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Let’s Finish the Sentence ’We’re Not Keen On Kicking Movies…’

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Aug-09-2017 1:37 PM 'We’re not keen on kicking movies when they’re down, but “Alien: Covenant” makes it too easy.'

Let’s finish the sentence from the Playlist article, let’s see the true sentence: 'We’re not keen on kicking movies but it is about money and we are paid for it, sorry.'

From the article: ’With a production budget of $97 million, the film ultimately grossed $233 million worldwide…’

We should tell the writer of the article that spreading false information is not a kind action. Alien Covenant opens in Japan in September, so we do not know anything about its total worldwide box office number.

Let’s fight against the fake news sites together, let’s fight against the fake news agencies and their agents!

11 Responses to Let’s Finish the Sentence ’We’re Not Keen On Kicking Movies…’


Aug-09-2017 1:40 PM

Don't forget: August 15th!


Aug-09-2017 1:40 PM

Often, when people say "I don't mean to do this, but" they proceed to do just what they say they mean not to do.


Aug-09-2017 1:49 PM

Dear Sir Ridley, I can work for free for Covenant 2. Please hire me. :D

best regards,


I Raptus

Aug-09-2017 2:06 PM

imo if everyone keeps the snowballing hate going, all we'll end up with is no more Aliens, and more tentpole, popcorn-munching, pg13, feel-good marvel/dc superhero films...just sayin :)

hahaha Jonesy same here. Ill work for free.


Aug-09-2017 2:11 PM

IRaptus - Totally true, thank you!

Space JOC

Aug-10-2017 5:24 AM

Iraptus - totally agree too, it seems there is more people on here trying to ruin the franchise than not, it's pathetic! I can't understand why these people even come on here to be honest, just to try and ruin it for everyone else, I loved Prometheus and Covenant and think Awakening will be brilliant too when it gets made! I just don't understand why people even are on here if they're so negative, trolling I suppose 


Aug-10-2017 5:35 AM

@ Jonesy and IRaptus , where do I sign up???


Also, as for the sentence completion exercise, for me personally I would say: "We're not big on kicking movies when they're [awesome]." :)


Aug-10-2017 5:47 AM

Ripping Hollywood's tentpole movies is good business it seems. Much easier to go negative.

Quarterback should have thrown a touchdown NOT an interception! Stupid quarterback.

Player shouldn't have struck out with the bases loaded...Should have hit a home run! Stupid baseplayer!

Space JOC

Aug-10-2017 5:54 AM

We're not big on kicking movies unless it's Alien Covenant and Prometheus and instead try to ruin it for everybody who liked it because we're quite sad people who have nothing else to do but troll and give out 


Aug-10-2017 4:09 PM

Everyone be it a Fan, or people who run such Sites/Companies are free to Praise or Kick a movie if they wish so...

Ultimately a lot does come down to Money and on its own a $97M Budget and $233M Return sounds not bad... thats actually decent...

However.... the Marketing has to be taken into account, and while it will still make a Prophet i would Safely Assume that FOX Expected the movie to at least bring back $300M

We have the Japanese Market.. but i dont see this making a huge difference due to how long they delayed the Release. Especially into todays World where Leaks, Reviews, Screenshots and even Illegal Downloads of Movies can be accessed  and spread quite easy.

If we went back to the 90's then it does not have as big a impact but nowadays releasing a movie a lot after other Western Countries especially in a Market like China is pure STUPID

FOX have made a Epic Error here... the Japanese has the potential to be one of the Largest Markets if we went by % of Total Population and FOX should have released the Movie in Japan in June the latest.

I do fear what they have done could effect the potential Box Office numbers compared to if the Movie had been released way prior... so this is a Dumb Mistake by FOX.

Saying that i think the Japanese Market could make back $20M

Hopefully a bit more... Sadly its about the Money and i would not be surprised if FOX are considering what to do next, just as Paramount may be with the Terminator Franchise... the Problem with Alien Covenant is its now set its self up for a Sequel and so it would be a shame if we never got one.

But FOX are the ones who have to consider the $$$$ and i feel they dont take too many risks, and like to conserve $$$ and i think how well the Next Predator Movie does could also have a impact of FOX and their outlook on their Sci-Fi Franchises.




R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-14-2017 10:06 AM

I am not sure about the point of this thread but I put it like this: I am not complaining if I am satisfied with a book, movie, whatever. When there is something that I dislike then I think that it is alright to point that out but criticism can be given in different ways. Actually my criticism comes from caring enough about the movie and not that I don’t care. If someone is fine with what ever they give us then sure be quiet but I am not picking a movie just because it has Alien in the title. Disagreeing with something or not is alright, it depends on how you say it.

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