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Posted Jul-27-2017 1:20 PM

I wouldn't say that Alien movies to come should exactly look like these concept art works, but we can see some good ideas on them in my opinion.

On the other hand, I believe that the next chapters must deliver fresh and brethtaking visual experience. Enjoy the images.

Luis Royo:

Alejandro Burdisio:

Cuba Lee:


10 Responses to Visual Ideas for Future Alien Movies


Jul-27-2017 1:27 PM

I like that second low fi image with the guy sitting there with the bizarre bio whatever they are in front of him.


Jul-27-2017 1:57 PM

@dk If you're talking about the second one from Luis Royo, then that's the one that hits my eye as well. Very Organic and Cubist...


Jul-27-2017 2:03 PM

Starlogger Yes. There is a story in that pic. It makes me wonder if the just got done doing some killing? Is he awaiting an inevitable attack? The image is small enough that I cannot actually decide what gender the person is. At any rate, I agree that the image is very striking.


Jul-27-2017 2:47 PM

agree with you both dk &Starlogger!!! Brilliant image that gets the imagination going.

It's inspired an idea for my fanfiction. Thank you Ati for sharing!!!



Jul-27-2017 3:08 PM

Thank you, you're welcome, I'm happy you like them.

dk - Yeah, that he is a she, she's a woman. Copy the image to your computer, then you can enjoy it in full res.

That image is similar to a Prometheus concept art image - more or less:


Jul-27-2017 3:13 PM

Ati I did not consider that. Now that you mention it, it reminds me a little bit of this:


Jul-27-2017 3:15 PM

Wow, yes!


Jul-27-2017 4:56 PM

I think on of those images is maybe a Davids Dream..... after Dr Shaw rejected him because he was a Robot.... so he thought to himself... i'm only a Robot... well this is what i'm thinking lol

some nice concept works here, and Art..

I do wonder if we will see a Giger Type Atheistic from the Engineers should they return and eventually indeed seeing a Armada of sorts of Bio-Tech Ships like the First Image would be interesting.

But i cant see this fitting with the Franchise... not as far as a Armada of Engineer Ships who are Hell-bent on Mankinds destruction or even a Mild Beef with us.... because showing a Large Scale Engineers with knowledge of how Mankind Turned out and the events from Prometheus on-wards, does leave a bit of a Plot Hole well Continuity error as far as the Franchise.. because we have to ask how come Mankind is still around at the time of Aliens in 2179 never-mind much latter in Alien Resurrection.

Mind you RS can choose to Reboot the Franchise after Alien, and so if the Engineers never had any knowledge or problems with us at the time of 2104 but they do after they discover what David has done and the result of this leads to death for them and the Derelict a few years latter in Alien.

A Reboot of Aliens could show Aliens replaced by another attempt by the Engineers put a stop to Mankind... and thus RS comment about War of the Worlds... But i dont think FOX will Reboot Aliens etc...

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-27-2017 4:58 PM

The 2nd and 3rd images are interesting if they went the route that the Colonist find Origae-6 and find out it appears to have been inhabited a Long Long Time ago... but there is no signs of Civilization now...  It would be kind of interesting if we find out this is because Origae-6 was one of the Worlds the Engineers had successfully eradicated Life on... for what ever reason they may have for doing this.


I dont mean 3rd image as far as finding a Robot who then wants to have it away with any females it finds lol

But then with the first image and the Bald Female... i think this could work if the Covenant discover only ONE Survivor a Female Engineer.  That would be interesting.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-27-2017 5:15 PM

BigDave we all know which image David's dream is ;P ;P

its the two ship's getting it on with the human watching, right? lol


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