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A random fun comment about David on Youtube

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Nov-06-2017 12:31 PM

This was under a comment section about AC it says:

“I hate the whole f**** David story and if he was in world war two he would have wiped out the whole human race on earth with his heroes Nazi Mengele B******!!!!! Devil Evil Bad A******!!!! I hope David gets torn to bits in the sequel by his f****** creation!!!!! and goes to hell and never come back!!!!!!!! ”

You can find the comment here:

It is very emotional but still fun as hell. :D I laughed when I saw it. Someone somewhere is pissed at a movie character. I hope that they don't let that take up a lot of their time or else they have serious issues that they need to deal with.

15 Responses to A random fun comment about David on Youtube


Nov-07-2017 4:41 AM

We got a few on here and other sites more, in regards to Nazi and Homophobic comments aimed towards the Character David portrayed in Alien Covenant.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-05-2018 1:08 PM

Meh, I think it's fine. Art is meant to evoke an emotional reaction. If you truly allow yourself to get immersed into the universe, like TRULY immersed I think it's perfectly natural to have a visceral reaction to David's character. It's all part of the fun of it. 


Jul-05-2018 2:10 PM

David has been called quite a few unfavorable things, but I never saw "boring" or "uninteresting" among those words.


Jul-25-2018 8:41 AM

"I hope David gets torn to bits in the sequel by his f****** creation!!!!! and goes to hell and never come back!!!!!!!! ”

I agree regarding David's end.

I certainly love the character as a villain/consequence of pride and want to see how that peters out but in the end I believe we deserve to see David meet destruction in the way he has delivered it. 

Could David be like Ash eventually in the way the android was destroyed only for the AI inside of it to "live" on in Mother or other AI? I don't think I'm the 1st to suggest that.

I'm not sure the David Mengele comment author above in the opening would like that scenario either. 

Can we just file Alien: Covenant under "loose mad-hooded-robot lets his hair grow out and creates demons on Planet 4" and then just all get along?

Thank you Thoughts_Dreams.


Jul-25-2018 1:07 PM

The AI angle is something i had been exploring when i attempted a Prometheus 2 idea a fair few years ago now....  It does seem from some of Ridley Scotts comments that AI being a KEY player could be something he is wishing to explore/evolve.  The interesting thing would be could they explore it as Davids AI/Soul or Weylands?

Regarding Davids END i think this has to reach a Logical Conclusion where he gets OUT-DONE by his own Creation.  Done so in a Hubris Manner, we see the Engineers were pretty Naive, and Weyland was also in regards to the Free-Will that David is Granted and so i think its fitting he underestimates/looses control or what i would like to see is DAVID Evolves himself Psychically (Synthetic Construct) and so WHY then he has the best of Both Worlds... he becomes somewhat Organic while still remaining a Synthetic....  and this PATH OF EVOLUTION leads to him becoming infected by his OWN Creation, i think this could also be a route to explain the Bio-Mechanical Nature of the Xenomorph in ALIEN compared to the more Organic one in Alien Covenant.

Maybe the WALTER-MORPH is back on ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

I Moon Girl

Jul-27-2018 9:14 PM

BigDave said, "We got a few on here and other sites more, in regards to Nazi and Homophobic comments aimed towards the Character David portrayed in Alien Covenant."

If you're talking about me in this homophobic comments, then you're wrong.  I've never said David was homophobic.  The user "Ati" just kept reading what I said as me saying David is a homo.

I've never said that or have ever thought that.

David is a much more complicated character than that.  I could see how some person could say that since he did kiss another person who also looks like a man.

I feel like we got TONS of character development with David in Alien: Covenant by the way.

I Moon Girl

Jul-27-2018 9:24 PM

With regards to the post, I really do hope David gets a better death than a Xeno he created killing him.

To be honest, I hope David doesn't make an appearance in Alien: Awakening or at least no more than 10 min of the movie or so.

I really hope Ridley goes forward like he has been doing with these prequels and gives us something very fresh AND something that gets us to appreciate Alien: Covenant more in the process.

I could love Alien: Covenant as long as Alien: Awakening is something complete differently.

I think a lot of people on this forum, including myself, are taking one movie out of a WHOLE franchise and saying, "This is how it's going to be."

Alien and Aliens were to completely differently styled movies.  Alien3 even came in with something fresh and seemed to mix the two styles of Alien and Aliens.  Alien3 just had some plot decisions that may have not made 100% sense.  Alien: Resurrection was something completely fresh because it was just so, in my words, weird (especially at the end).

To me, the original four movies have something unique to them which makes them all exciting to watch again and again.

Alien: Covenant is no different.  It's unique, but I don't think it is now the definition of how all Alien movies will be made from now on (or at least if Ridley Scott stays in control).

All Ridley has got to do with Alien: Awakening is make it unique AND he needs to finish his prequels with a bang.  If the ending sucks, it would just leave behind the great buildup we got in Prometheus and the philosophical, thoughtful attitude we get in Alien: Covenant.

Unique and epic is the way to go for Alien: Awakening to me.

Plus, give David a more appropriate death than something as predictable as a Xeno he created killing him.


Jul-28-2018 3:02 AM

It is not outlandish however to call him a Nazi for some reasons:

1. exterminating (with an airborne substance) and experimenting (like Mengele) on beings he deems inferior (humans = monkeys and the engineers = freaks).

2. he likes of drawing and of Wagner (just like Adi H.), and feels that his creativity was suppressed/not recognized by some foreign power (humans). 

3.  He is blonde and has blue eyes.

4. Wants to create the perfect life-form, that is perfect only for wiping out other living creatures. This is the just as corrupt interpretation of the Ubermensch concept of Nietzsche as the Nazis, as the original concept is related to living to ones full potential and surpass it.

Ok the waters were muddied with references to Satan, Loki and to Hannibal Lecter, but facts are that he is pretty much a Nazi (without the salute and panzers and things as such). There was even a review on the webs that made the comparison, also stating that the Xenomorph is the ugly right-winger that resides in everyone of us and the incompetent crew of the Covenant the liberal establishment.

Regarding the "gay" scenes, for me personally was more masturbatory than anything else, but no comment.


Jul-29-2018 11:07 AM

"If you're talking about me in this homophobic comments, then you're wrong.  I've never said David was homophobic.  The user "Ati" just kept reading what I said as me saying David is a homo."

I never implied any body, sorry if it came across as this, i mentioned NO names as i dont even really remember specifically those who had made comparisons to Nazi's and Homosexuality, i think we had a few Trolls who may have here, but i also noticed it on Youtube, and so i was not specifically referring to anyone on here.

And also I Moon Girl i never even realized you had any such debates and so when making the comment, i 100% never thought it would apply to you...   When debates like the Homo-Erotic stuff had been mentioned on here a little bit, i usually just skip past these and PAY NO attention to what was put or any replies.

"David is a much more complicated character than that."

Totally agree, to me i got the impression he may have started to get some kind of Sexual Emotional Attachment to Dr Shaw, and this Emotion he may have gained could be Frustrating as he is not Equipped to become any kind of Sex Companion, but i kind of got a hint he could have some kind of Sexual Frustration and Confusion.  But he never came across as Homosexual or anything to me, i think while some aspects of his Character were a little Camp, i dont get the impression he was though, i think a lot was some Bad Writing to have Scenes that have some kind of Sexual Innuendo  but this was a ALIEN movie and not a CARRY ON movie so i felt it was a bit out of place.

I took the David and Walter Kiss Scene as David showing that he feels Mankind DONT Appreciate the Perfection of Synthetics and only see them as Robots... where David sees Walter as one of his own, with so much Potential to become Free and Sentient, rather than to Serve.

The KISS i always took to represent a Judas Kiss/Kiss of Death.


I dont see him as a Nazi, and i doubt he maybe was fond of the Regime/Movement...  But i agree there are a number of connecting Themes with the Nazi Movement, but there have been other Movements/Cults/Leaders and Tyrants who also had a lot in common with Hitler too.

I certainly read into it that David sees Synthetics as a Superior Race to Humanity and Humanoids and the Rightful Heirs to becoming the Ruling Elite and that Humanity and the Engineers are Races who DONT Deserve Life and so i certainly can see him have a Agenda to want to RID of Humans/Engineers and replace them with Synthetics and his OWN Creations.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-29-2018 11:16 AM

"We got a few on here and other sites more, in regards to Nazi and Homophobic comments aimed towards the Character David portrayed in Alien Covenant."

My apologies to how i worded, that i do sometimes place a certain Word in place of another by accident and what i should have put was this.

We have seen a few on here and other sites more in the past

Regards to when there was a few harsh ones put on here, after the movie came out, i chose to not pay attention or get involved in those kinds of discussions as i remember we did have 1-2 who seemed to be a little offensive and maybe Trolling and came across as against Gay People.

I know ONE of these got Banned because they also Trolled and was abusive to others on here in other Topics... but i never paid any attention to such debates.

So any such debates between yourself I Moon Girl and ATI, i totally missed and would not have got drawn into and i have NEVER recalled to my knowledge any point where you have ever done anything that is aimed against others on here or Homophobic at all, I am sorry if maybe you thought i was aiming it at you, but i was not as i had NO knowledge that you even got into any debate on such a subject as i have only ever always seen you as a respectful member of this community.

Not Related to any One Person... i will add that on various sites, there has been a Backlash to David, due to some of his Actions such as Creating the Xenomorph and Killing Dr Shaw... as i am sure a number of people Hopped to had seen Dr Shaw or her used more than she was, and also YEP! That Curve-Ball David Creates the Xenomorph is certainly ONE of the Biggest Reveals that i think has much more people who Dislike this Route, than are a Fan of it.

It does appear that David's Character is to Alien Covenant as Damon Lindeloff was to Prometheus...    as far as Backlash for some of the Disappointments or ways these Movies went that had not pleased some Fans.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-29-2018 10:32 PM

@BigDave " but there have been other Movements/Cults/Leaders and Tyrants who also had a lot in common with Hitler too." For example who? without giving the example of other fascists or people inspiring the fascists like the Spartans. 

And sorry, even if you don't like the 20th century movement but have the an ideology very reminiscent of them you are still Nazi.


Jul-30-2018 8:38 AM

I respect everyone has their own opinions  but i dont think every ideology that is similar to Nazism means they are Nazis or Fascists.

I dont see how it also has to have a lot to do with David, while there may be some things you could connect with Hitler, i dont think the objective was to go and make David a 22nd Century Hitler.

There have been many Genocides in History or what could be called it, and we could even see similar with Moses and his Road to Claim the Land of Israel as partaking in Genocide.   We could look at the Crusades and should we then stop referring to ISIS or Al Qaeda as they are but call them Crusaders?    While there may be some differences their are similarities but this does not mean they should be called the same thing.

David indeed has little Care for Mankind, and the Engineers and while he committed Genocide on those Engineers, i think its not the same reasons as Hitler committed his Acts of Genocide, while David views Humans as In-superior and that Synthetics are the Superior Race, its not quite the same as Hitler and his view of White Supremacist Race.

But i guess we can see how some can make a connection, but i dont think this is the aim of Davids Character, but everyone is entitled to have their own views on the matter.

And so with that i will leave commenting on anything related in context to Alien Covenant.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-30-2018 10:37 AM

@BigDave it's ok to think and to feel, but proof is better. It might be that they were going straight for the nazi thing but there they did arrive (maybe because of childhood trauma, I don't know).

And you know, there were not that many genocides in history, with a handful with millions of victims. Many more died in wars and of disease.


Jul-30-2018 12:40 PM

"loose mad-hooded-robot lets his hair grow out and creates demons on Planet 4" - Ingeniero

LMAO! That could be the unofficial title of the movie. Thanks!


We got a lot of character development with David in Alien Covenant since he was one of the few characters that they seemed to give a damn about. As far as how David dies I don’t care just as long as he will die I am fine. Yup he should not be in the movie that much at all AC was more than enough.

“To be honest, I hope David doesn't make an appearance in Alien: Awakening or at least no more than 10 min of the movie or so.”

Something like that would be fine but I am afraid that we will see more of him than that since Scott only cares about him. I hope that they understand that many do not like the David character from how he was in AC and at least reduce his screen-time in the next one if there is any more prequel movie coming out.

“I could love Alien: Covenant as long as Alien: Awakening is something complete differently.”

I can understand that way of thinking but no matter what, to me it will probably always be a mediocre robot movie although not everything about it was bad. Oram was the only interesting human and I also liked the differences between David and Walter but unfortunately it was too much about them which means that the movie was a disappointment.


How do you mean that Alien 3 is a mix of Alien and Aliens? I understand how it is a bit like Alien but I  am not sure about the Aliens part. Is it more like the action parts are like Aliens? Alien 3 is the one that I am watching the most, it is my favorite. For some reasons it is a good mix of fast and slow scenes Alien was mostly kind of slow but had good tension and Aliens had many action scenes.

To me if the next prequel will be bad it will leave the prequels with two bad movies and one the is alright. Hopefully the next one will be more like Prometheus not like Covenant if I must choose between those two. I would like to see a mix of philosophy (Prometheus) action (Aliens) and some philosophical things put in a good way with interesting characters (Alien 3). P had interesting philosophy but the characters lacked unlike in Alien 3. Speaking of Prometheus I hope that we will see the engineers in a bigger role or at least that they will make a comeback.

“To me, the original four movies have something unique to them which makes them all exciting to watch again and again.”

Different styles sure but I am not a huge fan of AR. It was a long time ago since I watched that movie. I do not want another AC because that would mean more androids and people that are there just to push the story forward.

I understand that you want Scott to finish the prequels in a great way but being that AC and P are the way they are I doubt that it will happen but the last movie got to be better than those two. This depends on if they have learned something from the criticism of those two or not.

As far as how he will die well I don’t care but yeah I would rather not have it in a predictable way but then I don’t care that much about the David story. Just let him die kind of early in the movie so we don’t get another one like AC as far as the David time is concerned.


Jul-30-2018 3:02 PM

I can certainly agree not many Genocides on that kind of Scale, I always felt Davids actions was a little in line with the reasons Skynet wanted to Genocide Mankind in the Terminator Franchise.  But i am not sure this route will continue as far as Davids Quest to Destroy all Mankind, i am thinking they could be going a more MATRIX kind of a AI route, in that AI are the Kings and Mankind are merely Pawns only we dont know it.


I totally understand wanting to get a bit more Prometheus from any sequels, because it raises some Big Questions and opened up the Franchise to not only the Philosophical Creation Themes, but also Prometheus Hubris too.  But it opened up a World/Universe to explore the Engineers more, what conflicts they are involved in, who created them and what else they created etc....    So many Worlds/Races.

Which Alien Covenant had shut the door on, in order to take us to a Direct Prequel route so it seems...

It seems David is still a Big Part of these Plans... but indeed hopefully we can find more about our Engineers in the sequels but i do FEAR we will just be FED the Engineers as in Edited/Theatrical Release of Prometheus and so basically LV-223 Type Military Angry Dudes who Dont Talk, Dont Take Questions well and Take no Prisoners.

I dont want to see our Engineers only appear just to be basically like Human looking Predators.... where Hunting is Swapped for all out Genocide.  There could be so much more to them that Prometheus opened up, and Alien Covenant teased... but they are all dead.

Sadly they have kind of written themselves into a Corner... where we are now just going to discover WHAT/WHY/WHEN David does next, and then reveal a Trigger Point to WHAT/WHY/WHEN Davids Creations get unleashed again... and then HOW/WHEN/WHERE and WHY Davids creations end up in the Space Jockeys Cargo Hold... 

So it will be Connecting the Dots... with just WHAT David intends to do Next and IF/HOW this Escalates to how his Creations end up on a Engineers Ship.

So i do think its going to more of David, Less of Xenomorph and they with the Engineers will come in the 3rd Act... which may set up the Final Chapter that may get a bit more Answers and a bit more of a Alien Franchise Pleasing Movie... but its if people could be invested in it by then... and EVEN that can go wrong....

God Forbid David = Space Jockey..

But Dallas did make TWO Observations with the Space Jockey.

1) Its Fossilized/Bones are Bent Outwards.....   

2) Looks like it GREW out of its Chair....

Can Dallas be WRONG on both Accounts?   I dont think we can expect the Space Jockey being a Skeleton of a Alien Race that Grew out of his Chair....  So Dallas Wont be Right on TWO Accounts.

But is he Wrong on TWO?  I have a feeling he would be RIGHT regarding the IT GREW out the Chair....  take of that what you will and with as much Dread as you will LOL

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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