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Posted Oct-14-2017 7:20 PM

Engineer Pilot's Chair

The recess the Engineer pilot's chair is produced from is dark (above) in the film. The below images were enhanced to reveal the mechanism that was difficult to make out.

The floor opens up above to expose the pilot's chair.

David's head can be seen below next to the pilot's chair.

The Engineer navigation is activated.


15 Responses to Engineer Pilot's Chair


Oct-14-2017 7:25 PM

Do you think David observed how the chair was operated like he did to learn that weird button/flute sequence? Looks like he was positioned with a good view.


Oct-14-2017 7:33 PM

He was close and I'm pretty sure you're correct about the view of the pilot dk. David was able to operate the hologram and it looks like he was right about the target (Earth above) from what he learned earlier.

The floating icons above are great.


Oct-15-2017 5:28 PM

Ingeniero - The head! Awesome:

Cerulean Blue

Oct-16-2017 8:21 AM

@Ingeniero - I wish we had an 'Alien data bank' to reference like Star Wars did before Disney messed it up?

Lawrence of Arabia

Oct-16-2017 9:27 AM

Love the Engineers chair, a thing of beauty.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Oct-16-2017 3:42 PM

Some things are odd looking but I do like the overall look of the Engineer aesthetic Lawrence of Arabia. Especially the chair.

It seems like David is working hard on producing the alien data bank Cerulean Blue. All joking aside, the Star Wars Databank looks good.

We did have the Weyland Industries site that had similar data but not as well developed. That's gone now but the alienuniverse.com that replaced it is starting to fill out with content and I'm sure that will build up over time.


Lawrence of Arabia

Oct-16-2017 4:12 PM

Ingeniero Totally forgot about alienuniverse.com, glad it's still putting out content.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Oct-17-2017 6:25 AM

Yes Lawrence of Arabia. I was impressed when Ati pointed us back to it and covered the descriptions associated with each video. Good stuff and even better since they collected all of it in one place. 

I love the shot of David's head Ati. Thank you. I couldn't find Weyland's body in the shot.

Cerulean Blue

Oct-17-2017 6:38 AM

@Ingeniero - Thanks for the website address!  I may be on alienuniverse.com for a few days!  HAHA!!


Oct-17-2017 7:02 AM

You're most welcome Cerulean Blue. See this topic from Ati to see a what can be gained from alienuniverse.com


Oct-17-2017 7:21 AM

I would say he observed a bit, but i guess the rest he could learn as he goes along..

Whats interesting is if the Chair/Scope rose in a upright position, if this was stored underneath in the same position then looking at the Orrey/Control Room Height and comparing it to the Juggernaught from the outside, then it would be a Tad Too Tight a Fit to fit beneath the Control/Pilot Room...

Mind you not as Tight as the Derelicts Cargo Hold ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Oct-17-2017 9:58 AM

I'm sorry for your loss BigDave regarding Sox.

We might have room for the pilot's chair recess (above) but the cavernous cargo hold seems to be included in another juggernaut model/type and not what we saw on LV-223.


Oct-17-2017 11:49 AM

 "I would say he observed a bit, but i guess the rest he could learn as he goes along.."

But that would almost be like asking how long it takes for an AI to learn tings. Would it just take him one observation to learn how what ever something works if he watches someone else doing something (like making a sop, or what ever).


Nov-09-2017 4:35 AM


Thank you

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Nov-28-2017 3:25 AM

Ingeniero - Thx for mentioning my topic.

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