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How do you think the last movie of the prequels will end?

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Sep-17-2017 1:23 PM

Yo what's all of your theory's on what happens in the last movie. Mine is David find the crashed ship on lv426 as I take it that's where the covenant is of to. turns all the people on board the covenant in to eggs or makes his queen plants the egg on the derelict ship ready to bomb earth. Finds a sleeping engineer who is recovering from crash landing  plants a face hugger in his cryo pod he wakes find out he has an alien in him and see what David has been doing has a fight with David killing him ripping him apart he changes  his signal from rescue to stay away and set off something to terrorform the plant to what we all know and love to kill off any thing left on plant. then dies while doing so in the pilot chair. Just got to work out what happens to the chest buster that comes from the engineer and how the hole got in the floor 

1 and 2 had a race 1 1 1 and 2 11 2. gigity
6 Responses to How do you think the last movie of the prequels will end?

I Moon Girl

Sep-17-2017 5:09 PM

I hope there will be a big surprise for us in Alien: Awakening.  Ripley is faced with a challenge since the point of the prequels was to explain more about the alien in the chair we see in 1979 Alien.  We really don't know how Alien: Covenant links up to this, but we do know Prometheus helps explain who the alien in the chair is.

So, Ridley's got to show us what Alien: Covenant is all about in Alien: Awakening and finish telling the story of the alien in the chair.  I think Alien: Awakening will take quite a bit away in time from the happenings of Alien: Covenant and I pray that Ridley doesn't end Alien: Awakening right where Alien starts.  I hope he lets us know what happened to the alien in the chair without actually showing us what happened.

I speculate the alien in the chair was there for a long time because that would be a good story.  The question is how does this then fit into the prequels?  I think everyone is assuming David has something to do with the alien in the chair or maybe it is actually David somehow in the chair.

Ridley Scott gave us a fresh twist with Alien: Covenant.  That twist being that it takes place 10 years after Prometheus and has a whole new cast, except for David of course.  I expect the same treatment for Alien: Awakening.  I think we're going to get something none of us are going to be able to predict.  That is unless we try and think of things that we can't predict from what we have already seen, which we could.

I do think all of the Covenant crew will be dead in Alien: Awakening.  I doubt we'll get to see David experimenting on them because that kind of scare technique is not what the Alien franchise is about.  Alien3 had a little human anatomy gore, but with Alien: Covenant, we got all of the experiments outside the movie and instead on the internet.

The question to help us figure out what's in Alien: Awakening is, "What does David want with all of the Colonists?"  Yes, we know he wants to experiment on them, but what is the final purpose.

I think it's to kill the human race.  So, he could possible be taking his experiments results back to Earth.  That way he could see his experiments in action.  Plus, we need a Alien movie which address the Xeno's threat to Earth.  But, does David stop by LV-223 to get a juggernaut with more goo?  Or does he think the Xeno he created is actually a better weapon than the goo?  He most likely thinks his Xeno is the perfect weapon since he just has to let them loose and just sit back and grab a cold one.  WY knows about David's experiments because we saw his transmission to them from a video released by Fox on the internet.  They don't know he's coming to Earth, but he is.  He actually may stop by LV-223 to get a juggernaut so that the Earthlings can't track his ship.  I assure you that the Covenant ship has a tracker on it.  I don't see how it couldn't to be honest.  The problem with going to LV-223 is that it could take awhile.  We really don't know where the Covenant ship is located or where Planet 4 is located for that matter.  David might know where to find a ship that wasn't revealed in the movies too.  I would think David would want to get another ship, though, so the humans can't track him until he's close.  Plus, he probably needs a ship which has a weapon so he can fight his way to Earth.  We may get an epic space fight!!!!!  Plus, those juggernauts are probably fast and hard to hit.

So, the Engineers come into play because they know what David did to Planet 4.  They didn't go to Planet 4 because it's to dangerous, still I think the Engineers would have bio-suits to protect them from the free goo.  Still, they would have to worry about David.  Planet 4 is David's home now, so technically he would have home court advantage too.  I don't think there are many of the Engineers like we saw in Prometheus.  I think they are a special breed of an alien species which brings the risk of one dying.  Those Engineers need to be very careful and not die because they are a special variant of the common alien gene.  Of course, now David is in space, so the Engineers can attack him.  So, the Engineers come into play and try to stop David from getting to Earth.  After all, the Engineers DID NOT kill humanity and I think that was a conscious decision by them.  They changed their minds.  David ends up giving up trying to land on Earth and just crashes into it.  The Engineers land on Earth and take the juggernaut back before the average human being can notice.  The big powers on Earth cover up what actually happened and leave the fact that aliens exist to themselves.  David would most likely crash in the ocean since there is so much of it on Earth.  Like I said, he gave up trying to land on Earth because the Engineers are winning the space fight.  So, he just throws the juggernaut at planet Earth and hopes for the best.  The thing is that the Engineer flying David's juggernaut back didn't account for David being an android.  So, actually David somehow gets an egg to open and the facehugger somehow catches the Engineer off guard and impregnates him.  The Engineer was trying to fly the juggernaut back to LV-223 because that was the chosen location to put all weapons of mass destruction after the Engineers decided not to kill the humans.  So, the juggernaut crashes on LV-426 because it was set on autopilot with the Engineer relaxing in the chair.  The Engineer couldn't land it because he was impregnated and dead by the time the ship got there.  So, the whole burned through the flow because eventually the Xeno died and it's blood oozed out and ate through the floor.  This released a lot of humidity into the chair room where the Engineer died.  This adds to the aging of the Engineer and made it look like the Engineer has been there for a long time, like it was said in the original Alien movie.  The heavy humidity really tried to decompose the Engineer.  Plus, the Engineer could have been in space for years on autopilot, so there is really no telling exactly how many years that Engineer was subject to heavy decomposition, but because of what was in the air of the egg room in the derelict, the Engineer appeared to look decades old.  So, on that derelict is David, still alive in pieces or he might have eventually burned out and shut down.  Maybe the future Alien franchise will bring David back many years after Alien: Resurrection.  That is apparently the plan anyways.  The plan being to have the future Alien franchise movies taking place many years after Alien: Resurrection.

Now, this story is in no way something I have thought for a long time.  I just read your post and thought I would try and come up with something... and I think I did come up with something that works with Alien canon.  Maybe I'm wrong though.  There are a lot of people on this forum which know much more about the Alien franchise than me.


Sep-19-2017 12:01 AM

I hope the ending is somewhat remaining mysterious but also flow well into the 1979 Alien film. I personally against a direct explanation of Space Jockey because it may take away the imagination. What is great about the first half of Alien is exactly its unresolved atmosphere, so some little clues mentioned in Awakening would be nice, but not with a complete explanation. 

On the other hand I always feel the character Ash can be a great way to connect both final prequel and the original. And a little cameo of Jonesy doesn't hurt  :p


Sep-22-2017 8:02 AM


Hopefully it won't end in an obvious way. I want it to be still of a mystery who the SJ is. Please don't make David the SJ because that would suck.


I speculate the alien in the chair was there for a long time because that would be a good story.


That is what I would prefer. Maybe the prequels will give some more information about it but not give us the complete answer, I would prefer them to leave it like that.


I don't want them to do the same mistake again to give us some insight into the characters in some extra clips on the www (think Phobos). That stuff should be in the movie.


Alien 3 didn't have that much gore but it was more about the characters and how they reacted in that situation, I like that. Err, OK so there was some gore (like when Golic goes mad) but that wasn't what the majority of the movie was made up of.


David's experiments: I am not interested to see how he thinks about the experiments but rather how the humans react to the inevitable terror that will follow, that would be interesting to see. Less David, more humans thank you very much.


I Moon Girl

Oct-01-2017 4:37 PM

I got another idea that could have the ending still end with some of the space jockey in the original Alien being there for a long time.

So, the Engineers catch David and want to teach him something.  They want to teach him the truth about why the black goo exists and the origins of the Xeno.  They also want to show him the process of using the goo and the Xeno.  The Engineers, well a select few, want to do this because David has got the whole motives behind the black goo and the Xeno all wrong.  David would be very scared in this scene because he knows the Engineers will kill him when they are done with their little lesson.  I could see the Engineers doing something like this.  I can see them being capable of having compassion towards David, even though they know that he must be killed.  David learns his lesson in this discussion as well before he gets killed.

In this discussion, the audience could really learn a lot about the Engineers and maybe even the discussion could leave out a few details so that the mystery of the space jockey in the original Alien can still have a similar affect and feel on the audience while also bringing us more knowledge on who the space jockey is, or was actually.  I think we are going to learn about who the space jockey was because that was the whole motive of Ridley’s prequels.  Well, that was his original intention after the 1979 Alien came out, but, as we can see, Fox didn’t take Ridley’s ideas until just over the past few years.




Oct-01-2017 5:12 PM

I Moon Girl Nice. I think it would also be fitting for the Engineers to lead David on and then betray him- much like David did to everyone else.

Lawrence of Arabia

Oct-01-2017 5:15 PM

Alf is the Space Jockey. As the last Engineer left, he'll duke it out with David's perfected beast for all of mankind, then he'll sound the warning beacon.


"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."

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