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This is how much audiences are interested in the "hot topic" Ridley Scott wants to explore in new Alien movie




Posted Dec-04-2017 8:59 PM

I was waiting for January to come because a sci-fi movie that not many heard about was supposed to hit the theaters. Produced by Universal, with a promising new director at the helm, from an Oscar nominated writer, and with a fairly known protagonist. I thought it would be a perfect test to prove my theory that audiences interested in movies about themes very similar to what Ridley Scott wants to explore in a "Alien: Covenant" sequel is very limited. And this what happened to that movie:


My theory is that the studios made this decision in order to protect the careers of everybody involved in the project. I think it is time for Fox to step forward and do the same for Ridley Scott before it is too late.

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Dec-04-2017 9:15 PM

The article said it was pulled  from the release date due to competition but I didn't see that it was permanently shelved. "Other options" could mean a different release date? The theme itself sounds interesting enough although it seems a bit spoilerish saying the dreams are prophetic.


Dec-04-2017 9:21 PM

All I can say is that Ridley Scott is not the only one interested in this "hot topic". Ex Machina did it, and Luke Scott's "Morgan" as well, which is pretty awful and a bomb also. Audiences are already tired about it. But what happened with that movie from Universal was unprecedented.


Dec-04-2017 10:26 PM

Well joylitt you forget to mention BR which only made 1.7 of it's production costs (is it already profitable). It seems people want something else.


Dec-05-2017 12:22 AM

They didn't give any reason for that so it is pointless to speculate on the topic as being uninteresting. Let's wait and see what was the real reason.

"He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!"


Dec-05-2017 4:21 AM

These two facts are behind the decision, no doubt:

Extinction” would have had some strong competition, as it was set to open against Fox’s science-fiction adventure “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” and Sony’s Matthew McConaughey crime drama “White Boy Rick” from Studio 8.

Universal’s upcoming films include “Pitch Perfect 3” on Dec. 22, “Insidious: The Last Key” on Jan. 5 and “Fifty Shades Freed” on Feb. 9.


Dec-06-2017 8:07 AM

It is good if movies about AI don't draw a big audience because then it might make those at Fox force Ridley to give the AI thing a lesser role than he initially planned. The robots were more interesting when they were a part of the story but still had a limited role.

So I read at some other pages about it. Eventually it is from a book that features some form of artificial intelligence so I will not watch it. Ridley Scott's interest or attempt at hijacking the Alien franchise and make it into the AI show has made me less interested in the topic since I associate it with a franchise that is going wrong because of a one-sided story masked as alien movies.

This is probably unintentional by the one that posted this thread but this thread gives me advice about movies that I should stay away from.

Ati is partially right when he says that a reason why those movies might do bad is because they have to compete with bigger movies. It might not be because people are less interested in AI. With a lot of money comes advertising and PR that affect interest so that is to be consider also but yeah it might seem that not as many are interested in AI as Scott is.


Dec-06-2017 10:08 PM

I don't have a problem with the plot to explore the evolution of AI and explore plots where the AI is looking to over through humanity but not in the alien franchise because that's not what the franchise is about. start a new franchise or expand on Balderunner. imo its starting to have a negative effect on this franchise


Dec-07-2017 6:33 AM

Thoughts and Dreams, if Awakening fails hard I think that's it for the Alien franchise for at least a decade. :o/

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