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The Deacon is an Engineer Neomorph

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A L I E N 4 2 6

Aug-03-2017 8:56 AM

So I was thinking and re-watching Alien: Covenant yesterday, and from what I gathered, the Deacon is in fact an Engineer Neomorph. 


Let me explain. In Alien: Covenant, it's shown that David grew the facehuggers from experimenting with the "alive" black goo. This is the same stuff that floats into the orifaces of the Covenant crew that births Neomorphs. Now I'm the film, David explains that "it either kills you outright, or incubates to spawn a hybrid form." This killing outright is what happens to Dr. Holloway. However, when the Black Goo transferred to Shaw, it was fed and grown in Shaw's uterus to become a Trilobite. In the same sense, David took the black goo and developed the facehuggers through a similar process once again using Shaw's uterus, making facehuggers smaller, more developed Trilobites. This makes Trilobites proto-facehuggers in a sense. Anyway, all of this to say that the Trilobite impregnating the Engineer is merely a bigger version of the "sentient" Motes impregnating the Covenant crew, making the Deacon simply an Engineer Neomorph!! This accounts for the size differences as well. Also if you look very closely, the Deacon isn't blue. It's grayish-white. The blue comes from the Engineer blood and the lighting. 

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Aug-03-2017 9:44 AM

I was wondering what an Engineer morph would look like.

One either spawned from a human/humanoid or an Engineer. 

We see in Prometheus the pyramid roof shows a creatures elongated head. Also the mural. So we should safely assume that they exist or have existed.

A:C just got a little confusing to the point where we may not of even seen the end product of the Engineers work ????

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord

A L I E N 4 2 6

Aug-03-2017 9:54 AM

Well I'm the novel, the end product is the Xeno, which they made by experimenting with the black goo, which David recreated. The black goo always results in a creature wit an elongated skull with highly aggressive attributes. I believe it is a Deacon/Neomorph in the wall mural


Aug-03-2017 2:47 PM

There is a connection that is for sure, and its all a tad confusing due to the changes in clues that are given yet the Original Idea was more simple. But i wont go into much detail as i covered this in a reply earlier today.

Basically those Urns however do contain a Substance, that has a effect on Organic Life and Matter, One Series of Events from interaction with this Substance resulted in the Trilobite.

The Trilobites function indeed is the same as the Face Huger, they are related in that sense... the resulting Organism from the Trilobite was the Deacon, that indeed had a connection with the Mural Organism in Prometheus.

The Deacon however did not look too close to the Xenomorph, it was more Humanoid looking which i put down to being as it was born from a Human/Black Goo (Xeno-virus) Hybrid Face Huger.

The Neomorph indeed is similar to the Deacon, it is more flesh colored but it has a similar Head and Mouth and the Neomorph actually looked like it was more connected to Human DNA than the Deacon... It also had a Tail.

The Neomorph again is a Organism that came from the Black Goo so as the Black Goo seemed to contain some Genetic Parasite or Mutagen that contained Xeno-Related DNA or indeed Programs Genetic Material to take on Xeno-Related DNA

We have yet to have a real explanation for the Spores, but its indicated these had infected some Life on Paradise/Planet 4 and David saw and studied the results of this and he experimented upon them and also some Black Goo with various Organic Life and Matter in a attempt to experiment and create the Perfect Organism.

The Spores are seen in the movie at the edge of Running Water, the Juggernaught with its Cargo Bay open had crashed into the Mountain over what appears to be a stream of water that runs from the Top of this Mountain down to the River.

The open Cargo bay had acted like a scoup and scooped up some of the ground inside, and we can see Algae/Moss or other Plant Life had started to grow inside the Ships Cargo bay, and the Water from the Mountain is seen running under and near the Cargo Bay Entrance and this Plant Matter, and among this are the Spores that Hallet has inhaled.

Prior to this we see that Ledwood was located at the side of the River which the water running down from the Mountain would have ended up in... and by the side again we have Spores.

So its logical that at the side of this stream, we have algae, moss and other Vegetation and growing from the soil/vegetation was likely some kind of Fungus.

Fungus are not Technically Plants, they are Organic and so we can safely assume some Fungi/Spore like Organism had been infected with the Black Goo as it entered the Water from the Cargo Hold and Evolved the Fungi/Spores into what we see in Alien Covenant.

This is just how i saw it though and its not to say this is correct.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Aug-03-2017 2:58 PM

I will add as far the Deacon being exactly a Neomorph as this not being the case, they are Evolution resulting from what ever the Black Goo Contained.

The Neomorph is spread via the motes given off by those Spores and they enter a Host and then i would assume merge together and start to use the Hosts DNA to take on traits to itself to then grow into the Neomorph.

The Action of the Motes could be similar as the Purpose of what ever the Embryo Implantation Stage of a Face Hugger and Trilobite does.

We can Safely Assume a Human Born Deacon would appear very similar just different in Height.   We can also assume a Neomorph from a Engineer would Produce something very similar but again Larger.

Here is what a Face Huger that was similar to the Xenomorphs (but maybe a bit different)  would produce when infecting a LV-223 Engineer.

Clearly is similar to the Xenomorph, but then they also had a few other concepts for the ULTRAMORPH which include the next one

Sorry for low resolution i will see if i can replace latter with better.

Clearly the last one design is very similar to the Neomorph, to the point of being at least 80% the same, however in Jon Spaights Alien: Engineers the Ultramorph is described as Armoured and so fits the first concept more.

I think the point i was making is that as the Engineers are Genetically related to us, the results would be the same, well very very close and a main difference would be the Height.

This was based on the idea the Engineers were Larger than Humans.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

A L I E N 4 2 6

Aug-03-2017 6:22 PM

I'm simply stating that the Trilobite is an evolved version of the Motes, which can be seen moving inside the drop that David has on his finger in Prometheus. I'm fairly certain it's the same organism, just airborn. These tiny critters however, incubated in Shaw's uterus to evolve and become a Trilobite. David recreated this process, but made it better/more efficient, and made the facehuggers we know today. 

A L I E N 4 2 6

Aug-03-2017 6:22 PM

I'm simply stating that the Trilobite is an evolved version of the Motes, which can be seen moving inside the drop that David has on his finger in Prometheus. I'm fairly certain it's the same organism, just airborn. These tiny critters however, incubated in Shaw's uterus to evolve and become a Trilobite. David recreated this process, but made it better/more efficient, and made the facehuggers we know today. 


Aug-03-2017 11:28 PM

A L I E N 4 2 6 from what we were shown so far the motes interaction with a humanoid host ended up with a bursting neomorph. The Trilobite looks and behaves more like a facehugger. We can consider Shaw the egg that sheltered the Trilobite. I would say the motes are evolved compared to the Trilobite because they can infest a host without being noticed and they have also a considerable life span. Not sure what would be the result of an Engineer infected by motes but it can be something above the Deacon.

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