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Have we become spoiled?

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Jul-04-2017 1:04 AM

To me, Science Fiction was all about sparking our imaginations to think out what is possible. For a long time, it seems we get bogged down with how things others create should be from within our own views. I am guilty too. It must be tough to be a writer or director these days. Do we expect too much when a movie or story doesn't satisfy our individual views?

13 Responses to Have we become spoiled?

I Raptus

Jul-04-2017 2:31 AM

Yeah we probably have. We all spent months/years drooling over every tiny morsel of info we could for AC. Our speculations and theories became collectively so advanced, far-reaching and fantastical the movie could never meet the expectations.  

But I think Instant media has a lot more to blame. Before people even have a chance to watch a new release these days they are bombarded with reviews, opinions, youtube commentary, spoilers, unnecessary viral advertising, false/misleading advertising (COLONIAL MARINES im talking about you) etc.  

Unless you live under a rock, or get to the world premiere, you will inevitably walk into that cinema with preconceived biased expectations these days. Whereas a decade ago you might watch a film, then stew on it for a few days before deciding how YOU felt about it.

That being said, communities like this are brilliant for fans wanting to know more.

Personally I didn't much go on Prometheus when it first came out, i thought it was kind of shallow and indecisive on what it was trying to present itself as.

But after exploring it deeper and coming to understand it more through all the various threads we have discussed on here I MUCH more appreciate that film now. I re-watched it the other week and was literally in awe of everything in the film.

So this form of instant media has IMPROVED my perception of some of the films. Likewise it is great to know how other people's views and theories align with your own. or dont, giving you a new perspective, enriching your ALIEN experience.   


Jul-04-2017 5:58 AM

Jaded. Very much so!

If I'd watched Alien:Covenant in 1979...I would have run screaming from the theater!! Watching Branson burn alive would have traumatized me.....Would have walked out then. Seeing Shaw's corpse would have sent me to the emergency room. Seeing someone give birth to a alien through the mouth!?!? *faint*

Someone watching the series for the first time and starting with Prometheus..then A:C...must think A L I E N is boring?

Lawrence of Arabia

Jul-04-2017 8:25 AM

I believe so. I mean, just look at the reception of A:C. As someone who recently just started in this franchise I thought it was a great film filled with dread and terror. It was masterfully directed/written but then people are so divided due to preconceived notions or how they feel things should be. Tbh it's like this in every fandom it seems from anime to comics, it's a shame cuz this stuff is suppose to be fun not so heated. It's only natural though, we are humans and we're very hard to please lol

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


Jul-04-2017 8:53 AM

Lol, I wrote two fan-fics that some people liked, and a few people asked me to write continuations/sequels for them.


But, I would be way too scared to do that because this fandom seems to have a habit of saying "Wow! I really love the first thing!" and then when the second thing comes they say "What!? That is not what I predicted was going to happen! Hate it!"


I think it's fun to make predictions and inferences, but people might have more fun if they keep an open mind about their predictions being wrong.


Here's the thing: a plot can either be one beautiful short story, frozen in time and shrouded in mystery OR it can be a long series that answers all your questions. It can't be both.


If you want your questions answered, that means that several possibilities (ones which you may have enjoyed contemplating) will be forever collapsed.


Jul-04-2017 9:13 AM

I think the Problem is that its hard to really make Original and Engaging Stories nowadays, everything almost seems like borrowed from previous movies, its rarer that a Original kind of Story comes along and especially with Sci-Fi and Horror.

the 60's, 70's and especially the 80's was a Treasure Trove of Original ideas and Movies.  Its now very rare when something Totally Original comes out.

Also a number of movies are remakes of the Classics, or based close to classics and they will always be compared to and have to try and get out of the shadow of any of the Classics.

Star Wars Franchise has suffered with this... where Force Awakens was not as well received by the older Generation of Fans, but it was a welcome introduction to the current Generation who was never Born during the Original Trilogy era or even Prequels.  I felt for the older Generation Rogue One was more well received and indeed its all about Nostalgia and so i would assume if Force Awakens was to be set years latter and there would be no Han Solo, Princess Leigh or Luke Skywalker then i wonder if Force Awakens would have not gone down as well.

so i think this also effects the Alien Franchise, i think a lot was disappointed in Prometheus due to not showing us anything close to the Xenomorph.... Something that Alien Covenant tried to address.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jul-04-2017 9:16 AM

VivisectedEngineer Interesting point about a short being frozen in time and shrouded in mystery- that is the stuff that gets the imagination going. Another member wrote a short that was very brief, potent and to the point. It could have continued with sequels, but sometimes it best to leave the audience wanting more than wearing out the story's welcome.


Jul-04-2017 9:22 AM


Yes, and that is what is happening with the Alien series. The first movies really got the imagination going.

Then people want answers. They do want answers, but it is as Spock said to Stonn: "...having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."


And, I think something similar happened to X-files. Some people liked learning the extent of the conspiracy and some people preferred the earlier, more mysterious episodes.


Jul-04-2017 9:42 AM

I suppose we are spoiled here... But as others have mentioned already, the further you go into a franchise, the tougher it gets. You need to explain more with all the connections, capture what the first movies did, do your own thing, answer some questions (but make sure it's the, "correct," answer), leave other questions ambiguous (but hint enough to make it make sense), play ball with the studio, and try to please EVERY fan/movie-goer.


MonsterZero makes an interesting point. I can't honestly imagine how I would have reacted to the movie if it was the first in the franchise and was, like, a whole new ball game, but your post just highlights how a sequel/prequel/spin-off will always be doomed to comparison of previous entries. 

Not a map, an invitation


Jul-04-2017 10:23 AM

For the whole prequel thing, the only one I think is really solid is the Planet of the Apes series.


Jul-04-2017 11:17 AM

Perhaps we are a bit spoilt. 

Although if we take A:C for instance.

I broke it down and looked for every scrap of evidence which would lead me to something more. Ive never done it at this level before.

Now i think A:C is a decent film. It is a very good throw-away action flick if we want a category.

Now i examined every piece of marketing for A:C. I wanted to build a story in my head and i achieved that. Before watching i had about 90% of the plot in order. I was happy.

Now after watching A:C i felt let down. Even though i knew there was little opportunity for reveals i still thought some small dialogue would bring me some of the answers i craved.

They did not appear.

So was i let down cos i knew the movie before i watched it?

No. I enjoyed the fact i worked it all out. Thats not what let me down.

I was let down because we were lead to believe that it was a sequel to Prometheus. RS said so b4 "the crossing" and the artwork lead us to believe it would contain Engineers. Plus many other quotes and such.

So i was let down, not because of the marketing showing us too much but because it was made out to be a sequel but had very little to do with Prometheus. Normally you get answers in a sequel. And some more questions. We got none and was promised more. Thats my take on A:C

So i guess with every quote being magnified and blew out of proportion the studio needs to be honest about what they are delivering unless the numbers will be badly effected.

The 6 or 7 / 10 A:C may of been a 7 or 8 if our reasonable expectations were met. How those reviews would look so different on YT. 

We dont expect a classic after classic - just a decent follow up.

(which does what it says on the tin) ;)

Take This.... This is the blood of our lord

Capt Torgo

Jul-04-2017 3:21 PM

I look at WonderWoman or Get Out or Arrival= All newish up and coming directors who are very hungry and maybe their lack of ego allows them to collaborate with their peers. That's just my guess about ego as maybe a studio has forced them to be a team player. All those movies had great storytelling with logical characters and some even dealt with deeper philosophical meanings. However they did not turn those symbolisms into Thor's hammer to beat us over the head with. To be fair, I really disliked in Arrival "the dumb soldiers listening to Rush Limbaugh decide to blow the Aliens up" but I liked the directing and world despite not liking the film. Arrival sold well but was smart. I just fear that Ridley is going to push his narrative with or without the xeno or even help from the writers, etc. Everybody liked David from Prometheus imo because he was one of only two actors truly allowed to flex his acting muscles. By many liking him did that then mean that this whole prequel business revolves around a narcissist rogue Android. Do that Ridley fine, but Covenant writing and characters had to be like jedi magic writing and storytelling. What I saw was ear splitting dialogue from a Christian captain that just made me want to vomit. I could buy better walkie talkies at Walmart and then to boot these ninkompoops had radio etiquette of a chimpanzee with T's wife smacking her gums while talking on the radio about serious information. Astronauts are the cream of the crop and Ridley just does not get or gives no shit about that. He's a master a cinematography and sound audio but he is 1-1 with these prequels. He will get no more cash from me! I coulda just gone to the zoo instead of buying my ticket may 19th. It's pretentious drivel but I'm glad some fans enjoyed it.


Jul-04-2017 3:50 PM

Capt Torgo Interesting. It could be a case of diminishing returns- the more that is put into it, the more it gets diluted?

IMO, prequels whiff of not having decent ideas to progress, so they start over. Some have done a good job while others have not. 


Jul-09-2017 3:49 AM

Maybe so, it could be that we gave seen so much in movies so we in some way expect more advanced things so when they don’t live up to our expectations we get let down. I try to remember that writers are just human beings like the rest of us but I do get annoyed when things are explained or written in a lazy way/that don’t make sense (Prometheus, LOL).


I agree with IRaptus when he or she says that people can make up scenarios in their heads so when the movie gets released they have already made up a story for themselves that they find more satisfying so when they see the result they get let down. This is why I don’t try to have huge expectations on something because if I have so I tend to get let down. If the characters are somewhat relatable I then a lot of the movie is saved for me at least but I also try to look at what kind of message a movie has/ideology.


As far as the media is concerned I think that yes, we were shown too much before the movie was released so we were given a false image of what the movie was about (think The Last Supper trailer or what ever the correct word for that is). Yes, it is difficult to avoid spoilers since many entertainment pages write articles about them and so on.


Big Dave also as a point when he says that it is difficult to tell original and interesting stories. I can tell that I would rather have seen something closer to the Xenomorph in it without it being a Xeno so to speak.

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