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Fun Low Hanging Fruit- Alien Bloopers/mistakes




Posted Oct-11-2017 8:03 PM

Just some fun observations and such:



5 Responses to Fun Low Hanging Fruit- Alien Bloopers/mistakes


Oct-11-2017 8:58 PM

So dk, are you a troll now? ;-)  This entire series is best from 35k ft.  Ridley and/or Fox needs help, this isn't rocket science.


Oct-11-2017 10:00 PM

It is just fun low hanging fruit. It requires no analysis. LOL! I was just looking for some silly stuff to share. There are some interesting things though- like Brett's cigarette ;)

Cerulean Blue

Oct-12-2017 9:38 AM

@dk - I can honestly say I never noticed those axes in the escape pod beside Ripley, while she was in her undies!!  I have seen that scene 50+ times, too!!  HAHA!!


Oct-12-2017 5:51 PM

Another thing I noticed long ago and is shown at 1:24 -They are wearing simple face masks but there is no oxygen tubing hooked to them. In my line of work it drives me nuts!

Cerulean Blue I am fairly confident most viewers were distracted by Ripley to notice the axes ;)


Oct-13-2017 2:51 PM

Blooper rhymes with pooper. I just wanted to point out the obvious. ;)

The alien movies have been around for many years so it would be strange if there wouldn't have been some mistakes made while they were filming them. I like to watch bloopers no matter if it is from movies or TV-shows, it is just fun to see what might happen. Bloopers make me see that not everyone take everything too damn serious every time. We got to have a laugh now and then.

It wouldn't surprise me if they laughed a lot when they made Star Wars as well. Who can keep a straight face every time thinking of a huge monkey walking around?

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