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Alien: Covenant

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Posted Oct-10-2017 10:19 PM

Two Paths Diverge

Dr. Shaw and Meredith Vickers watched as the Prometheus erupted in a magnificent explosion when colliding with the rising juggernaut on LV-223. The explosion reflection is visible on Vickers helmet (below). 

They both stand still in shock.

They quickly notice the falling juggernaut and try to save themselves by running away from where the Engineer craft appears to be falling toward.

Dr. Shaw and Meredith Vickers split up on rough terrain and their respective paths produced much different results. Dr. Shaw falls and then rolls to safety while Vickers is soon crushed by the juggernaut.




7 Responses to Two Paths Diverge


Oct-11-2017 5:43 PM

Ingeniero - Please let me extend your article with these two altered versions of your stills. :)

I hope you like them. :)


Oct-11-2017 5:47 PM

Vickers had to be human. A synthetic would have understood physics and the concept of strafing.


Oct-11-2017 6:32 PM


Lol Ati XD

Here's mine 



Oct-11-2017 7:06 PM


Oct-11-2017 7:17 PM

dk, she should have stayed on the Prometheus.

I need to learn to capture video and make a music video with Shaw running to Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive" Ati. "Don't look at me!" is funny too. I need privacy while everything inside my suit is mashed up into my helmet.

Yes IRaptus. Dr. Shaw was quite blessed in laying next to the hardest rock pile on LV-223. I bet she lost very few tears for the snooty hooker who fire-blasted her husband. I bet Vickers turned out like a penny left on a railroad track.



Oct-24-2017 2:06 PM

The legendary idiotic scene of pure idiocy, at least that’s how countless people felt when they watched how the scene turned out.

Great work Ati I saw your thread as well :) 


Oct-25-2017 7:51 AM

The religious dumbass and the whiny bitch (it sounds like a movie title, LOL). It is too bad that both of them didn't get killed.

I don't mind them as actors I just don't like the characters.

Neomorph: LMAO! That was fun as hell.

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