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Timmy the ultramorph



Posted Aug-16-2017 11:29 PM

there seems to be many different types of engineer ships online in original prometheous concept art. here are some of them and do you think they would be good in the movies.


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Aug-17-2017 12:28 AM

is it just me or does that first one look like a cross section of genitalia, could be either male or female.

The Flying Phallus  



Aug-17-2017 12:36 AM


Not sure about genitalia but the 3rd and 4th somehow make me want to eat pretzels.


Aug-17-2017 12:42 AM

You're not going to make me draw a picture are you lol XD

mmmm i could go a pretzel too now you mention it.



Aug-17-2017 5:20 AM

LOL DK indeed.

The Pretzel ships i do believe were some of the concepts they was going to use instead of the Pebble like Ship we got for the Seeding Scene.

In the Earlier Spaights draft they was just Flying Pyramids

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Aug-17-2017 3:14 PM

IRaptus and dk. Genitalia and pretzels...I'm dying laughing. And we wonder why these movies are not mainstream. 

To sum that up...These arrogant, pale, tall muscular dudes flew down in pretzel peckers and covered us with oil and we mutated

Yes BigDave. I'm so glad they didn't use the pyramids as ships. To me, it was a disappointment to hear that it was considered.

Thank you for the concept art Timmy the ultramorph.


Aug-17-2017 8:12 PM

To answer your question in the topic opening Timmy the ultramorph

"do you think they would be good in the movies."

I do feel the second image with the Engineer ship docked is pretty close to what was shown for a brief moment in Prometheus.

And in Alien: Covenant below as well.


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