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Timmy the ultramorph



Posted Jul-16-2017 11:31 PM

Most of you probably already know about the deleted neomorph vs xenomorphs scene in covenant. sadly it will not be included in the blue ray release but to bad i guess. What I am here to talk about is if a fight were to actually break out between the two, who would win?

I am going to break this down by category and I will make my conclusion from there. lets get started. the battle feild would be pretty much the landscape in alien covenant.

 category 1: stealth.

how well it would be able to ambush the other. this would actually depend in my opinion on were they are fighting within the alien covenant landscape. the neomorph blends in well with the grassy environment but would stick out like a sore thumb inside the engineer cididomb. the xenomorph on the other hand wouldn't be very  well hidden in the grass but would be able to hide perfectly within the dead engineer bodys in the cididdll. also there is a theory that the xenomorph can see using infared making whatever the neomorphs camoflaush usless. stealth is easily won by the xenomorph.

Catagory 2: attack. 

while the xenomorph is slow and methodical( atleast is the first one) th neomomorph is a fast visious feral creature that will attack anything percived as a threat savagely. it is worth pointing out that the neomorphs can attack from the moment they are born unlike the xenomorph who needs to run and hide while waiting to mature. the neomorph wins this round.

Category 3 : defense.

the neomorph has almost no defense at all. you saw how easily it was taken out by oram with just a standard gun. its skin is fleshy and vulnerable. the xenomorph has an exoskeleton  of armor including special shoulder plate things, it also has freeking acid blood. this thing is virtually untouchable from close range. the xenomorph wins this one easily. 

The showdown: This is what i think would happen in a head on battle between the 2 creatures.

the xenomorph would come from behind without the neomorph noticeing until it attacks with its claws. the neomorph would then turn around knock the xenomorph to the ground. it would constantly attack the xenomorph not letting it respond but the neomorphs attack just wouldent do that much. suddenly the neomorph gets a "lucky" bite to the xenomorphs neck wounding it but the acid blood would spray onto its face. the neomorph would then fall off the xenomorph wounded and writhing in pain as the xenomorph  would get up impale it with its tail and would limp away victorious. although i enjoyed watching the neomorphs more than the xenos in alien covenant, the xenomorph in my opinion is tha far deadlyer creature.


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4 Responses to xenomorph vs neomorph. Who would win

Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-17-2017 1:30 PM

In the novel, they ram into each other, a flurry of limbs, and the Xenomorph stands triumphant after disemboweling the Neomorph.

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Jul-17-2017 4:55 PM

Its a interesting thing to debate and we really dont have not complete DATA to discus how and who would come on top or who would be the more deadlier... depending on enviroment

What i mean is we dont know how a Neomorph Senses its environment and so we cant see if the Xenomorphs darker color would be a advantage in a dark location.

We do not know for sure if the Neomorph has Acid Blood, but we see no evidence to say it does, and so we maybe have to consider it does not.  So the Acid Blood does prove a great defense especially against close range attacks which is all the Neomorph is capable of.


Overall from what the Franchise showed us and AC, then it appears the Neomorphs are quicker and more agile, by about 25% to 50% i would assume.  This would be a advantage to the Neomorph.

Xeno 7 vs  Neo 8


The Xenomorph is slightly bigger but we can see the Neormorph is Strong too, the Neomorph struggled to kill in the Wheat Field it was held off, but it was not fully grown yet.  A Xenomorph Adult makes short work of its victims.   I would say the Claws and Tail are more deadly on a Xenomorph and it has a 25-50% more chance of causing Harm to a Target i would assume.

But the Neomorphs Jaw/Mouth attack was able to cleanly bit from the shoulder/neck Rosenthalls head off with more ease than a Xenomorphs Jaw attack does which is a Puncture wound, but then the Xenomorphs outer Teeth could pose the same, so i would think from Bite Attacks they are equally Deadly 

Xeno 8 vs Neo 7


The Neomorph did take a lot of shots, and it depends what we call upon to compare, we cant say Alien as the Xenomorph was not tested as such,  Aliens the Weapons was more Advanced, but lets not forget a Standard Shotgun and Pistol also did some Damage.

I will say the Neomorph can take more damage to put down, but the Xenomorph Benefits from more Armored Exoskeleton and so i think this comes to again.

Xenomorph 7 vs Neomorph 7

But the Benefit of Acid Blood, means a Neomorph wounding a Xenomorph risks taking Damage from the Acid and so this Bonus, does help the Xenomorph despite only being a Advantage when wounded and so i should add a Point for.

Xeno 8 vs Neo 7

So Total IMO is

Xenomorph 23/30  Neomorph 22/30

However i think we have not seen enough to judge really much, but i cant see the Neomorph improving and i think potentially maybe the Xenomorph could have been given a extra point for attack too... so maybe more a 24/30 vs 22/30

interesting the Novel covered the Fight, and i agree the Xenomorph would likely come out on top, i think the Armour and Acid being a Key Advantage.

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Lord Tyrannos

Jul-17-2017 5:25 PM

I'd say the Xenomorph

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Jul-19-2017 10:25 AM

from what ripley says in alien3, ''if they send anyone out itl be, here, where the meat is'' imo implying that the xeno know where they r at all times. so if this is true, would the neo be able to surprise the xeno? from what I have heard about the book it says that the neo stalks the crew to the citadel so there is definitely a conscious mind set within the neo and not just pure animalistic traits. id say from what iv seen the neo would find it very difficult to sneak up on the xeno. in ways of attack both r very similar with tails, strength, jaws and claws so it would probably come down to strength in defence. which would have the greater strength in hand to hand. which would manage to ground the other and gain the ontop advantage. I believe the xeno is more methodical in what it does and given its harder outer shell id say it could take at least 1 attack to a non vital area without it troubling the xeno so I could take a calculated risk and allow the neo to gain a strike to enable the xeno to gain a strategic positional advantage. the neo being more fleshy simply cant take the same amount of punishment.


in short id have to back the xeno

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