I should’ve spotted that. It’s still a good idea though imo which would be worth repeating.


Dec-07-2017 2:25 PM

Batchpool - The graveyard idea is awesome, and it hasn't been used in movies. Half of the new Alien prequel should take place there! Scott must film this! Imagine the atmosphere and everything, it could be the next ALIEN.


Dec-07-2017 2:55 PM

Looking at the Covenant Ship and the Lander that Tennessee rescued the crew with, it appears to me that the Covenant ship has a lot of Modules that are connected to Main Covenant Ship and it would appear that maybe these Modules are disconnected from the Covenant Ship and taken to the surface by the Lander and then Assembled on the Surface.

As for what will happen i think this is the Big Question and this Ultimately depends on Davids Agenda/Plans and Frame of Mind, he will have nearly 7.5 years alone on that Ship so thats a lot of time to contemplate what he would want to do.

I dont think he would Quarantine the Ship into sections and subject some of the Crew to Experiments, but this would indeed give us a kind of flick similar to Pandorum which i am not sure is something RS will explore.

I can only assume David will rebuild himself, and pass himself off as Walter and then let the Colony Mission begin as Planned, while he would have to come up with a Good Excuse for what happened to the other Colonist and pass himself off as a Hero/Savior of the Entire Mission.

If we take into account the Prequel Novel, if David discovers the planned Sabotage of the Covenant then he could use that to explain the Deaths of some of the Crew.


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Dec-07-2017 3:13 PM

@ Ati I have only just realised this, but the scenes between the engineer and the trilobite in Prometheus are nearly identical to the scenes where the crew are fighting the space dragon in Space 1999.

I agree that a space graveyard would certainly open things up and create a bigger universe.



@Big Dave. If the Covenant is indeed modular, I just think it would make sense to then have the ability to send it back to earth to set up a sort of supply/trade route, making the Covenant a re-usable asset to WY.

I agree, that it does not seem likely that RS would go down the Pandorum route, but having a ship delivering a dubious cargo back to earth could make sense to the overall story.

Timmy the ultramorph

Dec-07-2017 4:09 PM

thats a great idea! there ould be a scene were they nead to make a space jump inbetween ships witha xenomorph chasing them. the wohle setting is just awsome. ridley scott neads to add this.

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I Moon Girl

Dec-07-2017 8:31 PM


The idea of David taking the Covenant to Origae-6 made sense to me until I saw "Advent", where David is telling W-Y what he did and how he has control of the ship.  After I saw that, I just stopped thinking he would go to Origae-6.  If David didn't contact W-Y, then I would say David would have to continue to Origae-6 to make it appear that the ship is still working according to plan.  Now that David revealed himself to corporate, he doesn't have to do anything.

The problem with David is that if he wants to do experiments, I don't think he would do them on the Covenant.  The reason being is if he is working with creatures with acid for blood, then that blood could go through the ship and breach the haul.  Experiments with Xenomorph-like creatures on the Covenant are way to risky.  Yet, David really understands how to work with them in his experiments, so maybe he has a counter-chemical to stop the acid or knows of something he could do to protect the Covenant from the acid blood tearing it apart.

So, with this in consideration, David needs to find a planet to experiment on.  He can't risk the colonists, that we all assume he is going to experiment on, being on Planet 4 because the planet is contaminated and could potentially, and rather highly likely, interfere with his experiments and ruin his long awaited pay day.

I honestly don't know what David is going to do with the Covenant.  This is especially true after David contacted W-Y.  That really threw me for a loop.

So, what if David knows where the bio/mech Engineers are?  We all realized that those Engineers on Paradise don't look like the ones in Prometheus (the one's I call bio/mech in this post).  So, what if on Planet 4 David logically finds a library which tells where these bio/mech Engineers are.  He knows they hate humans, but for some reason they didn't wipe out humanity.  While on Planet 4, David also learns of why they didn't kill all of humanity.  Maybe the simple reason was... the council voted not to kill humanity, yet a select few didn't want to follow orders.  So, they continued with the plan to wipe out humans.  That is where we get that pissed of bio/mech Engineer in Prometheus who should've killed Shaw.  Still, the council is the ruling power, so they assassinated rouge bio/mech Engineers.

The decision for the vote is unknown to me, yet could relate to being that humans are recognized has being highly intellectual.  So, the council decided to let things stew on Earth just to see what happens.

Back to David and the Covenant now...

So, David knows where these bio/mech Engineers are.  He decides he will fly there and meet them and the council.  He wants to because these Engineers are the creators of mankind.  Peter Weyland said that he didn't believe humans were a random bi-product evolution and he goes on and on to David about somehow finding the creators of mankind.

This idea sticks with David because his creator, Peter Weyland, was so obsessed with this question.  So, in a sense, David wants to figure out because his "father" would have wanted to.  This is a big question and I'm sure David would also want to know the answer.

He also wants to meet with the bio/mech Engineers and the council because he wants to be accepted by them.  He's learned so much from and about these Engineers that he would also love to be a part of them.  He also would want to turn them against humanity again and try and have them destroy Earth.  There would be no way that David could do this on his own.  If David released 2,000 Xeno's on Earth, I am sure they would eventually all be destroyed.  I even think they would all be destroyed if there were Queens as well.  Plus, David can only fly one ship to drop black goo on Earth and if he even dared to try and fly to Earth with a ship with black goo, he would be detected probably before he entered into the Kepler Belt.  Earth would see a ship flying straight towards Earth of alien origin and would try and communicate.  Earth would also send ships out to intercept it.  In the end, there would be a small chance of David's hypothetical ship reaching Earth intact.  David NEEDS the Engineers help.

So, instead of A:C 2 starting at a spaceship graveyard.  It could start with some psychological questions David is posing to the bio/mech Engineers.  (Yet, we wouldn't see who David is talking to at this point in this hypothetical movie.)  In his heart, he is trying to convert them to destroy Earth.

After some questions, we can see the Covenant docked somewhere in a massive docking bay with other alien ships.  Maybe the Engineers have also made contact with other alien species and left them alone so they can develop.  I'm sure the Engineers would be interested in seeing alien life evolve and grow that they didn't seed.  Kind of like how they decided not to kill humans on Earth.  In a way, there could be many other alien species with their different spaceships or there could just be a few.  Maybe Ridley will take the fact that in Alien franchise, we are not alone to another level.  How many are there in the universe, instead of how alone are we.  Science today is breeding the idea that we are alone in the universe.  If there is a chance we do find life, today's science predicts it would be microscopic and very basic. 

So, in A:C 2, we get to see the possibility of other alien life and finally get to discover that the universe actually makes sense, in the way that in all that space, there is more than just two species.  At the same time, we would also learn of our creator.  The answer is not the Engineers.  Instead, the answer is God and evolution. 

Okay, now I'm getting much beyond the beginning. 



Dec-07-2017 11:06 PM

certainly the olive branch transmission doesn't make much sense. if he was looking for peace to advance his experiments, which ud assume he would, why contact anyone? if u want someone to come then send the transmission when ur nearly finished ur experiments. also, why make logs pretending to be Walter only to send another message revealing ur true identity anyway? so id take the olive branch message as just bonus material at this point. I do agree with big dave that David will have some years to himself before others start arriving n its gna be interesting to see what the set up on origae6 is when they arrive. the question is will David want to keep the covenant in one piece as a way of getting off the planet or will he allow the colonists to live in his lie and dismantle the ship for parts in the hope or assumption someone will come?


Dec-08-2017 5:17 AM

What if David told the Company that he is going to Orgae-6 to make them go there while he heads back to LV-223 to utilize the black goo there. While he is there the Deacon can return...


Dec-08-2017 5:34 AM

maybe but depends on the olive branch message I suppose. if it is canon then he doesn't come across as being afraid of the company and even anticipates an expedition to be sent. I think it depends on how many more movies wer getting. for me, to do it right requires 2 movies. id like to see what David has been doing on origae6 and get an insight into his experiments and their evolution. id have the humans and engineers catch up with him on origae6 and the end of the movie would be David managing to escape the planet and head for lv223 which brings us to the last movie which ties into lv426. to be done in one movie would mean wel see very little of what he got upto on origae6 which sucks I think.


Dec-08-2017 5:41 AM

I think the main question is how is he going to get thousands of people to become eggs without everyone knowing what's going on in the process?! I really hope we get a LV-223 scene with the deacon. My idea would be interesting also because they are right in the neighborhood of LV-426 for the derelict scene...


Dec-08-2017 6:01 AM

I def agree his destination at some point will be lv223 as he has no reason to go anywhere else. id love to see something with the deacon aswell

I Moon Girl

Dec-08-2017 3:54 PM

Critters5 said, "I think the main question is how is he going to get thousands of people to become eggs without everyone knowing what's going on in the process?!"

He could do something similar to what the scientists were doing in Alien: Resurrection when they were trying to breed Xenomorph's.

I Moon Girl

Dec-08-2017 4:58 PM


You can't just decide what is canon and what is not.  "Advent" was released by Fox and Ridley.  As of right now, it's canon.

In addition to that, if we also decided on what is canon based on if things made sense, then Alien3 is not canon.  That would also mean that Alien: Resurrection is not canon either.

Both are good movies and I don't know how they could ever not be canon.  Even if Alien5 by Blomkamp was made, Alien3 and A:R would still be considered canon in an alternate universe kind of thing, just like how Alien5 would be.

As far as I know, it is canon whether we like it or not and because of "Advent" being canon, I changed my mind on the idea that David's Covenant is going to Origae-6.  I just don't think that is where the prequels are going now.  Of course, that is just my idea.  Everybody's got 'em!

Michelle Johnston

Dec-08-2017 11:33 PM

You have to begin with the notion that David is mad and delusional and believes his "plan" is both just and infallible. 

Advent sets up several important investments.

David reveals himself and the "radical A I" of the pathogen to W- Y. One can only conclude he is baiting Weyland Yutani believing their arrival will aid his plan of retribution and or improvement.

The reference to the Queen and that it will change everything is important and suggests he is trying to evolve his creation into a self generating species capable of rapid reproduction. It may play into the events of the Space Jockey and Ridley could tweak the meaning of what we see in A L I E N and something he has referred to in the past the cargo "gets out" whilst on board and contaminates the Jockey. This could be the Queen and her spores taking revenge on David. Radical A.I. meets mad A.I.

I suspect W-Y will come to a planet which is further down the road in the story and find out its truth. The twist maybe the Engineers arriving with Walter with a Juggernaut. W-Y want the radical A I David is the mad  A I and the Engineers bring another A I with them. The emphasis then is how A I behaves and interacts with each other with the Queen and her spores being the weapon. This would explain Ridleys recent view that the fascinating elements are the A I not the beast. 




Dec-08-2017 11:58 PM

I Moon Girl A bit OT, but with all due respect, the canon debate heated up last winter and it was pretty much decided that canon can be individually determined. For instance, some consider only movies canon while others include novelizations and video games- others only consider the first Alien movie canon.

Covered here: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=16&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjQ0dzGvfzXAhVN7GMKHfzLA3EQFgh7MA8&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.alien-covenant.com%2Ftopic%2F43291&usg=AOvVaw09s0YqoUbxlYGhN5wM12yz



Dec-09-2017 12:31 AM

moongirl. when im talking about canon im meaning in the sense of did we see something that is going to be forgotten and become irrelevant. for example the weyland files and specifically the part about the company knowing of a signal on lv426 which may yet become irrelevant. we may yet see David being responsible for the derelict and in fact there isn't anything on lv426 prior to the derelict landing/ crashing. we also get lots of things within what is perceived as canon material contradicting other material platforms such as the novels that accompany the movie. for example in the alien novel Dallas finds empty urns next to the SJ and yet in the movie, we don't see anything to even suggest Dallas finds anything yet the novel can be considered canon.

canon is very much open to debate and can go on for ever. for me canon is what we see in the movie IF the movie is the first source of material in the franchise, as not all the people who watch the film read the novel so they don't know about any of the differences between the 2. but given that franchises such as the marvel and DC universes used comics to first introduce characters it can be argued that the movies arnt canon as much of these films differ from the comics as far as character arc's go. iv even heard that the mural in Prometheus doesn't mean anything other than paying homage to Giger and his work.  


Dec-09-2017 8:15 AM

I'd start A:C 2 with Peter Weyland beating David with a cricket bat(flashback). Armed guards surrounding them, just in case something goes wrong. This would test David and his/it's ability to let humans do what they will. Have Peter drop his cricket bat(or baseball bat)near David, daring him to pick it up and use it on him. 


Dec-09-2017 9:38 AM

That would certainly fit with what David said about Peter Weyland's compassion MonsterZero.

"I never experienced such compassion. Certainly not from Mr. Weyland."

David, Prologue: The Crossing

The cricket bat is nothing but the same tool as the cup of tea. A plot device to show a device with questions it's place.

Great points ali81 and I'm dying to see who David sent his Advent message to at Weyland-Yutani I Moon Girl.


Dec-09-2017 9:39 AM

Great topic Batchpool.


Dec-09-2017 10:01 AM

And I can give you a nightmare scenario for David: Before Peter Weyland died, he created a replicant/synth of himself.......Much stronger than David(or any synth) and with all the 'bells and whistles'.   So in essence Peter Weyland would still be in charge, immortal and still pulling David's strings.


I would also bring the Nostromo into the action as a possible bridge between the movies. (May or may not be possible to replicate($$$ 3d printing?)the Nostromo's interior.)

Peter Weylands synth body has been exploring the galaxy and is now just arriving on the Nostromo and is in shouting distance of the Covenant.




Dec-09-2017 1:35 PM

MonsterZero - The android Weyland idea is great! Arriving hand in hand with an android Shaw? :)


Dec-09-2017 1:45 PM

Batchpool - 'Ati I have only just realised this, but the scenes between the engineer and the trilobite in Prometheus are nearly identical to the scenes where the crew are fighting the space dragon in Space 1999.'

Totally true!

In fact, the Space 1999 scenes with the monster are more gruesome since it eats the crew and is kind enough to give back their skeletons. Imagine those scenes on a movie level in 2019/20.

The mysterious (Alien-like) space graveyard scenes in the first half of the movie combined with the scenario described by Michelle Johnston in her previous comment would form an awesome Alien prequel movie in my opinion.

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