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Bio-Mechanical Xenormoph... Shoe-Horning

Bio-Mechanical Xenormoph... Shoe-Horning

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Nov-24-2017 1:18 PM

With RS mentioning the Next Movie would be more about AI, and looking at his comments about David will be off to the Planet (Origae-6) what kind of a world would he create...   And how we will see 3-4 Players incoming of which the Engineers will be ONE

Knowing that David has contacted the Company and shared what he has been up to, we can SAFELY Assume the Company will be sending in at least ONE Party.

David is off to Origae-6 with TWO Face-Huggers, he has mentioned all he has left to Perfect Now is his QUEEN and we clearly see the Xenomorph in AC is not Bio-Mechanical like the ONE in ALIEN

Ridley Scott said a while back, the Beast has life in it, and you can Evolve it, he also said regarding the Reason for Doing AC is to find out WHO and WHY would someone create such a THING, he also said that it felt BIO-MECHANICAL and AC was to START to show us HOW

With the next movie being about AI and with 3-4 incoming Parties, i think we can Safely Assume ONE of these will be sent by the Company with Precautions, ONE is the Engineers. But this is just TWO of 3-4 arriving Parties.

With RS interesting in AI more than the Xenomorph in the next movie, and Origae-6 taking 7.5 years to reach, then no doubt David will Charade as Walter and begin to construct a Human Colony. It leaves no more than 10 years and likely less to Reach the Event of the DERELICT/SPACE JOCKEY and Thousands of Eggs of Bio-Mechanical Xenomorphs.

Therefor.....  Would it be interesting to have a MORE advanced Synthetic than David or Walter, be part of one of the incoming Parties?  And if this Synthetic is more closer to Human than David is and is a SYNTHETIC CONSTRUCT like ELDEN was from the Prometheus Fire and Stone Comics who became INFECTED with the BLACK GOO.

Well Originally Fire and Stone was going to go with a Female Synthetic, called ELDENA and i would not be surprised if they consider Re-using such concepts, because the introduction to a Female Synthetic Construct could be interesting and ACT as a Plot Device to allow for the Synthetic to become Davids Queen... maybe even some more Robot on Robot Attraction ;)

Would you oppose such a idea?

How else to you think they could Tackle Davids Queen and how the Xenomorph becomes Bio-Mechanical?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

33 Responses to Bio-Mechanical Xenormoph... Shoe-Horning


Dec-03-2017 3:48 AM

"I think things would get to Star Trekish if we went that far into the sci-fi world."

Yeah but do you think that Scott understand that?

"I simply hate the perceived path RS is   taking the franchise."

Me too even though hate is a strong word but it is really crappy. Keep it to the Engineers and their connection to the Xeno and keep the human element as the main thing. The AI story that they turn this into is crap, it might sound interesting but it is a mess when they have it in the Alien franchise.

"AC FORCED a xeno in there and it had no impact."

Maybe Scott was told to use it while he in reality didn't have the interest to do so.

". . . hes lost the true imagination and wonder within the alien franchise and is simply too stubborn to change."

My guess is that if he would be totally responsible for the story then it would turn into shit. Scott is good with the visuals but he can't write.

"... is that David Created the Xenomorph."

That idea was really dumb, I dislike it so much.
"I think RS wanted to try and cover more with the Universe, where Prometheus was to ask WHY as far as how the Xenomorph had occurred which is a result of a Bio-Weapon those Engineers Created and it was to explore WHY they would want to create such a Horrific Bio-Weapon, rather than showing us the History of the Xenomorph and Queens etc."

OK but the way that they have done that is just bad.

"Due to pressure to please Fans, he was asked to give the Fans the Xenomorph again and Show us how it was Created...    And the Curve-ball that RS decided on, has upset a lot of fans."

Yeah, that David crap.

"AI is not the alien franchise..."

Tell that to Scott, he doesn't seem to understand that.

". . . bad call and if this ends up being the case, his prequel series will have as much effect and impact on the franchise as AVP and AVPR did with the eception of Prometheus."

He he, they might make AVP look good. I don't like AVP or Covenant, Prometheus was not that good either.

". . . nah, time to go if that's his plan imo. I watch alien because its about the beast and by extension, the engineers now and I watch BR because it explores synthetics. im not interested in a BR spinoff called alien awakening."

I watch it because of the beast and the human characters because it tells us something about how humans react when they are put under pressure from something that they are not prepared for. The Engineers could be interesting if they get that right but I don't care for the AI part. Unfortunately the next alien movie could turn out to be crap.

Timmy the ultramorph

Dec-03-2017 11:03 AM

the alien franchises focus shuld be about the aliens. there can be themes of engineers and a.i philosophy but they nead to complement the alien story. not replace it or mash them together in equel parts.

food ain't that bad! - Parker


Dec-06-2017 4:48 PM

Indeed while the Franchise has a number of elements... Humans and Space Exploration, The Weyland-Yutani Companies History/Merger and Conflict and the Synthetics and AI, as well as Marines the whole purpose for doing the Prequels was supposed to be.


Where did it come from, where was it going WHY that CARGO and WHO was the Space Jockey his Purpose and Agenda. And these had been Evolved into the ENGINEERS as the Space Jockey Race, the Derelict on of the Engineers Ships and the Xenomorph a Bio-Weapon related to the Experiments/Black Goo on LV-223

I think FOX/RS will need to cover these at some point especially if without DAVID there would be no Xenomorph Eggs on the Derelict, then Engineer Ships, Engineers and Xenomorphs have to come back into play.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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